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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episodes: 04-05

July 22nd, 2014

How’s everyone doing? Hey there!!

…And then they go back to having 2 episodes… I don’t know… I don’t even know… it’s like they want to get over with this season as SOON as possible. Not that I complain, of course, but it’s tough to write one review for two episodes, okay? Condense all this SPOILER information into one blog post is tough… and so, I will be separating the two episodes into two distinctive parts of this post. So it’s gonna be long. PREPARE THYSELVES!

Episode 4

Hey, hey, hey! HEY! HEY! The whole introduction thing is all messed up! Mako and Bolin have not even come back from the Lower Rings yet but the announcer at the beginning still stated it as if it had occurred in the previous episode. Is it just me, or does it happen often? Okay, now that I’ve said what was on my mind (and confusing me)…


Zuko’s not gonna die so easily tbh

Zuko was set to become a main character in this season, so I was sure that he would NOT die (and I hoped his dragon would survive more than one encounter with Zaheer and co.) during their fight, but it didn’t stop me from being horrified at how badly one-sided the battle seemed from my point of view.

Think about it! ZUKO is *LE* firebender! And Tonraq is REALLY good also. And you’ve seen how Eska and Desna can fend for themselves! They are leaders (or have been, in Zuko’s case) of their respective nations, and yet, it was still not good enough against Zaheer and co. Think about it! THINK ABOUT IT! This means that they’re REALLY tough! I don’t know how the Krew (Avatar Team) could prevail!

Desna and Eska were almost taken out INSTANTANEOUSLY by Ming-Hua, who promptly went to save P’li! And then, there’s Tonraq, who had put away Zaheer before (he mentions)… This means that Zaheer put an attempt on Korra’s life when she was still just a child [P’li mentions how it’s been 13 years, which means that, since Korra is 18 years old right now… this means that they attacked Korra when she was merely 5 years old!].

I’m also shocked that Zuko would not guess that the snowstorm headed their way would be Zaheer, I mean he now knows that Zaheer is an airbender, so why not be more careful, y’know? [I still love you Zuko!]

Really?! Right now?


I mentioned in my blog post about how similar Zaheer’s team was to Team Avatar. This also means that they also have these “jokes” around each other, which is purely awesome, if you ask me [and made me laugh a lot]!
It makes sense, I mean, it’s why previous villains have failed to vanquish the previous Avatars, right? You can’t beat someone who has ALL FOUR ELEMENTS unless YOU also have four elements at your disposal (Amon, you boob, you should have known better!). [I will grant you that Unalaq had the spirit of pure EVIL with him and he also had ‘mastery’ over the elements thanks to becoming the DARK AVATAR, but each and every one of Zaheer’s team is a competent, quick-witted and extremely skilled benders. How is Korra going to face off against them, you ask? Well she has her friends with her, of course! I just hope that will be enough to beat them]
Can I just mention that I love how Ming-Hua is the one who rescued the “damsel in distress” and not her boyfriend? GIRL POWER. I’m into the whole friendship thing right now, so I’m happy to see that they’re friends with each other (even if they’re bad guys, I mean, some bad guys, you sort of just feel bad for them because they’re lonely [Azula], but this bunch is pretty tight).

I also mentioned previously the KorrAsami, well there’s more bonding time as Asami helps Korra release some steam (through fighting), and I totally love this, because it doesn’t mean that girls release steam by just talking things out! No! They can also be violent if they want to (especially Korra, Korra’s established her aggressiveness throughout the series, though, to be honest).

I like how Bumi is such an intelligent but seriously egocentric character. He’s obviously the comic relief, but I felt so bad for him when even Lin Bei Fong didn’t understand his code names.

Earth Queen – Oh, so the reason why she hates animals so much is that she’s allergic to them! That explains almost so much. The problem is… does that mean that she was allergic to Bosco the Bear? Her father’s pet, I mean! Her whole attitude around Korra really sends a clear image of how much things have changed since Aang’s time (well, we’d already known much of that, but even more). She’s outright disrespectful to the Avatar [the same will be said of the President of the Republic City though] and she’s not scared of waging war against Korra [I mean HELLO! LAST TIME a certain FIRE LORD tried to wage war against an Avatar, he got his ass beat and got his bending taken away from him! What in the world are you thinking, Earth Queen?!].

Come to think of it, I wonder if she’s planning to TAKE ON REPUBLIC CITY! What if we see tension between Korra and the Republic City President-dude at the beginning and then Korra’s tension with the Earth Queen on PURPOSE! So that we see her act as a third-party observer who needs to solve the issue? Who knows? I also wonder if that’s not exactly what the Earth Queen wanted – for Korra to find the little airbenders there so that she could have an excuse to wage war against Republic City and/or Korra.

