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Title: Sailor Moon Crystal
Episode: 01
Watched: Saturday July 05, 2014

July 20th, 2014

The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit. Guardian of Love and Justice; Sailor Moon. In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you! 

Hello there, beautiful readers of the Internet/Wordpress,
How are you all doing?
Me? Thank you for asking! I’m doing WONDERFUL, if that’s possible. As you all know (from my Twitter or Tumblr or MyAnimeList), I’m a big fan of Sailor Moon. Heck I think that’s the first ever anime I watched as a kid [along with Dragon Ball Z (which also has a ‘reboot’ of its final arc, which I’m currently watching as well, by the way)]. So when I heard from Growlithe that there would be a reboot of the series, I awaited (rather impatiently, she can tell you) the return of Sailor Moon in my life [Sailor Moon: The RETURN would be rather appropriate!].

There are 26 episodes planned for this season and I’m gonna try and make a blog post about it once in awhile! They are planning to make this biweekly (I think I’m using this right, right? Once per two weeks?). So you know, the blog posts won’t be too well spaced either, but I’m trying. None of the people in my household have the motivation to watch Sailor Moon, although Jolteon has watched the first episode a few days after I watched it. She said “it was fine,” but I don’t know if she’ll watch another one.

Oh hey, I should probably say that the review is full of spoilers.

*Grabby hands/fingers

I would have written a PRE-Sailor Moon Crystal post before it aired, but I sort of got into a mental crisis, and so, I’m a bit delayed in my reactions. I did enjoy all of the previews they have given us and have been angst-ing about how long it will take me to finally get my grabby hands* on the first ever episode.
I even have re-watched the first few seasons of Sailor Moon (the original series) because I wanted to refresh on my Sailor Moon knowledge. I didn’t have the time to re-read the manga, to be honest, though. However, now that I have seen the new season, and now that my summer classes have finished, I should probably start reading again (I read the mangas when I was younger), that way, I will be more accurate when I write these kinds of reviews, and I will also maybe enjoy the episodes even more. At any rate, since it’s biweekly, it’s pretty easy to catch up.


I loved the soundtrack that they used. It gave me goosebumps and it made my heart go ‘doki doki’ in places (with the combination of the story and the effects of course).
I will add that it took me three sittings of this episode to truly take pleasure in listening to Moon Pride, which is now in my daily music playlist. For those of you who miss the show already, here‘s Moon Pride on the piano, this person is amazing! I have nothing to say about the Voice Actors, except the fact that I liked that they hired the same voice actress for Sailor Moon for the same role – it’s a nice nod and wink to the fans – but I’m not qualified enough to say whether or not the choices were well-made. I can say that I liked their performances?

Story-wise, at first, I had heard rumors about the producers announcing the story of Sailor Moon Crystal would follow the manga more closely and that they would also make it darker. So far anyways, no evidence of the second statement (I think the manga IS darker than the original anime, so y’know), BUT they have been following the manga – or at least what I remember of the manga (it’s been at least 10 years, give me a break). I also highly appreciate that they introduced Sailor V right away! If you’ve seen this episode, read this part of the manga! Nothing speaks more length, however, than the absence of the roses. Here’s another manga moment that I really liked at the arcade with Motoki!

The Fated Encounter

Character-wise, they have kept Usagi-chan as the klutz (and the glutton, as well as the CRY-BABY, hahaha) and her relationship with all the characters are very similar to both the original anime and the manga (the manga, of course, more so than the anime). She’s so much so a clumsy girl that even Luna doubts her, Bayleef mentions that she liked this. I do believe that Luna doubted Sailor Moon a little at the beginning in both the manga and the original anime, but this still has to be proven.
Tuxedo Mask Oh. Oh. OH. I can’t. I can’t even begin to express what I think about Tuxedo Mask. I mean, they even made him jump JUST like he jumps in the manga. I like how people think that he’s a dork (’cause seriously, he probably is). I extremely loved the part where Usagi mentions what everyone thought out loud, GAHAHAHAHA it made me laugh so hard, although I will mention that Bayleef shared Usagi’s thoughts and said she didn’t like the fact that he was wearing a tuxedo in the afternoon.

Visual-wise, I will say that I was slightly surprised by the change in the art (of course I welcome it, but I hadn’t realized how long their legs would be in this one, even after having seen the character designs). I was also shocked that the color scheme for certain secondary/tertiary characters changed so much [I mean, you do see the difference, do you? Look at the image below and tell me you don’t see it!!].
Bonus points: for the change in the Moon Tiara Boomerang! It’s quite beautiful!

Haruna Sakurada Sensei – Evolution

At the end of the day, I have begun watching this with a big open mind because I know that this series will not resemble the previous one that I’ve watched, and, despite certain things that were majorly different, I was extremely pleased. Bayleef likes the mature-ness with which they’ve started the series, and I will say that I agree…!

Here‘s my friend, Chikorita‘s thoughts about the episodes [she writes in French].
Another blogger whom I don’t know personally has great thoughts on this episode as well!
If you want to watch a reaction/thoughts video, this guy Sawyer7mage, is pretty good and I agree with most of the things he says [except, sorry, that I always thought that Luna didn’t think Usagi was the Moon Princess! Their goal was for Sailor Moon to find other Sailor Scouts and thus to find the Moon Princess!!]. But I do love his idea about how they should air the Outer Scouts’ arc. I LOVE Sailor Neptune, so I really want them to continue with the series (just stop before the Sailor Starlights, in my opinion, I don’t… I don’t… I didn’t like that one even in the original).

All right, that’s it! I’ll see you for next post [Sailor Mercury appears! I can’t wait!]!