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Title: Sailor Moon Crystal
Episode: 02
Watched: Saturday July 19, 2014

July 21rst, 2014

The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit. Guardian of Love and Intelligence: Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent!

Hello beloved readers!
How are you all doing? I trust these last few weeks have not been too harsh on you (Sailor Moon-wise, I mean!).

So, right before the third episode of the Sailor Moon Crystal comes out, I’ve decided to post this post about the second episode of the series. The third episode review may be coming out… in two weeks, depending, but it will be coming, for sure!!

I’m going to rant a lot about this but… it was very difficult for me to wait 2 weeks for this new episode to appear in my life. I didn’t think I was going to last, but I’m thankful for other series that I’ve started/continued…!

So, anyways, here we are with the second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal!! Are you ready? Have you watched the it yet, because it may contain some spoilers!!! Here we go!

Stupidly happy**

I’m so stupidly happy** about this episode, you have no idea!!!!!
Mercury only appears in episode 8 of the original anime, so I was incredibly happy when they decided to let her have her introduction right after Sailor Moon’s (I mean, it makes SENSE, they’ve gotta cram the story (the first arc anyway) into 26 chapters, NO. FILLERS. NEEDED!!). Then it would mean, I hope, that is, that the Sailor Scouts will be united together by episode… 5? The order would then likely be… Mercury (2nd episode), Mars (3rd episode), Jupiter (4th episode) and Venus (5th episode) [although in my memory (and I have a bad one), Venus came a bit afterwards, to let the first four sailor scouts some time to perfect their teamwork and friendship, but that may well be just me].


Story-wise, as I’ve mentioned, I’m glad they’re going at a faster pace with this series than they have in the original one [Jolteon was happy about this also, although she admitted to not remember much about it]. In case you guys ask and/or have forgotten, Usagi really did obtain that transforming pen and really did transform into a nurse/doctor in that one episode [here are some more similarities between that episode and that chapter].
The one thing I didn’t remember was the secret room inside of which Luna finds her information to track down the sailor scouts. I mean, wasn’t it the arcade room in the original anime? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that new room; it’s beautiful and quite ‘technologic‘ [it even has data on Ami and Tuxedo Mas and Usagi and even at some point, you see Rei], but as seen here and here, it’s from the arcade!!? I can’t find a picture of the manga, so I can’t be sure.
Also, I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the previous anime, but I like that Jadeite (whether or not he knew) upgraded his monsters so that they be immune to Sailor Moon’s (albeit unintentional) ultrasound attack, thus forcing her to be a bit more creative and rely on her teammates more.

I must say also that the characters, once again, are pretty similar to that of the previous incarnations.
Usagi particularly. Don’t go hoping that she’ll change and/or that she’ll be better as time goes, no (well eventually, but it does take awhile). Usagi is kind-hearted, she loves her friends and she’s very much a cry-baby. She’s gonna be like that for awhile, ’cause she doesn’t like violence (that’s what I like to think). I like that she spends some time bonding with Luna before Ami appears, because for me, Luna is much more than just your simple magical mascot (then again, I can say the same for many magical mascots in the Pretty Cure franchise).

And then there’s Tuxedo Mask (Darien? Mamoru!) who have the similarities with the manga [Exhibit A and Exhibit B]. [You’d think that he’d know NOT to be walking around in broad daylight with a tuxedo; I mean, I’m not complaining, but it’s pretty tough for people NOT to notice and to make a connection between that odd fancy show off and the Tuxedo Mask vigilante who prowls about the city!!]
Do you know why Mamoru was walking around and looking at the Crystal Seminar flyer? Because it had the word “Crystal” in it [that dork, hahaha (but I can’t help it, he’s so cute and funny)]!
On a Side Note: Bayleef can’t stop being sad at the loss of the famous Tuxedo Mask rose.

