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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Watched: July 26th, 2014

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So, we’ve all heard about the episodes that follow this one will be aired online? Yes? Well, here’s something I can relate to, even despite not having watched all of these shows [x].

Except for Korra and Toph

Metalbending – I am happy that they have Bolin to remind us, both through his speeches and through his own ‘capacities’, that the art of metalbending is more difficult than we expect it to be. It’s not like lightningbending, which was mastered over time so much that now, you don’t need to be a genius like Azula or be in a state of extreme anger in order to be able to generate lightning [as shown in the first two seasons of Legend of Korra]. Metalbending is still tough to learn, as Bolin keeps on repeating, and – in my experience with them anyway – pretty tough for even Toph to teach to the youngsters in her school. It’s also pretty cool that they continue to show how much of a ‘prodigy’ Korra is. As Bolin mentions, as the Avatar, she has pretty good learning skills when it comes to nature bending. It comes rather naturally, just like Aang was able to pick up waterbending so easily whereas it took months for Katara to learn certain moves (and yet, Katara also became a Waterbending Master at a young age, too!).
Regarding Korra’s metalbending style, I hope that metal rope technique – used by metalbenders in Republic City, means that Lin’s been active in teaching Korra and that Korra’s been alternating between Lin and Suyin. That would be pretty freaking awesome!!

The whole romance thing between Bolin and Opal is so sweet in the beginning, I can’t wait for them to get more time to spend with each other, too! And I don’t mind if you imply that they got to know each other more during the time skip between episode 7 and episode 8.
Like I mentioned before, it’s gonna be interesting to see Eska (and Desna, I guess) meet Opal, since they are or have been Bolin’s love interests. I’m pretty sure that Eska has moved on, but it’s still an interesting meeting to see.
I mean, Bolin is maturing and I want to see a more mature relationship from Bolin. Opal being so calm and reserved and cute and Bolin being… well his carefree self, it seems to me like they complement each other well [without batting an eye, she made him return to his normal self when he started to act ‘weird’ [A.K.A. MACHO] around her]. What do you think?

Varrick steals the whole episode basically, with all of his quirks, even during the most serious of situations [this is why he is prime time *LE* comic relief (you’ll all agree with me, I trust)]. I never thought I could miss such an ‘un-important’ character [who, by the way, from what I understand and have seen, is not even a bender of any kind (same goes with Zhu Li?)]. I hope, for this sake, that he’ll always be on Team Avatar’s side and that he’ll keep on being such a goof, even if it’s at Zhu Li’s expenses [I’m sorry, girl].

Mako has ultimate trust in his little brother’s abilities, even if the latter doesn’t truly believe in himself. I love how he just casually ‘forces’ his brother into taking down the combustionbender.
About Mako and Asami/Korra – was his comment about how he didn’t find it cool to be seated so far away from his friends? Or was his comment about how he was a bit anxious that the girls are having fun together and he’s scared they might be laughing at him [the way he felt awkward being around both of them and decided to sleep and dedicate himself to the office]?
Sidenote: I love how this person just mentions Team Avatar (both the Krew and the Gaang).

About the Red Lotus. I personally adhere to the line of thought this person [x]. I’m surprised that I hadn’t thought about it before. Of COURSE the Red Lotus would have more than just their representatives out there in the world. They have a whole network of people working for them (much like the White Lotus being filled with people). Just like this person, I wonder if Zaheer wasn’t once part of the White Lotus – maybe even once an air acolyte, who knows?!

Combustionbenders are so badass [despite that ‘one’ really bad Achilles’ heel, but y’know, we can’t have everything, besides, it’s pretty hard to hit them there], I wonder how many of them existed since Aang’s adventures with Combustionbending abilities. Since the gaang didn’t really know how to defeat him, but Suyin obviously knew how to, does this mean that there have been more and that there have been more people who bothered to study the extent of their abilities?

Magmabending – Bolin’s amazement at magma bending is understandable. Is it the first time that we see Magma bending? I’m pretty sure it is! If Bolin can’t or doesn’t have the abilities required to learn metalbending, I would love for him to have magmabending at some point. That would be mega giga badass. And plus, when the KREW has to take on the Red Lotus, Bolin would be able to go toe to toe with the guy (gotta learn his name).