Ce disant, don’t you think that their escape was a bit easy? Not in the sense where it was so easy, but it somehow feels like the Dai Li could CLEARLY have done something to restrain at least a FEW airbenders. They do seem to give us a show at trying to stop Korra and the others, but it feels to me like they could have done better. I mean the metalbenders from Republic City are able to take down Korra easily…

What we were all thinkingThe return of the location of Lake Laogai!
I much appreciate the fact that they have kept certain locations which we have come to know from Avatar: The Last Airbender available for us [even if it was a shot in the dark for Team Avatar and that they should’ve known that after Aang had spotted what illegal business was conducted there, he would’ve put a stop to it as a full-fledged avatar during his ‘reign’]!! For those of you who don’t remember (or know), Lake Laogai was where Jet died, because of the whole brainwashing situation, and also where Appa was taken prisoner at some point during the ATLA series [Evidence from AtLA, Evidence from LoK]. For more information about Lake Laogai, you can even go to this post. You can also go here for more visual posts about the past and present of Lake Laogai.
Nevertheless, despite it being the wrong location, the whole “problematic” (or even irony) is still the same. Even after 70 years, it seems the Dai Li is up to snatching people and brainwashing them again. Except, instead of brainwashing their own people for the sake of that one dude whose name eludes me, they’re brainwashing their own people (airbenders, though) for the sake of protecting the Earth Queen. I wonder why the Earth Queen thinks she even needs so-called “protection”. Does this mean that she’s been planning to take over the world (Like Lord Ozai) (see previous other suppositions)?
Oh my goodness, this is totally random, but can we see Kyoshi warriors next? Since Dai Li agents are still an organization here, can we have Kyoshi Warriors? Pretty Pretty please?
Another question related to the Dai Li and their secret airbender whole operation: do they have other airbenders hidden somewhere and/or has Korra already busted everyone out? It seems like a small number escaped, but it felt to me like there’d be more somehow. What if the Dai Li scattered airbender regiments all over Ba Sing Sei? I mean like Jinora mentioned, there are LOADS of hiding places in the city. It’s not that difficult to hide…
Speaking of the new airbenders, I’d like Kai to be united with that little kid who’s not as good an airbender and to become fast friends with him! Because I love friendship so much I’m almost like Tea Gardner from YuGiOh. [I was also very touched when, after all this time trying to find airbenders, Tenzin found some that were willing to follow him]

What Special Connection?!Jinora – To be honest, I would have wanted to see her manifest these kinds of powers – show to us that she had some kind of control BEFORE this episode (show us, don’t tell us!). However, I will say this: it’s freaking awesome and badass and normal that she would have the skill to project herself that way. I guess this could be considered a side “element” to airbending (since it’s lightning for fire, metalbending for earth and ice bending/vine bending/blood bending for water), and not every airbenders can do it; unless it’s something only Jinora can do, as a Spiritual Goddess of something as powerful as Rava herself.
One of the highlights in these couple episodes is Tenzin’s reactions to these ‘news’ that his daughter may be into a “riff raff” (cue Aladdin’s song, how awesome would it be for Kai to break out in song in a parody? Someone, make this happen) [to be fair though, Tenzin’s been pretty focused on trying to get more airbenders and he’s been pretty busy, ok? Let’s see if he tries to keep an eye on the two of them in the next episodes, I’d very much like to see this happening!! (and of course, Ikki and Meelo’s reactions to this ship as well)].
About Kai and Jinora reuniting – when Kai made that blushing face, were you also reminded of Aang? Because I was.
About Kai and Bolin/Mako reuniting – I feel like this is true for many sibling relationships. Mako was still mad at Kai for the stolen money, but Bolin couldn’t stay mad at the kid. Many sibling relationships, I feel, are a mixture of this, no?

Characters for Episode 5 

First off, I want to mention that I was sad for Naga and her lost ball due to Lin Bei Fong. I guess it’s normal, since Bei Fong is incredibly strict and very unattached to her emotions… or at least that she’s had difficulties with them. I still feel like she could have handled her discomfort better than having to take it out on a polar bear dog who just wants to be her friends. Tenzin’s not there to keep her in check and to tell her to be nice, that’s what I’m thinking!

Metal Clan location is incredible! To have a whole city made out of METAL is very interesting! And very different from before, since Toph [WHO’S ALIVE! ALIVE! GUYS! ALIVE! Do you think she’s living with badger moles right now?] is the one who introduced them to the whole concept of metalbending in the first place.

