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Title: 1, 2, 3 Step!
By: WalkedAway or Ashling [on Tumblr and Official Website]
Links: Smackjeeves 

July 23rd, 2014

Hello there, people!
How are you all doing today? As I write this, it’s pretty cloudy and not sunny, which affects my mood a little, so I’ve decided to talk about this one comic that’s almost officially discontinued. I repeat, it’s been, as of July 2014, 2 years since WalkedAway (the author) last gave us an update.

She did gave us an update in 2011, explaining that she had to focus on her studies. I’m a university student and I work on the weekend. I get it, so I still wait with most avid eyes that this comic is updated, even if I know there are chances she may have abandoned the series (I say this because sometimes, the story just finishes in our heads and we don’t bother continuing (from experience)), so I totally understand her.

However, I still recommend this comic just because it’s so cute, for all the chapters that you get to read, it’s just…

This is one of the first ever webcomics that I’ve read on Smackjeeves.

I love the author’s art style and genteelness. I also love her chibi style (mixed with manga style), which is quite unique (I found at that time anyway (because now I’ve read a lot of other webcomics so I know that everything is unique, haha)).

I appreciated the difference between her characters. I especially found that I could relate to them, especially Chloe in her shyness. Like her, I would have a hard time acting like myself around the guy that I am infatuated with.

The story is within your typical high school (ish) setting. Chloe likes Liam but she can’t work up the courage to confess her feelings to him. Walk with her on her journey towards mustering that courage she needs to confess her feelings to him!! I don’t know, I can sort of relate, hasn’t everyone been in her shoes at least once before? Wouldn’t you want her to get out of her shell and prevail in the end? Well, me too!

If you can and if you’re interested, please check it out! 🙂

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