For them to be able to procure toxins and darts that could unable both Naga [I was so upset when I saw Naga fall, seriously… ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!] AND the Avatar [by the way, where did the Avatar State go? Well, to be fair, was Aang ever poisoned before? I know Katara and Sokka were but I can’t recall if Aang was], the Red Lotus HAD to have contacts (unless Aiwei was the one who gave those to him?).

I was so happy when the boys’ Pro-bending abilities came into play against the Red Lotus [although I’m a bit disappointed that Asami wasn’t able to do as much (mostly because she is NOT a bender and it could potentially be dangerous (I mean those people are seriously dangerous benders), but at least she looks fabulous, right?]. I pretty much enjoyed EVERYONE’s display of their abilities, even Bolin time was pretty good!!!

I’m pretty sure that, ever since Book 1 of Legend of Korra [and more specifically, this scene], you’ve been hearing all these crossovers about how Lin might be Spiderman’s daughter [evidence 1, evidence 2, evidence 3, evidence 4, and this one‘s just because it’s fun]. Well, all of this to say that I was super glad that both Suyin and Lin have displayed those Spiderman abilities in this episode. Oh my goodness, here’s another one.

Speaking of Suyin, it seems to me like she may have trust issues. That or, as Swayer7mage mentions in his video review, she could be working alongside Aiwei and the Red Lotus since the beginning. I prefer to think the former, that she has trust issues, enough to be so shocked (but it was a good thing that Lin was there to help her [x])! It’s not the first time, either, that a leader gets betrayed by his/her adviser. Swayer‘s arguments are pretty sound, though, and even this person thinks the same!
I definitely believe that something is wrong in the way that Suyin helped Korra and the others go without Lin’s consent. After all, Suyin should know that Lin is the best to protect Korra. The Krew by themselves wouldn’t be able to protect her!

Aiwei shouldn’t have chosen such a young guard. There were so many ones he could have chosen to put the blame on. I’m just saying that he could have done a better job at it [although Mako just proves to be a brilliant detective (I hope Lin Bei Fong gives him a promotion)]. However, could it be that Aiwei didn’t want to involve innocents and thought that Mako and/or other people would find the hole in the evidences and free the young guard after he (Aiwei) fled the city?

It was such an action-packed episode that, by the end, I bet everyone was reacting like this, because I know that both Leafeon and I were like that, hahaha.

To help you wait for episode 9, let me link you to Beroberos Snapchats for this episode! There are only two this week! And also, here guys, this video is from Comic-Con [x]! You get to see the voice actors and others being interviewed on Legend of Korra!! And here’s someone’s thoughts about how Korra’s butt being shown all throughout this episode [x].

Question: When does this appear? [x] Because I was really thinking that would happen at the end of this episode, where the Red Lotus was overwhelming Zaofu and that Asami had to take Korra and leave. But that didn’t happen… which begs the question… when will it happen, exactly?

I know that you’ve been missing him [I know I have], so here’s a gif about General Iroh II. No? You don’t miss him? Well then, I’m sure you miss Avatar: The Last Airbender, so here’s the openings now, just for you! And if you’re still not amused (omg why), here’s Kya trying to be funny again!
No need to look, Lin’s father is this person [hahaha you totally saw this coming, I know]! Or maybe this is what happened [Beroberos]. Here’s another rather accurate depiction of the Bei Fong family tree.

All right, then! I should start to take my leave!
Until next time, peeps!

P.S. people! Have I asked you the question about the Avatar State? I’ve been pondering on it and I’ve been wondering if Korra can still use the Avatar State despite her inexistent connection with the other avatars now. Yes, right? ’cause she basically just ‘reset’ the Avatar shenanigan/cycle and now she’s the ‘first’ avatar of that new era [Book 3: CHANGE]? And that’s why she hasn’t been entering the Avatar State? Because now she gets it; she shouldn’t be using it for childish reasons? I think that’s pretty relevant to: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!