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Title: Love Chronicles: The Spell (Collector’s Edition)
Rating: 6/10
By: Vendel Games
Started: December 30th, 2013
Finished: December 30th, 2013
Duration: 3 hours
Played with: No one

December 30th, 2013

Hey girls (and guys?),
How are you all? I trust, as usual, that this post finds you in good shape despite the weather that I’m writing this in (it’s very cold outside, in my opinion).

This game was… well… a contrast from the Phantom of the Opera game that I finished a day before this…

This game is the first game of the series: Love Chronicles. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, and I don’t know if my complaints will reach anyone important enough for a change to somehow happen, but here goes:

I sort of wish that, on their website, Big Fish Games would give us links to the first game of what series…

because it took me AWHILE to find…! Also, I started playing Love Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose BEFORE this game, before I realized that it was the second game… so I had to stop and get the first one! >.<

Just in case though, here’s, I think, the games in this series in order:

  1. Love Chronicles: The Spell
  2. Love Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose
  3. Love Chronicles: Salvation

The introduction and the tutorial were slightly average in my opinion, in the sense that it didn’t jump out of the ordinary.
What does cast this game aside from the other games I’ve played – and I applaud the writers for this – is that almost all of the ends have been tied and there were almost no loose ends that I could pick on to complain. So yeah, the ending was pretty good, even with the bonus chapter!
I only had a few notes jotted down from while I was playing: SPOILER: What is so characteristic of the maple tree leaves that it was important to the story? In what way can they bring youth back to an elderly? Otherwise, I found the game’s storyline to be refreshing (SPOILER:mostly because the main character does not end up with the princess).

As usual, the designers have made sure that the game have its own characteristic art style and it was noticeable (in my opinion anyway).
I loved the visual quality as well as the music, though I will admit that it didn’t draw me in as much as other games’ soundtracks have. It was slightly too… ‘happy’ in my opinion, but I welcomed it (mostly because I am slightly tired of music scaring me to the point that I scream (see Phantom of the Opera).
The animations were quite simple and nice, and there were no voice actors, as the narration was done by text, which isn’t always a bad thing, except when you don’t have your eyes on your computer screen all the time.

As for the Puzzles and the Hidden Object Boards, I found them pretty all right!
The puzzles, in my opinion, were too easy (but maybe that’s just because other games’ puzzles have forged my thinking OR because I’m a GENIUS (okay scratch that)).
The Hidden Object Boards, however, were quite something else! I wonder if it’s because I was in the Expert Mode, or something, but some of them were tough to find! I love how all of the objects that we needed to find were relevant to the story, because we assembled these objects and made them into something useful for our progression. It just made sense! I believe there were more Hidden Boards than puzzles, also!
Oh, and not only that, but all of the locations of the castle and its environs were very well planned out, artfully designed. There were so many places that, for once, I was thankful to rely on my magical-teleporting map! The Bonus Chapter especially made my head spin a little, because of all of the things we had to find, without the help of our magical map to teleport us there.

All right! So for those of you who like difficult Hidden Object Boards and quick games to play, I recommend this one! (Also, I have a feeling that the second game of this series is sort of relevant, just a bit).

All right, that’s it for this post, I guess!
I’m going to go and continue the second game now!
Hope to see you guys soon!

☣ O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O ☣
☣ O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O ☣