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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episode: 03

Hello there, readers!
How are you all doing? The summer heat hasn’t caught up to you yet, I hope? As I’m writing this, we’ve already begun turning the AC on… *sigh* So we only have one episode to post about right now – going according to Nickelodeon’s schedule, and so, let us start!

Note: I’m scheduling this close to my first post mostly because I’m late and they’re already at episode 7!! [Playing catch up is tough!!]

By the way, there are spoilers here! You’ve been warned!


Bumi – Come on, Kai and producers, you could’ve been a LITTLE bit gentler with Bumi! He’s an old fellow (older than even Tenzin), and he’s been in wars! Please cut him some slack, is what I think!


Jinora – She’s totally complimenting Kai because yeah, she likes him, even blushing and using Bumi as a shield to hide her shyness behind!! I wonder what Meelo and Ikki think of Kai! I hope we see them interacting soon!
Kai – slips away so easily. I’m pretty sure that he’ll become friends with everyone once something bad happens to him (I’m pretty sure what happened at the end of this episode will be enough for him to turn a new leaf FOR REAL). Like I’ve mentioned before, I’d really much like to bond with Mako the most, since Mako and Kai have both learned to be so resourceful due to their pasts (Kai’s being much more of a recent past than Mako).

Bosco and the Earth King

Earth Queen – Well we’ve been foreshadowed that the Earth Queen would be “demanding” by Tenzin, and she’s the daughter of that one silly King with the bear Bosco, isn’t he?

I’m sad that the Lower Ring exists. It’s sad to see the difference between the slums and the richer parts of any city – it being in real life or in fiction. I was hoping the King would have done something about that already! Is this a reality that’s not changeable, is that what you’re saying, Producers?! [True though, poverty is… poverty…]

Speaking of the Lower Ring though, I was wondering if the tea shop that Uncle Iroh had built is still there and if Zuko still comes over to visit and help out when it’s possible for him to do so?

A difference that is so… well… significant would be the acute hatred the Earth Queen seems to have towards animals (enough that her Secretary would be scared sh@tless at the sight of the animals being in the Upper Ring). Does this mean that she hates Bosco? What in the world does she have in common with her father, I wonder? Except perhaps that she inherited the title from him [she even says that her father was weak and that Zuko and Aang have taken advantage of it to create Republic City]?

She sort of seems so, yeah, as Tenzin says, “demanding”. There’s just something about her tone and her righteousness that makes you dislike her. I have heard that she will become the official antagonist.

From one of the previous sneak peeks we were shown

Damnit Asami, now is NOT the time!!

cue the Korrasami fandom

Pointing out once again that Asami and Korra have bonding time together, so that was definitely awesome!! Asami – unlike Bumi – doesn’t get airbending, but she can still rely on her skills and it was NICELY shown here that she is NOT just some sidekick. She can kick butts even without anyone’s help. Since Bolin and Mako are going to be having some brotherly time this season, it’s only ever really natural that Asami and Korra get their own time.
They originally came to know each other from Korra being MAKO‘s pro-bending teammate, and from Asami being MAKO‘s girlfriend at the time, but now they’re best friends – ‘girl‘ friends – which is so much more important than guys, admit it! When I saw this (left) from the trailer that they’ve given us, I was immediately reminded of this picture (right) that I had seen on Tumblr. I’m not a particular fan of any ships in Legend of Korra right now [except maybe [Tenzin and Pema] and [Jinora and Kai] (ok I’m a fan of ships)] (even if I did have some MaKorra fangirlism going on in my DeviantArt Faves), but are there a lot of you out there who like Korrasami [by the way, since I’m feeling generous, here’s a couple of snapchats from that same scene]? 🙂

Mako and Bolin time for the win – mainly because frankly, they didn’t have much time between Mako’s job at the police station, catching the Triple Threat (hey, if the Triple Threats get their hands on airbenders (or if airbenders are bad), then does it mean that they would be the Quadruple Threat? I’m just wondering) and Bolin continuing the pro-bending whole thing and also later on being in a mover for Varek’s whole mover thing [to gain more money]. Speaking of the whole mover-thing, I’m glad that Chow (their cousin), mentioned it again [not only for coherence’s sake, but it’s great to see another nation’s TAKE on the movers because for them, it was purely comedy, which means they didn’t take the whole Water Tribe conflict seriously, which also shows why no other nation really intervened in the rather problematic situation (I guess they also trusted that Avatar Korra – doing her Avatar duties as peacemaker and all – could be neutral and resolve the whole issue)].



So we discover (well we’re reminded, I don’t know) that the boys’ father is an Earth Bender, since Bolin says: “No wonder dad left” (this means, then, that their mother is a firebender or at least comes from the Fire Nation). So this (also) means that when he speaks of their grandma [Yin, who is actually Jin from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, who appears as Zuko’s date, by the way, which is why I put both of their pictures up here], Bolin means his paternal grandma. I wonder if we get to see the other side of their family as well, from the Fire Nation [San really traveled a lot, if he met their mother in the Fire Nation, and then went back to Republic City to settle (before getting killed)]. I’m also gonna miss Mako with his scarf, it’s going to be quite unsettling to see him without it from now on. I hope we get to see her from time to time also (or for her to be mentioned at least in the next episodes).

Tu, the Grunt

I love how Mako and Bolin have the “Fruit Stand scam” and I love how they have finally met their cousins and their family! I would love for Tu to be great friends with them, even if he is sort of jealous of his cousins [let’s give him a break, people, he’s been living his life in the Lower Ring, thinking that his cousins are snobbing him and that they’re rich, having rich lives – with their pro-bending, acting careers, and everything… (you’d think that, if they found out about that, they’d find some kind of article about the Fire Ferrets, describing their whole orphan situation to the press, but I’m not judging or anything) and of course, when they show up and try to half-steal his non-fresh fruits, Tu would be naturally instinctively jealous or defensive about his skills]. I want to know if he can Earthbend or rather, if any of them can Earthbend. It would be nice to see them spending family time together, bonding, not just with their grandmother, who loves them, but between cousins.

Zuko, Eska, Desna and Tonraq

I love the relationship between Zuko and the new leaders of the Water Tribe, Korra’s cousins. And it’s not just because both parties have received the Not As Much of a Jerk as You Could Have Been award (Zuko and then the twins). I like that they can joke around with the whole irony thing. And this scene is probably one of the best, not just because they play around with Combustion Man‘s memories [by the way, Sokka also mentions Sparky Sparky Boom Man in Season 1 of Legend of Korra] and the fact that Eska nonchalantly mentions how she tried to kill Korra when the latter ruined her wedding arrangements with Bolin, but because she says this RIGHT BEHIND Tonraq, who is Korra’s father, after all! Can you imagine how awkward this must be for him [this is probably why he steered the conversation towards something else]?
I also liked the fact that they call Zuko “Uncle,” just like in our cultures, but then I realized that when they said “Uncle”, they probably meant Tonraq…

So, what were your highlights of this episode? Were there any?
I can’t wait to watch more, so I’m gonna go and get to it now. Have a nice few days!

 Ponyta’s out!