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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 03
Episode: 06-07

July 23rd, 2014

Hello readers and welcome to another blog post about Legend of Korra!
How are you all doing?

Dang, I’m so sorry but this episode post is HELLA long. The word count here says that I’ve gone past 2.5k words. This is longer than an essay I have to write! And, as usual, I give you a warning that there are SPOILERS.


I feel bad for the rest of the Bei Fong’s family.

We focus most on both mother and daughter – the former because of her connection and obvious conflict with Lin Bei Fong, and the latter because she’s gonna be an air nomad (or just an airbender student alongside Kai) and also because she’s gonna be Bolin’s love interest [EVEN if it’s not gonna be the center of the story].

About Opal has anyone thought of congratulating the girl for having the peaceful mindset of the Air nomads yet? I mean she DID stop a pretty badass fight for the sake of peace! Of all the new airbenders so far, Opal embodies the air nomads the most, in my opinion.

I wish the younger brothers who invented the Power Disk sport weren’t only used to make us realize: GASP! Korra can’t metalbend! But then Korra comes and explains to Suyin that she’s been pretty busy and frankly, I remember fleetingly thinking that I wanted Lin Bei Fong to show Korra metalbending but then, we were too engrossed into the Amon conflict [alongside her problem with airbending], then the Unalaq problem, to pinpoint the lack of metalbending from Korra. I hope we get to see Bolin, Korra and the younger brothers play some Power Disk some day!

Lin Bei Fong experiences some developmental growth here more than in the previous seasons (well growing to care for Avatar Korra I guess could consist of something like that). The dangerous amount of stress that Lin subjects herself to is quite relevant and realistic, I find. When someone represses their feelings, what happened to Lin is what would happen, I believe (from experience). I’m glad that she demonstrated most insight when she decided to go see the acupuncture. Also, this shows that when you have something on your mind, you ought to speak it up so you don’t feel bitter about it [interesting morals we learn in this episode, and also, I still have trouble with speaking up, so I totally understand Lin being bitter like that (I’m also a bitter person sometimes)].

Flashbacks: I enjoyed the fact that these flashbacks really did help us all picture what Suyin and Lin’s relationship was like from their young age. It also shows how very much different Toph’s two daughters have become and it also offers us a glimpse of how she interacted with them.

This brings me many questionings along the lines of: if Suyin and Toph used to live in the same city and Toph comes back to visit sometimes, then doesn’t Toph also come to visit Lin sometimes? Or does Lin just cut herself completely from both her mom and Suyin? From what I gather, it’s normal for Lin to be mad at Suyin, but she did care a lot about her mother. Was she so mad at Toph for letting Suyin go without any consequences that she would also cut ties? I wonder, WONDER, WONDER, WONDER!

Also if Toph appears in Book 3, can she reunite with Katara and Zuko? I’d like that kthanks.

Back then

The flashbacks not only improves Lin’s relationship with her sister, but I think the episode overall shows also the depth of the relationship between Korra and Lin. Korra has learned to both respect and actually enjoy Lin’s company, enough to let Lin play with Naga, to try and mend the conflicts between Lin and her sister, and even to worry about Lin when this one doesn’t feel so good! Lin’s improvement in her attitude and moods shows also that people CAN indeed CHANGE (reminiscent of Book 3’s title, anyone?! Huh? Huh?). And besides, that fight between the two sisters? TOTALLY worth it; shows how much badassery Toph has instilled in them.

Speaking of the acupuncture dude, were you reminded of the guru guy from Avatar: The Last Airbender? He’s so calm and everything, I very much like the character.

Let me also say that I’m very glad that Lin and Opal got some time to bond before Opal decides to leave for the air temple to train with Tenzin. I’m also glad that there was a parallel between Opal’s situation and Lin’s with Toph. I look forward to seeing both Lin and Suyin spending time together!

I was frankly so shocked at Bolin‘s reaction when Opal suggested that he learn metalbending alongside Korra.

