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Title: The Guardians of the Galaxy Watched: Hopefully, next Tuesday!

July 30th, 2014

Greetings from Canada, everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing well and that you’re not too much on the edge for what’s gonna be coming our way tomorrow (as you read this anyway).

The movie premiere of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!


YES YES! FRIDAY! YOU HEARD ME!!! How awesome is this?! Oh my goodness! I’ve been waiting for this since… I learned about the Guardians!

I’ve been holding off ALL of my movie reviews, because I haven’t done the very first movie review that I started writing, which was a movie that I went to watch for my birthday with Piplup [so that’s coming up as soon as I get my grabby hands on the DVD]. Thor: The Dark World (Thor II), BUT I couldn’t resist, since I’m planning to go and watch this movie as soon as possible (it’s coming out Friday (today if you’re reading this the day I schedule it for)).

I found out about them through MARVEL news. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it, and I’ll even provide you with the extended version.

I’m among those people who believe that they’ve done something GREAT with Gamora. I heard that some fans were scared she might be too frail, or too girly looking – not at ALL like the Gamora in the comic books. But in the trailers, you see how badass she truly is and how incredibly awesome she is. The same goes with Drax and Rocket Raccoon [x] and Groot! The only one I wasn’t sure of was Starlord. It may be because he’s the leader and I saw him more as the guy from both Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers: EMH, but in the trailers, he’s so different and funny! I cannot wait to watch the movies, frankly!

After releasing their trailers and news, MARVEL has been going on a RAMPAGE to better inform the public about these new heroes (new for us, I mean, not for real comic book readers and fans). I’ve seen them appear on the Ultimate Spiderman show, on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon, and they’ve been mentioned a LOT everywhere, they even released a Guardians of the Galaxy comic just for Free Comic Book Day, which was pretty amazing (I acquired it).

The Guardians of the Galaxy being inside of the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This clip also comes with an explanation and character description to the Guardians of the Galaxy! [If you can, please watch the episode if you EVER can, because Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Hulk were absolutely amazing together, and I really look forward to watching them appear together with the AVENGERS]

Last note about Ultimate Spiderman featuring Guardians of the Galaxy in one of their episodes; one of the crew in Ultimate Spiderman is NOVA, Sam (as you can see from this video clip). Nova is part of the NOVA CORPS. The NOVA CORPS will be appearing also. To know more about them, you can sort of go here from Arris Quinones. The Nova Corps is sort of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe. In this one, Rocket Raccoon used to be Sam’s (Nova’s) mentor. I am DYING to know more about these two.

For even more information about these intergalactic heroes, here’s 7 things you need to know before watching the movie, from ClevverMovies. And then, I wanted to show you this, from Arris Quinones from VariantComics! Here’s another video combining both Ultimate Spiderman and the Avengers: EMH‘s episodes where the Guardians appear. Here’s another video made by ItsSuperEffective.

AUG. 1RST EDIT: Erin Robinson from ClevverMovies has JUST uploaded a video review of the movie! It contains spoilers, so do be careful!

With all of these videos, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be ready for the movie, and maybe even enough (probably not enough) to understand some of the inside jokes! That’s all for now! ━━━━||Φ|(|>|.|>|)|Φ||━━━━ Ponyout! ━━━━||Φ|(|<|.|<|)|Φ||━━━━