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Title: Club Love
By: Rose Abernathy
Read it on Smackjeeves!
Completed: Yes, as of 2011

January 4th, 2014

How are you all? I trust that this summer is treating you all as well as it is possible and that it is a nice contrast to what I’m enduring right now (it’s a cold, cold winter as I write this).

I absolutely was in love with this series back when it was still on-going, and I would still recommend it.

It was an easy read, with a cute, short story and a fun concept! Who doesn’t like having superpowers while being in school, for goodness’ sake?!

And cute characters to boast! I love their interactions [and I love how my OTP in there became canon, MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!] and how they solve their problems!

The visuals are a bit more ‘realistic’ (?) than, say… Battle Dog, just because it’s not chibi, but it doesn’t always have the same details as Battle Dog, either.

I liked the author and her story, and I’m sad to say that, even now, she hasn’t started any other comics, HOWEVER, she has started programming some games (from her website). Check those out!