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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episode: 10 [Long Live the Queen]
Watched: August 9th, 2014

August 9th, 2014

Hey there, LoK fans/AtLA fans!
How are you?!

I’m so sorry for the lateness of this post! I… just didn’t get the time to write all of my thoughts down by yesterday… (yep…)

Have you watched the latest episode Legend of Korra?! Oh my goodness, it has become just SO more darker…? Anyways, make sure you watch the episode before reading this [yes, this is my SPOILER beware!!]!

First off, let’s talk about how Tenzin and Jinora and Kai and the other airbenders are absent in this episode… and it feels like they’ve been absent for AWHILE. I know that I like it when it follows, so that we get what Korra’s going through and they don’t leave us on a cliffhanger, but… man I really wonder what they’re doing and how they’re doing…! Has every problem been resolved? Did it help to have them prove their worth to each other and save the bison? So many questions!

Nobody can go without the Korrasami moments in this book 3. I was glad to see Asami back to being badass again. She can do anything and still look fabulous doing it. I’m gonna sound sexist or something, and I’m probably gonna get some comment about this later on, but GIRL POWER! During this episode, who else than the Red Lotus kicked arse? ASAMI did! The one non-bender did some damage and even got Korra (and herself) out of trouble! I mean, that’s just awesome!

I also love that they made a callback to the sandbenders with their sand sailers. I wonder if Korra might learn to sandbend at some point…

Cabbage Corps builds airships that’s so cheap and bad that Asami can take advantage of it! I love it!

Leafeon and I both said: “Pinocchio” when we saw that Sandwhale/sandshark thing. Are we the only ones?

I like that Korra still apologizes to their captors for using too much brute force. While Leafeon thought it was a bit too easy for them to just trust her after what she did to them, I thought that it showed that some people would still trust the Avatar and acknowledge that Korra has a tough job as the Avatar. I wonder what these airmen’s thoughts are about the death of the Queen. Would they be rioting? Would they be… *ponders on this*

Who said that Lin Bei Fong was Spiderman [x ok well I did]!??? She can also be BATMAN for all the detective work she had to go through, just to find Korra. I liked that she went from not really liking Naga (she even destroyed Naga’s ball!) to actually feeding her food in order for the polar bear dog [and the fire ferret] to leave her alone in her investigation. This is the new Lin Bei Fong, mesdames et messieurs!

I must say that I was pretty impressed. When the earthbenders attacked Korra and Asami during the last episode, Naga was with them. And yet, when Korra was captured, Naga was nowhere. Did they tranquilize Naga [like in the previous episodes] and bring her back to the Oasis (or leave her there to die) while they brought Korra to the Earth Queen? Because obviously, Naga would not have let them take Korra so easily! Right?!
At any rate at all, I’m glad that Naga finally got the love that she deserves. She’s been so useful to the whole team, too!

I also greatly enjoyed Zuko’s dragon. I hope that together, Korra and her mentors will be able to do something against the Red lotus!

So, the Dai Li FAILING to fight the Red Lotus! That was pretty intense, despite the fact that it was very brief!! Imagine! Even the Krew had some difficulties with the Dai Li, and even the Gaang, at some point, had difficulties, but this. This is some ultra mega boss mode.

I also shouldn’t have been surprised with how Zaheer handled the Earth Queen, based on what he had told Korra in the last episode [and can we just talk about the IRONY in that episode title? I’m just saying, it was pretty brilliantly executed!]. However, this scene gave me a mix between uncomfortable and admiration.

I also wondered what Gunn‘s reaction would be to the Earth Queen’s death. I wonder if they’ll show this in later episodes…

What’s more is that they totally did this scene with the Earth Queen right after we’d given a major thumbs-up to the Red Lotus [Ghazan and Ming-Hua anyway] for being somewhat friendly with Bolin [I mean it, I’ve already started my shipping]. It’s pretty brilliant to make us go from going to “they’re awesome people to hang out with” to “OMGWTFBBQ THEY KILLED A QUEEN“.

You can’t even consider them as bad guys much! Their views about freedom and their arguments sound so legit, it sounds very similar to previous people’s speeches [Iroh, to name only one]. Even the people from the prisons are cheering. The reign of that Queen really was a tyranny which had to be put to an end, but at what cost, I mean… there will be chaos. If people do not have some kind of order, there will be death!

The Book has become so DARK. Is this another change that the Book is introducing? A change in the pace of Avatar? A change in Korra’s behaviour, a change in the way that she has to fulfill her duties as the Avatar? A change… in the world, brought by the Red Lotus…?

Does this mean that they will go after the other rulers? I bet the next target would be the Republic City President. YESSSSSSS PLEASEEEE!!!

Never. Ever. forget about Ghazan ever again [and not only because he’s kind of nice and I now ship him with Ming-Hua]! I mean that guy… I’m so sorry I forgot his name a lot [because you know… I’m not that good with names, I guess?]. A tertiary character? NO, oh no! Not only can we magmabend but he’s also capable of taking down an entire WALL!? That… That’s just some next level stuff! He was able to do what neither Iroh, nor Azula could do in their lifetime! This guy is just WOW. I’m not glad that he’s a bad guy!

In relation with the previous paragraph, I found it extremely funny that Bolin tried to metalbend this episode. I like that Mako’s always trying to encourage him, even if he applies a lot of pressure. As it is explained in one of the review links below, that is exactly how Toph learned metalbending. She was under pressure because – if memory serves – she’d been captured and was being brought back to the Bei Fong estate, where they were going to force her to live her life as a noble lady.

I feel like perhaps the reason why Bolin is unable to metalbend might be because of his carefree attitude? We discussed this during the first book of Korra. About how people sort of just… went… or rather had different values and views. The Krew didn’t join Korra as she faced Amon’s team until after a while. They believed that she could handle herself alone. I sort of see that here, in the sense where the urgency of their situation does not hit Bolin as hard as it should. In his head, somehow, they’re going to be able to escape? Or… sometimes, things just happen and he trusts the flow so much. I don’t know.

I think that if he had to save Opal of all people from the Red Lotus, he might be able to unleash that hidden ability of his. Be it Magmabending or Metalbending. I’d love to see him Magmabend or Metalbend.
However, I’d also totally be OK with him sticking to Earthbending and realizing that having these secondary abilities does not define who he is (because it doesn’t and shouldn’t).

Speaking of Magmabending. What if Toph comes back from her isolation and finds out about that ability. Would she like to try and learn it? Man I would love to see that happen also!

Mako adopting other methods in order to escape, by breaking the metal with his fire, was pretty resourceful of him!

Before I leave, let me link you to this awesome blog post that Beroberos reblogged; it’s Jinora and Kai as older airbenders! How cute is that?! She also made a snapchat special for all of us! [If she’s not inspired, she’s not inspired, all right, peeps? But her art is awesome 🙂 ].

This is totally random, but this is Legend of Korra as Anastasia. Now I need to listen to the songs from this movie… because feels.

Since there’s a new ship alert [the ship is called Mingzan on Tumblr!], one that I set sail on, I thought I’d show you a few pictures I’ve found of such ship.

Here’s, as usual, Emergency Awesome‘s video response to this week’s episode. And then, here’s Swayer7mage‘s video!

I’ll see you next week,
and once again, I’m so sorry for being late with this post… I was… I was watching Captain America II: The Winter Soldier with my friend D. and before that, I watched the whole season 1 of MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD just to prep myself for today, so… yeah… sorry, my bad, my bad!

Ponyta’s out! –