I wanted him to learn how to earthbend from Lin (as well). But then, there’s the catch, and he mentions it; only 1/100 people can metalbend. Is this true though? Suyin says you shouldn’t limit yourself by what people say (or what you think). The whole idea of the Metal Clan was pretty much to get everyone to fulfill their true potential. I very much enjoyed his ‘growth’ and the fact that he would open up about his insecurity to Opal (although he could’ve done the same to his brother! I mean, where’s the brotherly love?! The girl appears, you’re interested in her and you spill your heart out to her but not to your own brother?! I’m disappointed in you, Bolin!). Bolin’s internal conflict with himself – and doubting his metalbending capacities, is very reminiscent of people who doubt themselves. The fact that he was able to get over this through talking to someone shows children that they can totally do the same and feel clearer-minded.

Varek and his magnet suits… I wonder if something is going to happen that is relevant about this, or is it just some distractions.

Zaheer and co. – so their goal was also to take out the President, as well as taking out (or kidnapping) Korra? What do these two have in common?

They both represent the peace and the united elements coexisting together? I don’t know. Since Korra can CONTROL all four elements, and since the President is the president of Republic City – thus making him the representative of a society where every bender from all nations can live together in harmony there? But if Zaheer and co. aim to break that system, it’s pretty ironic since all of the members of Team Zaheer (Red Lotus) are pretty much from different nations and they get along quite well (as evidenced through my previous post). Quick note here to say that I quite enjoyed their escape from Republic City.

HELL’S ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE! I would like to know how Zaheer was able to find Korra with the Metal Clan. Did he do some energy projection in order to find her?! Judging by his pose, isn’t it super possible?

Metalbending – I guess this is a new way of looking at metalbending. I’m so used to eyeing Toph metalbend herself out of that metalbox that I sort of forgot that it’s not as easy for other non-genius people to metalbend. I guess in the comics, she also uses the meteorites to teach metalbending? Did she use meteorites to teach both Lin and Suyin? Are there other people who use meteorites besides the Bei Fongs? And also can Bolin learn metalbending yet?


I’m glad there was one episode about Tenzin’s struggles [obviously it wasn’t going to be easy for him first thing]. After all, it’s his first time teaching other people who aren’t that much interested in the culture of the air nomads.

Speaking of the air nomads. One of them used to be an air acolyte and is named OTAKU! Doesn’t he kind of look like one, too? I hope we get to see more of him as well (if you read everything even without any scruples, you’ll find that I want to see many things happen in this series).

Daw – the first airbender they encountered (other than Bumi) is incredibly funny and he totally almost steals the show away from Kai with his awesomeness. Guys, I love the bald dude [Daw!!].

Season 2 flashback

Bumi – do you not find that he also has a special connection with the spirits?
Since he has Junior [BUM JU (Bumi Junior)] with him and can communicate with his ‘pet’ spirit almost as well as Jinora does with all the other spirits. Despite all his goofiness, I’m glad that this episode focuses a little bit more on him and on his growth as an airbender but also as a son of Aang and as a brother to Tenzin. Bumi’s opening to Tenzin during this episode was a tearful moment for me, mostly because, if you remember, Bumi did apologize to his father’s Avatar Statue in Season 2, about how he didn’t turn out to be what his father desperately wanted (an airbender).
I also love his display of leadership – which Tenzin could totally sort of learn from.


As I recall though, Aang and his fellow air nomads trained together and groomed flying bison when they were young. Of course these new people would need training, but not “years of intense training” as Tenzin says! What do you think? :O

Guru Lahima’s locket mention… Tenzin wasn’t too heartbroken about losing it… so maybe my theory was correct: that locket used to belong to not Tenzin but to Zaheer! GASP! *fingers crossed*

All of the things Tenzin teaches his students are so incredibly fun! If I were an airbender, I would want to try it out! Both the air balancing exercise and the air obstacle course are amazing! I wonder if Aang gave the same training to Tenzin and if the children also had to go through the same training [or if that training is solely based on ‘military’ self Tenzin].