Is the truth-seer someone who is specifically a metalbender? Can someone else pick up the change in heartbeats? Like, say, a bloodbender (even though Katara banned the practice, people still practice, no?)?
Are there people in the city who are not metalbenders and who have no relationships with metalbenders, but who just want to stay there? If the city is made out of metal, how do they hunt for food? Do they forage from another place? Do they import (possibly, I think, from the sounds of it). What kind of jobs are there for people who do not metalbend? Cooks? And what jobs are available for people who do metalbend? How do people earn their keep?
If the Earth Queen is mad about the fact that Republic City IS on Earth Nation soil and that the city SHOULD belong to her, what does she think of the metal clan and their mode de vie? Su Yin basically BOUGHT the place, right? Is that why the Earth Queen is OK with it and doesn’t even mention the Metal Clan? Because they bought the place and thus have a legal right to be independent from her reign? It somehow seems unlikely that she would let ANYONE go (considering what she did to the airbenders), but couldn’t Zuko and Aang have done the same in order to get her off their backs?

Su Yin [COLLECTOR OF RARE METEORITES!!!! LIKE TOPH!!] and Lin Bei Fong – their sibling relationship is so… whoa. I wonder if it’s because they’re from different fathers (Toph SURE got around). I ventured a guess as to why Lin Bei Fong was so distant from her sister [because that would explain Opal’s airbending streak, but who knows]. I believe that Su Yin’s idea that: “People change” [hey, the Book 3 of Legend of Korra is called CHANGE] is what’s wrong with Lin, meaning that Su Yin probably did something wrong to Lin before and Lin can’t forgive her.

Toph – is as bad a parent as Aang was, it seems, from Lin’s point of view [when she says that Toph used to say “[her] children were a blessing”, but never meant it]. Of course it’s all just Lin’s point of view, so Toph might actually love her children and not mistreat them as much as Aang neglected Kya and Bumi. Toph did neglect her children, giving them the freedom in the world, but it scars children in different ways (shown in Lin and Su Yin). I wonder if Su Yin can sandbend, too.

Speaking of Opal, she’s been shown reading, she’s very calm and speaks her mind – doesn’t she remind you a little bit of Jinora? No? Okay that’s just me. I want Opal and Jinora to meet up and be friends! I wonder if they will be exchanging books and giving each other recommendations.
About Korra’s teaching to Opal about a few basic moves of for airbending is actually reminiscent of Aang and Katara’s dance. If you see this post and this other one. It’s a nice wink to the ATLA people!
If Opal gets integrated into the Krew (Team Avatar), then she’s gotta have some bonding time with Asami, Mako, Korra as well! Not just Bolin, please! This is not even a request, you just BETTER make this happen, is all I’m saying!

Bolin is so cute in his fangirlism of Toph. And then, there’s his relationship with Opal, I like how it’s going and I’m starting to ship them!!
Varek coming back is so weird. Are both Lin Bei Fong and Mako going to arrest him?

Be the leafThe return of “Be the Leaf” marks the difficulty of the art of airbending [as well as some family resemblances]. I’m glad to see that not everyone picks up airbending as quickly and that they have as much difficulties as Korra did in her first trials. I mean, it’s perfectly normal, right?
You kind of have to get into that mentality “of being the leaf” in order to get past without getting hit. However, these people are grown-ups who have always had their own set of personalities, which makes it difficult for them to move as an airbender should/would.

Kya vs. Yuru/Zaheer – Yes. I reblogged this from someone, but seriously. That fight made me go all: OMG THIS IS SO REMINISCENT OF KATARA’S AWESOMENESS. I had such GOOSEBUMPS!! This begs many questions. Did she fight alongside Zuko and Tenzin and Tonraq to fend Zaheer and co. off of Korra? I don’t think so, was she mentioned in the list of names that Tenzin gave Korra? I don’t think so. If she weren’t though, how did she recognize him? Did she only use her powers of deductions (which is plausible) in order to find this out?

Zaheer – Do you think that that pendant he stole was actually not Tenzin’s but his? Before he got taken away, that is? Or perhaps Zaheer is just a dork who wants to collect something of his idol (Guru Lahima) so he stole it from Tenzin? Which theory do you think would fit most? I like both of them, tbh.

I keep mentioning Korra and Asami together, but have you started to notice how much more mature Korra is since the beginning? I’ve started to like the character so much more now than I had back in Season 1 and 2. And oddly enough, it feels like it’s because she got cut away permanently from the other Avatars – and she feels that sever – that she feels more responsible, perhaps? That she feels like she’s gotta wise-up (as she mentioned in the first episodes of this season to Tenzin).

So, until the next episode – or post (whichever for you comes next), let me provide you with the (usual) links to various awesomeness(es) from this episode or from a previous episode!!

Here are the much obliged “couple” of snapchats from Beroberos.
And oh hey, also, look what I found on Circus Shirtless Tenzin [as you can see on your left]!
Here’s a link (also from Beroberos) of a few Kainorra awesomeness [1]
And also here’s a link to the reactions that someone got from these episodes (and most of these reactions, let’s be honest, almost everyone had)!

And, my friends, now that my job is done, I shall leave you with this:

Let go of your earthly tether,
Enter the void, empty,
And become wind.
– Guru ‘Lahima

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