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Title: Sword Art Online – Extra Edition
Watched with: Lugia
Rated: 6/10 [I’m generous]

January 9th, 2014 

Hey there people!
How are you doing?
So, the other day (as I write this), Lugia and I watched this special episode together. The day it came out, actually, we watched it live on Crunchyroll (I think it was)!

“Oh! That’s awesome, how did it go, Ponyta?”

At first, I didn’t want to believe it. I thought: ‘It’s a joke, right?‘ and maybe it’s because Lugia was right next to me and telling me all of the flaws in the animation, in the shadowing (thanks a lot for pointing those out, man! I really wanted to enjoy the episode (sarcasm), etc., but I didn’t enjoy the episode at all. 

The constant flashbacks were the one of the most unnecessary parts in my opinion, although perhaps I did need some of it (as Lugia pointed it out, I have a horrible memory), but he remembered everything (like he’d watched it the day before), and he knew what was going on and he seemed to remember the shots exactly as they’d done it. Many of the scenes in that extra were the same as the first season.

The second most unnecessary parts was the fan service. It made me painstakingly remember the fact that Sword Art Online was made to disservice the population which would appreciate the female body most of all. While, in the first season, not all the girls were seen hovering around Kirito at the same time (at least, until they were all reunited by the end), in this one, it was a total fetish fest. There’s the tall girl with boobs, there’s the girl with boobs, there’s the tomboy with boobs, there’s even the neko-girl with boobs and even a tail. Goodness, I was exasperated. I am not complaining or anything (ok, I’m complaining), but if you want me to appreciate it, focus on some good looking males, too [and THIS is NOTHING, NOTHING (especially if you think to counter me with a pathetic: “Well, there WERE half naked men in the episode”) compared to what you focus on]! Not just the girls, why just the girls?! Why on earth would you favor one type of audience over the other? I had to avert my eyes so many times or just focus on the subtitle…!

While I’m on the subject of complaints, I was sad that Asuna didn’t get a more major role. Because of the first arc of the first season, I’ve always pictured Asuna as the most capable player. She can fight, she adjusts well, etc. Thus, she is much more – in my opinion – an offensive support for Kirito than just a defensive support. It makes me so mad to see that’s what she’s been demoted to since her damsel in distress days. I’m not saying that she’s less badass (ok yeah she may be) or that defense is not good. I’m just saying that you’ve gotten me used to a character who can fight. Either you explain to me WHY she prefers using healing spells and support spells rather than take up a sword or more offensive magic. Or you show me Asuna FIGHTING, for goodness’ sakes. It’s not like she’s not as good as Leafa, either. There CAN be more than ONE female offensive player, I’m just saying. Snap out of it, girl!

This being said, I did enjoy the almost normalcy of their situation now, and how most of them have come back from that trauma to get along well with each other. Most of all, I guess I enjoyed the little teensy moments of affection that Kirito and Asuna show each other.
It’s the sort of small gestures that mean everything, I guess, even if there weren’t enough and even if they get teased plenty by everyone who says that they’re always showing off their love to everyone. I think it’s cute and it sort of fits their relationship. They didn’t always need to express their feelings out loud for the other one to echo in and agree. It’s the same with their fighting – back when Asuna was badass. They didn’t always need to speak to each other in order to complement their fighting styles. They just fought so well together. I hope this doesn’t change (and I hope she gets to fight alongside him more in the future).

So yeah, there were BAD things that happened in the extra edition [don’t get me started on the few typos], but there were some good things too. I think that you don’t really need to have watched this one to watch Season 2, but it’s still nice to see that everyone who was able to come back from SAO was able to get back to their ‘normal’ lives, and it’s also fun to see them take on a ‘normal’ quest together as a party.

And then, at the end, Season 2 was also announced on that day and… it was… SHOCKING, to say the least. I didn’t really expect Kirito-kun to have long hair. Much less that he would be appearing with a female avatar. I wonder what dynamic that would throw into the story.

Here’s what I want even if I know that it’ll probably not go this way: I want there to be less harem stuff going on and for them to focus more on the story of whatever is going on in that show.
I also want more Asuna in it – although both Lugia and I doubted that this new girl (the blue haired sniper) is Asuna. I think Lugia said that Asuna will be less inside of this season (great, more pushed to the sideline). But there better not be such ridiculous notion that Kirito will attract more girls! He better stay truthful to Asuna!
I want a good story and some intrigue, and I want to know what kind of story you can pull with guns. I mean the first season, there was swords, then the second arc of the first season was about more flying and magic, and now guns…

July 24th, 2014 – I’ve decided to post this near the release of Sword Art Online’s Season 2, but I guess I wasn’t able to fulfill everything as I wanted to, you have my apologies for this late review post. As I mentioned a few months ago, you can probably not watch this and still understand the second season! I hope that, despite everything, you’ll have at least enjoyed a little bit of the extra edition!

With this, I bid you farewell until my actual blogpost about Sword Art Online II!
(・へ・) – Ponyout! – (・へ・)