Just as I applaud Korra for the growth that she demonstrated since Season 1, in her conflict resolutions and in her relationship with elders (earlier, I talked about her relationship with Lin Bei Fong and how respectful she was with Suyin), I would like to applaud her once again with her relationship with Tenzin. They can compliment each other and they can even advise each other now. I very much liked that.

I like that Tenzin knew about Suyin and Lin’s tense relationship. Well, to be fair, he probably grew up with Suyin as well. I wonder what their relationship was like and if Tenzin kept contact with Suyin! After all, they were probably playmates? What about Kya’s relationship with the Bei Fong’s? Or Bumi’s?

I love that Tenzin is improving himself and I’d like to see him give Jinora (and her siblings) more responsibilities in teaching the new airbenders. I also like how Tenzin gives them positive reinforcements now!!

I remember mentioning that I disliked how Pema was going to appear less. Well I enjoyed her appearance in this episode; dispensing wisdom to her husband. And the small gestures of love that the two of them show each other are just cute! I hope Kai and Jinora end up a little bit like that.

Jinora and Kai 

I wonder if Jinora sees that Kai has a bit of a bad influence on her, but then again, she’s got a pretty good brain and she knows that she should have her air master tattoos. Rescue JINORA, Kai!!! Despite this, I like the fact that Kai was able to use his skills as a rogue to actually save Jinora.

Kai’s rather violent outburst makes me believe that perhaps his parents were a bit mean to him – or that he picked this up from while he was an orphan. This may be possible. I’m a bit scared that this may be a thorn in their relationship (Jinora’s and Kai’s). Perhaps Tenzin will be speaking to him about this aggressiveness, especially since it’s not what air nomads do.

Mention of the Earth Queen 

What. She ate Bosco? SHE ATE BOSCO?! IS THAT WHY SHE’S ALLERGIC!? Because eating his meat made her allergic to animals? Yes. Good revenge, Bosco! I approve.


It really just amounts to this among other things I have not mentioned

I guess everyone’s growing up.

Because you know me, I can’t go on without telling you at least what I liked about the episode if I haven’t already and/or emphasize. Seriously, baby bison are the BEST. I’d like to see baby Naga too please.

During the rescue, I’m just saying this, but I would have GREATLY enjoyed it if Meelo had used fartbending.

Do you also realize that the ending of that episode, when Tenzin says: “”, doesn’t it sort of give you the parallel to CHANGE? In this episode, Tenzin has to accept that he can’t teach the airbenders the same way that his father has taught him and how the air nomads have always taught their young ones. He also has to get used to the idea that not only can he never have that spiritual connection that Aang was hoping he would have, but that his own daughter, Jinora, has that connection. He has to get used to the idea that she’s growing up and that she has more than earned her airbending mastery tattoos.

Trivia: Zaofu may have been inspired by this location in India. Well, I see the resemblance!

Update: As I write this to you, I have heard the news; it seems like Legend of Korra will not be airing anymore after Episode 8. The series is not cancelled, as many of us may believe, but we do not know when the next episodes (9 to 13) will air. Nickelodeon simply decided to delay – for some unknown reason – the end of the season. However, one of the co-creators has stated that the rest of the episodes will be available online (didn’t mention when), but at least that’s a start.
Opinion: Frankly, I say: at least they haven’t cancelled the series (like they did for Young Justice – yes I’m still bitter about that). Plus, as much as I enjoy reading the comments and the reactions of everyone on Tumblr (these reactions quite reflect my own disappointment), I’m not that much concerned – I guess since I’ve had to live through worse (the cancellation of Young Justice‘s Season 3 is a fresh wound to my heart).
…and then, there’s this news.

I don’t want to leave you with such a “negative” vibe! So let me give you the obligatory funny links to cheer you up!

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