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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 1

July 24th, 2014

Hello there, my beautiful people!
How are you all doing? I trust the… *looks at the schedule date* month of August is treating you well and swell! How are we dealing with the whole Legend of Korra situation? I have not watched episode 8 yet, but I hope it’s good! By my remembering, I think that the last episode was supposed to air… on August 8th, was it not? I’m not sure, I think so, though.

Anyways, right after re-watching and editing my Sword Art Online EXTRA EDITION post, I thought I would go ahead and write the post for the first episode of the season 2! Because that’s right! We waited a bit (for me anyways because I watched season one last summer (I think)) and now, they offer us season 2.

Spoiler warnings though!

I must say that the introduction – with the Death Gun dude and the sudden online death of the ‘Zexceed‘ in Gun Gale Online was pretty intense, to say the least. It makes you wonder. Zexceed wasn’t even directly shot. He was shot through a TELEVISION SCREEN. Think about it, INSIDE of the game, there was a screen, which Death Gun shot the ‘false victor”s IMAGE. And then, suddenly, the avatar of Zexceed, from the TV STUDIO INSIDE OF THE GAME (might I humbly add) started to die. And immediately when he started to die INSIDE OF THE TELEVISION PROGRAM WHICH IS INSIDE OF THE GAME, the real person died in real life).

From what I understand of MANY games (because seriously, I’m SUCH a gamer (not, from what you can see in my categories here)), it seems to me that Zexceed‘s strategy of considering and predicting the outcome and the future of a game would be the best strategy to go around, no? And yet, Death Gun calls him a false victor. I wonder why and I’d very much like to know why Death Gun targets everyone with high scores. Is it because he himself wants the money? Or because this is a petty vengeance? Or just because this is a serial killer, a psychopath who needs to feel the urge to kill someone and wants to get away with it so he rigged the game to actually KILL people while they’re playing the game [if that’s the case, why target only the high level players? For the kill? For the JOY of the chase? Because there was no chase if you shoot a television screen, they BETTER explain this]?

Unless there’s more than just one Death Gun and that these death crazed people work together to make these deaths happen?

I don’t know from where I’d heard it, but I went [or rather someone told me] and thought that in Gun Gale Online, there would be only female avatars, which was the main reason why Kirito-kun uses a female avatar. And so, I was surprised to see men in the game. JUST SAYING that because sometimes, I might mention (how surprised I am there are males in the game).

The whole concept of the game GGO is pretty interesting, too! I have always liked the idea of professional players being able to earn money from just gaming. That’s incredibly hardcore and badass!!

When we see Asuna and Kirito-kun again, a few moments after this introduction, we realize that it’s almost been one year since the whole SAO tragedy. And, coincidentally, the couple was wearing attires which strongly resembled their own SAO attires (which they pointed out to each other, and the reason I point this out is because I very much liked this very nice transition for us – for them to be wearing those clothes and for Asuna NOT to have secondary-character-support-defense-for-the-weak-blue hair). I liked that he would actually go out of his way to compliment her attire. Somehow, in my head anyway, the Kirito who didn’t really care about much wouldn’t do something like that, and I like that he does that to Asuna – since you know, they are more than just in a boyfriend-girlfriend situation, but they are married [don’t you think that they look the part, too?].
Speaking of them looking the part though, I understand that Asuna is the whole ‘attentive and listening wife‘ part, but she could always do something else than just sit there and look at him sleep/rest, I mean… are you projecting some sort of wish that your wife would be like that by making Asuna that way? Respect, bro-producer, respect! [I’m a bit sad that Kirito’s future was all about the career, whereas Asuna is more ‘romantic’ It doesn’t have to be the girl who says these things, you know?!] {Update: I’m so sorry but those last few links/images were taken from episode 2, I was careless!!!}

Obviously Kirito-kun’s explanation to Asuna about the difference between the real world and the virtual world is going to play an important part of the whole plot, it seems. After all, I feel like that difference may be the reason as to why Zexceed was killed in the first place.
I also wonder if all this information he dispenses to her about the palace and the internal network and its oddly shaped security cameras will have something to do with the plot.

P-please go to a love hotel with me [jk, I want them to be brotp, not otp]

Just in case you didn’t get it [I had to watch this twice to understand, actually], four hours prior to meeting Asuna at the palace grounds, Kirito-kun went to meet up with the dude [Kikuoka Seijirou (“of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Telecommunications Bureau, Advanced Communications Networks Promotion Division Section 2, A.K.A. the Virtual Division“)] who tells him about Death Gun and who asks Kirito-kun the question which will launch him into the quest that he embarks into for the second season of Sword Art Online (which shouldn’t be called Sword Art Online but Gun Gale Online, but I’ll let this pass). A small minor complain is that Kikuoka-san should have mentioned what THE SEED was to other people. I mean, I remember, but what if other people don’t? Did you remember what the SEED was? By memory, the seed is the ‘gift’ that the game creator of SAO gave to Kirito-kun, who promptly gave such technology to the internet for everyone to create their own virtual worlds, so it can satisfy them (sort of). The most vulgarized version of this. I invite you to comment to add on or to modify my most gross definition!

This new character, the sniper we see with Kirito-kun, is very interesting [I just hope she doesn’t fall for his ways and that he tells her early on that he has someone. It seems like she might already have someone important to her back in the real world anyway so you know…]! I cannot wait to see more about her in the next few episodes!

At any rate, I shall see you another time, because I’m sleepy right now,
See y’all later!

Ponyout!!  (*´∇`)ノ こんばんは~