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By: Marc Cope, Carlo Moss and Lily Vonnegut
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January 13th, 2014

Greetings from the cold, cold Canada, peeps!
How are you all doing?! The sun roasted us yet? I hope you all have a great vacation! As you’re reading this… I hope that I’ll have found a decent summer job and that I’ll have a lot of strength to write reviews!

Quite frankly, if you’d tell me, back when I was in high school, that I’d like a ‘show’ that’d 95% swearing… I wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, here I am recommending this YouTube channel to you!

Most Popular Girls in School (or MPGiS, for short), has a pretty nicely written story, in terms of coherence. Elements that were slightly mentioned are discussed later. I love how they explore the links between all the characters little by little, and how the writers had already introduced some characters through gossip or discussions before they actually appeared. Like I mentioned before, coherence is a big thing with me in rating stories, and the authors have been doing a good job.

The laughing effect that the characters of MPGiS have on me is just… so much that I actually re-watched the series several times, just because… [I have nothing to do, I guess]!

The very concept is funny. Barbies who smile and represent the ‘image’ of how girls “should” be [not something I believe in, but I hear the industry has been trying to make more realistic Barbies, in response to all the critics people have been giving the Barbies. Isn’t this good? I don’t know if my sources can be trusted though] are actually leading quite difficult lives as high school students. The world of Barbies gives them so much pressure that they swear and spend their times doing unorthodox things? I find this quite funny!

It’s also a plus that I find the people so open to their fans; they read their posts and give shoutouts to certain fans. They even release weekly videos where they show highlights that they’ve seen in the MPGiS fandom with us and with other voice actors. I like watching those videos as well as the actual episodes.

If you ever feel like you want to try it out, I just want to give you a final warning that there IS massive swearing in the videos, and that it even scared off Leafeon and Jolteon when they came into my room while I was watching, but it’s fun and I know that Charmander watched this before also. Consider yourself warned and, well, I hope you enjoy and, feel free to tell me what you think!

(⊙⊙)(⊙⊙)(⊙⊙) Ponyta’s logged off. (⊙⊙)(⊙⊙)(⊙⊙)