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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episodes: 01-02

July 21rst 2014

Hey there people of the Internet!
How are you all doing?
Yep, that’s right, I’ve begun watching the third season of Legend of Korra despite my initial thoughts about not watching it. After having seen some of the images and the announcements, I thought that I would at least watch it the same way I watch Teen Titans Go! [by this I mean: not all the time]. However, from the very few clips that were released, I was hooked. Then came the first two episodes, LeafeonGlaceon and I have been rather pleasantly surprised.

Sure, I liked the last episode of season 2, but I don’t want to say that one good episode can make up for the whole season not being that good! But this season does look promising!

The whole concept revolving the spirits inhabiting the land of the humans once more was nicely executed and the reactions to this new lifestyle in Republic City has been most interesting to watch [I mean, 8% rating approval? YIKES]!
The first two episodes’ message was obvious and repeated by both Jinora and the spirits : the vines are a part of Republic City now and Republic City is going to STAY connected with the spirits [Question: doesn’t that mean that we’ll be seeing a lot more spirits popping up here and there, all over the place? Not only in Republic City?].
Personally (because you haven’t asked my opinion), I’m with Jinora, I don’t want the spirits to leave. People will only have to stay with what they’ve been given and they should probably work on that! Back in the days, Aang would have to mediate between the angry spirits and the humans, but he had the wisdom and connection with the spirits that only an air nomad seems to be able to have. Now that Korra is completely alone, I wonder if she’ll be able to be as good with this. So far, she’s been siding with the humans more than with the spirits, whereas the Avatar should be neutral… Interesting conflict of Character (Korra) vs. Society (both Republic City AND the spirits).

I love the whole dynamic of the airbenders coming back into the world is so interesting, and it offers for so much more opportunities! This means that these airbenders will have lineage and in this lineage, there may be airbenders who will become Avatars; it’s no longer just limited to Aang’s family! And I love Tenzin spending time with his children [to the detriment of Pema, but… poor Pema…]. Tenzin is so sensible about the subject, he’s been like that since Season 1, but I mean, he’s touched to tears because Aang won’t be able to see this, he has a huger responsibility than he had before, even, now that the airbenders are coming.

Speaking of relating to each other and Tenzin’s relationships, I like how it’s going with Tenzin and Korra. Not in the way that I originally thought it would go (back when Legend of Korra had not aired its first season yet). I like that she’s opening up to him and he’s even thanking her for the airbenders’ comeback into the world after the events of Harmonic Convergence. The way she said: “it’s scary… I have all this power and all these people depending on me, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing half the time. It seems like I should be… wiser.” I think that Tenzin used to think the same way about being the only airbender master.

As we go deeper into Korra’s relationships with other people, I discovered that I’m not really pleased with the President. At first, I didn’t like him in previous season, but mostly because Korra was being badly influenced [and, to be fair, she had a bad temper back then, which is sort of important and so different from Aang], indirectly because of him and the whole pressure of being inside such a difficult and different environment. I wonder if the president of Republic City will be even worse as the season goes by. Will he even go as far as become an antagonist (but not the same way Unalaq and Amon were). I don’t believe that the President had any right whatsoever to ban Korra from Republic City! I’m just saying, Korra, but if you connected with Avatar Kyoshi to ask for her opinion on their disapproval of you as the Avatar, she would NOT approve!

The new character, Kai, is very interesting and promising. While he was designed to be a potential love interest for Jinora (and the fandom has already had pictures of them [there’s even fanfictions!] together and everything), I’m hoping that he will also bond with other characters – Korra (because she protected him without questioning his story, after all! And even when he was about to get captured and put in jail, she still saved his arse!), Bolin (because Bolin took to him so fast), Mako (because one of these days, they will have an episode where they will have to rely on each other to survive (or something) and they will become best buddies!), Asami (because Asami’s a cool chick who drives all sorts of Sato mobiles, you’ve gotta love that. AND she has martial arts at her mastery!) and even Tenzin (because Tenzin is like a father figure to everyone (except his siblings)).

