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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 2

July 27th, 2014

Hello ‘minna-san‘,
How are you all doing?

This blog post, as usual with many of my “predictions” categorized posts, will most likely contain spoilers!
You have been warned!

The introduction for this episode was a bit slow, in my opinion, HOWEVER, it DID introduce us to the reality of the game, so you know, it balances everything out!

I almost never pay attention to dates. Those small details are lost on me most of the time, which is the main reason why for me, it was a slow introduction to Sinon.

For those of you who, like me, were a bit lost, the beginning (Sinon fighting a boss as a sniper, showcasing her sniping abilities as well as the day that she acquired her now-ingame-famous Hecate gun (I won’t bother with its full name)) takes place on September 14th, 2025, whereas the first episode’s scene between Asuna and Kirito (and I actually really did go back to watch that episode to verify), was set on December 7th, 2025.
Then, on that same day, December 7th, 2025, Sinon was in the wasteland field, on some raid, where she showcases her rather impressive work ethics and motivations as an intense professional (probably) GGO (Gun Gale Online) player [this is also the scene that we see her first appear at the end of the first episode, as a matter of fact].

Here’s what I understand so far…[you can skip this part and/or go read the Sword Art Online Wiki pages/spaces if you’re interested!]

In the ‘regular’ days of this game, whenever a player is not participating in a tournament of some kind (like Zexceed in the first episode), he/she will likely take part in either Monster Hunting (where you can be a solo player (like Kirito was in Sword Art Online (SAO), and likely what Sinon was doing on September 14th, 2025) or you can be in a group, we call this Monster Squadron Hunting) or in Playing Hunting [it’s probably best to raid players as a group, which is why Sinon’s group (the one she was with on December 7th anyway) called itself a Playing-Hunting Squadron]. Monster Hunters use ‘energy guns‘, whereas Player Hunters use ‘physical guns‘. Then, there are ‘support guns‘, whose purpose and skill sets [as well as specifics as to who can wield them] has yet to be shown.
NOTE: Heavy wielding guns seem to have a certain penalty on walking time, as mentioned by Sinon when she realized one of them was carrying a Minigun.
Around the characters, there seem to have this shield which can absorb certain damage, also, but they do not last long, it seems. The shield protects the person for one volley of bullets, and lets through a certain amount as well.
Query: Where do blaster guns appear in these categories?

As of December 7th, among certain players, as least, Death Gun is just a rumor. Other players are slightly afraid of the ‘fame’ that the latter has acquired during the Zexceed incident.

In this world, Sinon is considered the BEST sniper in GGO (unless Dyne was lying, or overselling her abilities, but if this is true), the one named Death Gun may go after her.

Perhaps Kirito-kun will have to protect her? Thus gaining Death Gun‘s attention as well? Or perhaps – and more likely – Kirito-kun and Sinon will have to team up and both of their amazing abilities will grab Death Gun‘s attention enough for him to hunt them down?

I was pleased with the graphics and the comeback of certain visual (and even sound) effects you would expect to find in GGO – since it sort of was on SAO. I’ll most probably be saying this over and over again during these posts, but I applaud the team who makes these small details come to life, because I much appreciate it. As usual, the soundtrack is impeccable and extremely goosebumps-worthy!!!

Cover yourself up, girl

I guess something I did NOT approve or that I did NOT miss was the lecherous level of certain scenes. Like I may or may not have mentioned before in my EXTRA EDITION blog post, I feel sort of left out [seriously]. These scenes are meant to appeal to a certain population of viewers, I get that! I really do! But they don’t necessarily appeal to me [and I’m sure some of you will agree to this! No? Just me? Okay…]. Get me some abs and some badass male action and I’ll be feeling better [I mean, what? I didn’t say that]. On behalf of Sinon and other female players, Ginrou-san, die.

AmazeballsDespite the amount of fan-service, I will say that the camera angles that they use as well as the amount of action occurring in this one single episode [in order to explain how different and still exciting Gun Gale Online is compared to Sword Art Online (because, to be honest, no one cares about ALFheim Online A.K.A. the Arc where the producers single-handedly made Asuna lose her badassery (except maybe that Suguha, Kirito’s sister, has an avatar from there and that she still uses this avatar to this day (and also to explain the elongated elf-like ears that the ALFheim Online avatars have))]

I liked the Opening much faster than I liked the Sailor Moon Crystal opening [I can’t even remember, honestly, if I said something about this comparison I thought during my first blog post about this (pretty sure the first episode did not feature an opening sequence, either, probably due to all of the spoilers that it might contain for us)].

I LOVED the gun-like weapon that Kirito-kun uses as his girl avatar. In a game where guns prevail, it seems like someone who’s skilled with being a melee fighter (close range) would have a certain advantage IF (and sort of only IF) that someone can get close enough to the gun wielder to shoot that person.

Ice Sniper

As we can see during this episode, Sinon is pretty ‘cold’, even with her fellow player hunting squadron teammates [she informs them of her objectives very quickly and efficiently, as one might imagine a soldier might, and she also thinks a bit like one, too]. She’s also very imposingly serious when it comes to the game, and does not fear death. She would rather have honor and die than be alive and be honor-less; or at least for me, it seems like she values courage a plentiful amount.
She’s a bit impatient, it seems unless her index on the trigger was a nervous tic. She has good instincts – seeing as she was already uneasy with the cloaked player and wanted to take the man down before she took care of the Minimon (sp?) wielding dude.
Throughout the episode, I wondered whether or not she wished to kill the man who could “smile in the battlefield” because she wanted to prove him wrong (that he couldn’t just smile during the battlefield), or did she wish to prove herself to be better than him? Did she wish to kill him in order to gain more fame? It seems like the same goals, when I read them again, though. She just wants to be stronger, as she mentioned earlier.

I wondered, as I watched Sinon wake up from her game and try to use her fingers, whether or not she was perhaps, in real life, disabled in some kind (psychological block or physical block (like Toya from Log Horizon)). Based on the Ending Song (which I don’t like as much), I wonder if Sinon had a sister who went through the SAO tragedy, and that the death of this sister might be the reason why she feels the need to be strong and would rather die an honorable death than something pathetic. I would venture to say that perhaps Sinon was protected by her little sister during SAO, or that Sinon couldn’t save her sister and/or hid while her sister was killed [or it could also be that the young girl we see her holding hands with is actually her younger self (seeing as something traumatic may have happened (to cause her to have difficulties using her hands in real life?)].

Lastly, before I go to sleep, a few mentions about how certain scenes were incredibly reminiscent from the first season. And although I would probably be annoyed – read my EXTRA EDITION fan-rant, I wasn’t, because at least they had re-done the whole thing and added a few more things, rather than make a big-arse copy paste of Season 1 into Season 2 (I’m just saying).

It’s nice that they show Lizbeth, Silica and Leafa playing together (I recently started to read the spin-off manga; Sword Art Online: Girls Ops, which features the trio). I would have enjoyed it if “Kuro” could have joined them, too, but I guess you gotta go through finding a Voice Actress, etc. etc. and provide the anime-only watchers with an explanation as to why “Kuro” exists, and seeing as this was one of the last events of the episode, I would understand that they don’t, but I wonder if she will appear.

I wonder what exactly Kirito will tell to Asuna. Will he tell her everything? Wouldn’t that make her worry more about him, though? The next episode will likely be about Kirito adjusting to this world and meeting Sinon and we will get to learn more about the world of GGO through Noobie-Kirito’s eyes. YES!

I will leave you with this rather interesting DID YOU KNOW?
(• ω •) Ponyta’s out (• ω •)