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Title: Nearwood (Collector’s edition)
By: MagicIndie Softworks
Rating: 8.5/10
Started: December 27th, 2013
Finished: December 28th, 2013
Played with: No one

December 28th, 2013

Good morning, beautiful people of the Internet, How do you fare, on this most magnificent day? (I hope the day I publish this on will be a good one…?)

Despite the problem I found when I asked questions such as: “How do the Lockwoods now live? Do they live in Nearwood, as they have? If yes, do they keep track of the Aunt, who took care of Jane all this time? How do they feel about their daughter being so old now? Wait a second, how were we supposed to believe everything that Fey said? Why didn’t we even HESITATE when he started to speak to us?” I thought the story was quite refreshing, especially since there was that story with the Crooked Man with the Crooked Cat, which was all about romantic love. This one themed itself around familial love, which is not a bad topic in stories.

I had never thought about it before, but I must say this: in this game, I valued the puzzles much more than I valued the Hidden Object Boards in this game.
The Hidden Object Boards came in the way of shadowed pictograms of the objects we are to find in a beautiful illustration, whereas in the puzzles, I saw a variety of complexity and differing puzzles (like many games I have played). Even in the Bonus Chapter of the story, there were more interesting puzzles than there were Hidden Object Boards…

I have not talked about Voice Actors for… AWHILE, but I must say that I loved the person who did Fey’s voice and the one who did Jane Lockwoods’. They put the right emotions into it and they made me plunge into the story even more if it were possible!

Notes (different with other stories):
— There seems to be a theme with snails and owls.
— There was no tutorial at the beginning, as if we knew already how it worked.

I much appreciated all the details and the work put in the problems and their solutions as well as for the effects. They were overseen marvelously.
The landscapes are magical and breathtaking and the concept art for gnomes and other magical creatures? Exceptional! When they spoke of gnomes, I imagined the ones we would see in the Hobbit (which I watched today, it was brilliant! I can understand why Mewtwo wanted to watch the second movie this winter break).
The musical soundtrack was so good that even as I woke up this morning, I could still hear it playing in my head!

I loved playing this game and I hope that you will also if you decide to try it out! Then, tell me if you have or not!

See you soon!

♏ ♏ ♏ ♏
♏ ♏ ♏ ♏