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With: Ted, Wes and Phil
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January 13th, 2014 

Good 3 hours and 13 minutes after noon, my favourite people of the Internet [why in the heck did I decide on this time of the day to post?],
I know you’re feeling good if you’ve dropped by this forgotten blog, hahaha! This month’s YouTuber is, as you can see, a Channel I’ve been following for YEARS now: WongFu Productions, who already have 2 million subscribers, and counting on the day that I’m writing this!

WongFu Productions have sketches that make me go through all of the spectrum of emotions. Sometimes, it can make me feel nostalgic, other times, I’ll feel happy and laugh, but I don’t remember ever being angry.

I feel that they’ve really made a name for themselves in the YouTube community and their videos are always a must-see whenever there’s an update (in my personal book anyway). Some of their videos are so entertaining that I can re-watch them quite often.

I love watching their special weekend video segments called WongFu Weekends, where, most of the times, they reach out to their fans, which is something, as you know, I love a lot about YouTubers in general.

They also have these awesome products called the Awkward Animals. I simply love their designs, it’s very pretty and nice!

I know that Leafeon has a special crush on Phil. She loves whenever he appears and whatever cute thing he might say, she likes it.

Another Plus: They make videos featuring actors I love like Chris Dinh (He’s Vietnamese and tall, what’s not to love, really?), Cathy NguyenDavid So (from DavidSo Comedy), and even Kpop star Jaebeom [also known as Jay Parkonce appeared in a video they helped Nigahiga make, about Bromance! Other YouTube celebrities they’re friends with include the JustKiddingFilms people, and others I’m too noob to recognize [cut me some slack, I’m still discovering this YouTube thing]

They’ve even reached out to Domics to make a new segment called the Awksome series, which is simply HILARIOUS.

In short, check ’em out, like ’em, share ’em! Spread the WongFuForLife love, hahaha!
And see you next month for another YouTube Channel Recommendation! Got any I should check out? You can contact me to suggest them, I’ll be happy to discover new people!

Ponyta runs away!