I know that the police officers (or whatever they call themselves) told the whole origin story about how Kai is an orphan who stole from the latest nice adoptive family they placed him with. But I can still think there was a part of truth when Kai says: “My parents are gone,” but he played on the sob story when Bolin says: “You’re an orphan?!“. I think that perhaps anyways there could be some kind of truth in it, to make it believable, a lie should be partially true (I’m not a really good liar, but that’s what I read/hear/experienced). Lastly: I hope that Kai isn’t related to the Red Lotus gang in any way!

Back onto Korra’s relationships with others, I really liked Asami being with Korra and being even more friendly with each other [Korra taking driving lessons from Asami?! EVEN BETTER!]. I absolutely LOVE the fact that they can get over the whole brooding-teenager-Mako fiasco! They can actually still be friends. Complete and utter proof to children nowadays that it’s still the law of: SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS (Gloria, Modern Family).

I like the Korra’s air glider is blue, whereas Aang’s was red. There’s a nice contrast!!

I enjoyed the fact that the Krew (Team AVATAR, they say, but for me, it’s KREW (Korra’s crew) just like it was Gaang (Aang’s gang)) is back together and that they are willing to follow Korra around even if they have lives [unlike in Season 1 when they let her do most of the dirty job, and unlike season 2 where it felt like they were all sort of drifting apart from each other, since they had adult responsibilities to take care of]. I wonder how Asami’s company is doing, I think it’s going well thanks to Varek but then… who knows? She seems to be doing well though!

I’m sort of sad that we don’t get to see Kya as much… she’ll be with Pema spending time with Rohan… so… But I wanted to see Kya and Jinora bonding time. After all, they like to mention how Jinora and Kya have a certain connection! I do hope that Kya will appear as often as possible – I mean, I want to learn more about her relationship with the others and I want to know more about her and more about the Gaang through their children.

I also enjoyed Bolin and Mako and their “grandma-Bolin”.
I also LOVED Bolin’s mustache and his fantastic abilities with the microphone as a Master of Ceremony (I’m just saying, if pro-bending doesn’t pan out the way he originally wanted, he should totally consider this)!!

I ENJOYED the small animation about team Korra and their journey to finding airbenders before arriving to Ba Sing Sei. It’s so interesting and cute and super reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also love all the ways in which Tenzin FAILS as a salesman.
And there is some realism in the new airbenders’ reactions to Tenzin’s proposal; not everyone – obviously – is going to want to become air nomads! Korra, you DID ask to become the Avatar [I’m talking about her sudden sermon to the 21 years old new airbender (whom I kinda like because he’s such a typical teen even though he’s a young adult, I want him to appear and GROW UP, like his mom so obviously wants him to, hahaha!!)]!

ZAHEER: Well well well!!! A villain that’s quite different from Unalaq AND from Amon! Nice nice nice, very interesting indeed!!

Zaheer’s team really resembles Team Avatar, don’t you think?
I’m scared, because now that Zaheer has Airbending, they have control over ALL the elements!

I love how the dude can control the earth enough that he can actually have LAVA! Which is more of FIRE attribute, it seemed to me. I want BOLIN to learn this please! PLEASE!

I absolutely love the girl without arms, Ming Hwa, I think? Yeah, she’s awesome! I mean they cut her arms to keep her from bending but does she let that slow her down? NO! AND PLUS, she’s voiced by the one and only GREY DELISLE (who previously voiced Azula and many other slightly smaller roles in the series)! She just has a gift in voicing villains, but she’s also incredible with superheroes [see some of my superhero-related posts]!

I wonder why the team wants to kill Korra AND the White Lotus, I mean, what’re they up to?


  1. Why are they going to the Earth Kingdom first?
  2. Are they also gonna go to the Fire Nation and the Water Nation?


  • OH-OH-OHHH and Zuko appearing? Yes. Yes. YES.

As you wait for another episode, here’s a couple of snapchats that were inspired by the first two episodes (1-2). I told Glaceon I thought Beroberos had stepped into a gold mine and that the artist should really continue, even if as the episodes go by, I can understand that there’s more pressure and maybe less inspiring things, so who knows? But yeah, I just wanted to show you guys that.

And thus, I bid you, farewell; see you later!
Ponyta’s out!