Budding Friendship Exhibit A

There’s also Ami Mizuno [x] who is quite similar to the series. I don’t know if it’s because now, I’ve been in school and I’ve experienced it and/or because I’ve got some life experiences now, but I feel like I can relate to Ami even more than I used to. Because of her abilities in studying, she gets ostracized by the other students, who are intimidated by her brains, but Usagi gets to know her and sees cuteness! Thus is the tale of Usagi finding a friend in her! [Ami even had a flashback to the Lunar Palace upon their first physical contact! (this is reminiscent, I found anyway, of the Precure Franchise mostly because when the leaders of each Precure series meet during the movies, they have this ‘feeling’] I digress, Ami’s relationship with Usagi is important, because for the first time, thanks to Usagi/Luna, Ami had friends, gets to experience so many things that, as a loner (because of her grades), she normally would not, and for that, Ami is thankful [you can even more sense that she longs to be with the other students but she can’t, because they are too wary around her (except of course Usagi)].
I’m not sorry to say this: Sailor Mercury’s friendship with Sailor Moon is one of the most important ones ever for me, because, from my (bad) memory, Sailor Mercury almost always gets sidelined in favor for the other scouts, mostly due to her gentle and passive nature (sort of), which is a common problem, even in the Precure Franchise (with the yellow cures, as Growlithe and I often point out to each other).
I’d also like to point out how very happy I am to actually SEE the pens being used as a pen and not a transformation item [both Bayleef and Jolteon agree with me on this]. I don’t remember reading about it in the manga OR even seeing it being used as a pen in the anime, so I’m grateful. As a child, personally, I didn’t even KNOW that it was a pen. Little details like this make us all enjoy this new series even more. Both Jolteon and Bayleef didn’t really remember the pens until they were used as transformation items, so I must say that it’s a nice flashback and reminder for all of us!

Moon Tiara Boomerang

Visual-wise, I’m still satisfied and have almost no complaints, although I will mention that Jolteon had some issues with the inconsistencies of the art style.
The return of the Moon Tiara Boomerang [x] was expected, but seriously, I can’t quite stop staring at it. I really much like it!
I was satisfied with Sailor Mercury’s transformation sequence, although I must say that I kept looking for something that resembled the original transformation… [I miss the original, but I have a feeling I’ll get used to the new one].
I will admit that her attack sequence IS pretty badass, although I miss the part when she showed she could also create illusions out of water particles that hang in the air [I hope they show this later on! They better! Please make this happen!]!
Something else to talk about is Jadeite’s appearance [while Bayleef thought Jadeite was Zoisite, Jolteon believed that Jadeite was a bit… feminine looking compared to the first version…] I’ll let you get your own opinion on that, but personally, I think that the Jadeite in Sailor Moon Crystal resembles the manga version much more than the Jadeite from the original anime!!

Over the years

For more opinions and stuff, why don’t you check out my friend, Chikorita‘s blogpost about this episode? Reminder that, once again, she writes in French!!
I’m going to be linking you to Sawyer7mage‘s YouTube video review for this episode as well. Once again, I mostly enjoyed this and his thoughts reflect mine well!
And here’s someone else’s thoughts on Sailor Mercury [which I almost whole-heartedly agree with, especially the bout where she/he says that Ami Mizuno is adorkable. Yes!]!

Budding friendship Exhibit B

In the meantime, if you miss Sailor Moon Crystal already, you can always look for parodies and whatever other funny things people have posted on the Internet. Here’s this week’s funny find: TUXEDO MASK AS A DISASTER (Just look at Luna’s face!). Here’s another parody for Sailor Moon finding her name from the previous episode.

You can also see here, another concept art (sort of?) that they’ve released this week!
In addition, I’d like to point out that Ami had a ‘flashback’ of the castle on the moon, which you can see here. If you would like a reminder of what it used to be and/or get some nostalgia moments, here are a few posts for you to get some information on it [first post from the original anime and the second post for your personal information].

And here’s another something-something that is spoiler-y from the song: Moon Pride (the music video)!
Producers, I should probably also go and mention that I would like this scene in the manga to be illustrated and animated in this series. Pretty, pretty, yes please. Also, here’s another thought for next episodes: I’m totally getting ahead of myself, but I’m hoping that when they introduce Sailor Jupiter (Makoto), that they will keep this scene.

I shall leave you with this post on Tumblr which REALLY is what my thoughts were when I watched the next episode’s preview!

image Ponyta’s out!

P.S. Oh, I should probably talk about it since, surprisingly, that transformation pen came out, right? Do you think that Toei is gonna go and release new toy line for this series [after all, don’t they do that for every series?]? Man I think they are… I want… XD
Did I tell you? I used to have many of their toyline from the original series (’cause that’s how hardcore of a fan I was). I still have the locket with Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity’s song inside of it with me in my room.