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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episode: 9 [The Stakeout]
Watched: August 2nd, 2014

August 6th, 2014 

Hey there!
Whew, I thought that I had already written something for this episode, but it turns out that I’m pretty late, huh [to be fair, I was busy writing a review for Guardians of the Galaxy]?!

So, without any further ado, let us start!

The Earth Queen comes back with more ‘threats’, even if she didn’t really appear physically. I’m wondering how Lin Bei Fong will track down Korra… and I’m wondering if she’ll be able to get Korra, Asami, Bolin and Mako out of the really bad situation that they’ve gotten themselves in.
I’m a bit disappointed because I thought that if the Avatar entered the spirit world and was PHYSICALLY moved from the original spot they were in, it was be pretty much impossible for the Avatar to go back. How is it that Korra was able to come back to her body so easily?

I’m so sorry for Naga. She’s been used as tracking dog, she’s been poisoned by the Red Lotus, she’s lost her ball to Lin Bei Fong’s moods, and Korra didn’t even give her any treats!! It’s no wonder that the Polar Bear Dog would act out against her best friend!
I really liked Pabu and Naga in this episode.

Let me just say that I greatly enjoyed Bolin and Mako spending time together. I haven’t said it enough, but it felt like they were drifting apart from each other during Book 2, and that felt pretty sad, but now, boy oh boy do they get a lot of time together, and I like this! I also greatly enjoyed the reminder that Bolin IS a big mover star, even if we don’t really see it as such, it’s good to know that he has a career ahead of him, and it also shows how un-connected to the current situation the rest of the world is! I also wonder if these two goofy fans will come back in the later episodes! I hope that they come to help their hero? I don’t know.

I also started to wonder what the people thought about the whole spirits problem earlier in the season, and by the looks of the people who hushed the spirits out of their shops, it seems like they also treat them the same way people do it Republic City. This problem is so huge and the season finale is coming to an end soon! I believe that this conflict may, as some reviewer mentioned, drag on to Book 4 (which isn’t a bad thing, I mean, The Last Airbender had one story line and one villain and that dragged out for many books, whereas Korra’s villains were almost vanquished at the end of each book, it’d be nice to have a little change [get it? The title of the Book 3 is CHANGE *hahaha* well I found it funny]?).

Someone also mentioned how there was a huge similarity between the game of Pai Sho that Bolin and Asami engage into and the actual situation. The arguments brought forth about how Asami (Red Lotus) always won against Bolin (White Lotus) because she knew him pretty well and is good with both patience and strategy, sort of reflects on what Zaheer ends up revealing to us in the episode.

I’m only a slightly bit sad about what eventually happened to Aiwei. I thought it was a bit anticlimactic; I mean, he’s part of this big huge organization; the Red Lotus, and he was pretty sure of himself as he escaped his house and left with the threat about Korra not knowing what was going to happen to her. Was his ability to find lies only limited to when he’s in contact with metal? [I don’t think so, because he was able to tell that the merchant was lying in the earth kingdom village, despite there being not as much metal there than in Zao Fu.] Shouldn’t he somehow have sensed Mako and Bolin trailing him? Besides, shouldn’t he have thought about disguising himself? Sure, you can go ahead and tell me that he didn’t think he could be followed, but if he’d been half as smart as he was shown to be, he should have anticipated it nevertheless!!

I like the fact that not only the Avatar and Jinora can go freely into the spirit world, but Aiwei and Zaheer could as well, which was how he knew that she was in Zao Fu in the first place! I also like that Zaheer can “teleport” while inside the Spirit World. I wonder if Korra can do the same? I can’t remember specifically.

By the way, Zaheer’s motives were explained a little bit in this episode! I trust that some of what he said was pretty much the truth, but I feel like he was probably hiding some other things.
I wonder if Zai Bao (sp?) is important in the story. If the Red Lotus started after the 100 year war, it means that it started around… what? 70 years ago? Which begs the question of: How did the Red Lotus learn about Rava and Avatar Wan in the first place, whereas the White Lotus seemed not to know enough about it?

And then, there was this fight at the end, just when I started to think that the episode was a little bit filler-ish; it was a little bit difficult to watch – just because you sort of knew that the Krew was going to get its arse handed to it by the Red Lotus. It was still nice to see Bolin’s attempt at teamwork and it was frightening to see how easily the probending champions were beaten. It was also difficult to watch because both Leafeon and I remembered from Book 1 (and Book 2, actually) that Mako could Lightningbend. He better have an excuse as to why he wasn’t using that ability against “Water Arm Lady” because that doesn’t make sense to me [although I should add that Glaceon mentioned to me that he hadn’t remembered Mako could lightning bend, but hoped that combining their skills, perhaps Mako and Bolin could Magmabend. That’s a nice possibility to consider!].

Anyways, what did you think about the episode?

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