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Title: Sailor Moon Crystal
Episode: 3
Started: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

August 2nd, 2014

The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit. The Guardian of Fire and Passion. Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!

Good morrow!!
How are you all doing? I trust that this post finds you in great condition. I know that school or work is starting soon (for some of you anyway).

It took me awhile to get this episode’s blog post ready [between filling in for Mewtwo for Incompetent Lovers, and weekly scheduled posts… as well as planning out extras throughout the year so that I don’t have to work so hard on them anymore… (I like planning ahead)], so I apologize if this is awfully late. I watched this episode at least three couple of times (without Bayleef) and then another time with Bayleef in order to get her comments about it as well!

Please not that there will be spoilers in the second and third part of this review (I’ve decided to try and separate them by sections, so it might be easier to read, I know that I write a lot).

The visuals and the sound effects as well as the soundtrack did not change much since the first two episodes. I adored Mars’ transformation sequence, and I must say that I was impressed!!

Overall, it was a very nicely done episode!

The characters 

Ami Mizuno was a bit less present, but, as Usagi never fails to mention, it’s because she has many cram schools to attend to. However, I did enjoy that Ami is still getting used to the fact that she is a Sailor Senshi. After all, it’s probably been a small lapse of time since the first time that she transformed and this episode.

I also enjoyed the constant reminder or “nod” at Sailor V. It has been shown since the first episode, but in this one: when Ami was standing right next to Sailor V’s poster. The second time was when Usagi, very typically, was playing the game at the arcade and was eventually rewarded with the matching wrist-watch communicator – speaking of which, does anyone remember how they managed to communicate with Mars and Jupiter and Venus if they only received two wrist-watches [who had very nice designs in the manga by the way, although its anime look wasn’t that bad either!]? I remember that they had the calculator-looking communicator at some point, but I don’t remember if all of them had the watches…?

In this episode, we get a glimpse of not only one more Dark King, but two; Zoisite and Nephrite. I believe that this is a first, seeing as Zoisite mostly appeared with Nephrite AND Malachite. Here’s someone’s reaction to the fact that Jadeite wasn’t given the appropriate amount of information (or didn’t do his homework).
I just want to point out that the random moment between Jadeite and Rei does exist in the manga. I believe that the “mysterious attraction” which Jadeite speaks of might be because, in an earlier (?) concept art that Naoko Takeuchi made, she paired up the Sailor Scouts with the Dark Kings [x], which is why there are JadeitexMars shippers out there.

Rei Hino is not one of the strongest Sailor Scouts for nothing, after all, she was able to access her powers even without her magical transformation (and then, there’s also the fact that she was able to have TWO flashbacks of the moon palace, whereas Ami got it once only).
I love that the first time Usagi sees Rei, she has a girl crush enough to stalk her into the temple. I remember reading the first time they see each other.
Once again, I’d like to emphasize how important Usagi’s friendship was to Rei, who, though she is admittedly a beauty, intimidates people not by her smarts, like Ami, but with her supernatural powers [enough that people, just like in the manga, would believe that she’s responsible for disappearances].
Because of this, Rei would actually also distance herself from people, as she did with Usagi. Despite this [and despite the rumors], Usagi would still become friends with her (and despite the fact that Rei tried to exorcise her), that’s gotta mean something to you! I also like that they didn’t forget Phobos and Deimos [who are the “moons/natural satellites” to Mars].

And of course, Rei felt alienated from the others, seeing as she wasn’t like the others (she had powers at her disposal but didn’t know why she’d been dispensed them), and yet, Ami and Usagi accepted her and told her they’d been looking for her. In short, realizing that not only Usagi but also Ami has powers made Rei feel less alone. This is the start of a new friendship!

And Oh my gawd, her attack was SO different in this one than in the anime. I was so surprised, because I was expecting the “Fire Soul” from the original anime. As I mentioned earlier, I liked her transformation sequence, and even her introduction is a nod to, not the manga readers but the original anime fans.

Here’s someone’s impression on Mars.
Fun fact, Sailor Mars was also Jolteon‘s favourite character.

More interactions between Usagi and Mamoru on the bus [x], which is also featured in the manga [many people wanted this scene to happen, after all! I also posted this in the previous blog post about Sailor Moon Crystal].
I love that Mamoru Chiba (yes, new comers FINALLY learn his name) would just randomly whip his ID card out, if only just to prove that he’s. You adorable dork, I bet he practices his moves when he’s got free time, just to look cool.
Also, someone pointed out that Mamoru was really upset when Luna ran away from his warm and comfy arms [that one scene had SO many people talking about it, too].

MANGA (Chapter 03)ORIGINAL ANIME (episode 10) and the ENGLISH DUB (episode 7)

The story goes really fast, but it really reflects the manga – once again, showing that they’re going to follow the manga’s lead, and wow, the similarities are astounding!

In the original anime run, Sailor Mercury really does only appear at episode 8 [she appears in the 5th episode of the English version], whereas she appears in the very second chapter of the manga (and second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal).
The same goes for Sailor Mars, who appears in the third chapter of the manga, but only ever appears in the 10th episode in the Japanese version [she appears in the 7th episode of the dubbed version].

I won’t say that they did a bad thing, in the original anime, to have extended Sailor Moon‘s solo run. During those times, she got used to her powers, even if she didn’t grow much during that time, but we as children, watched her and got used to her as a character.

They did skip a few parts that happened in the manga (I’m reading the translated version right now, seeing as the French Version that I read back in the day was significantly different). I’ll try not to go into too much details, just because I’m scared of being incoherent afterwards when I decide it’s too much work to put into…

  • Jadeite had already spotted the beautiful miko (Rei Hino) as she did her duties in the shrine. That would’ve been cool to see, although I will admit that they didn’t really need to add it for his infatuation with her beauty to be believable, I mean, even Usagi fell for it.
    • In the original anime, Jadeite (under the name of Jed) also works as a part-time job at the temple where Rei is a miko [where he gives off love charms which sucks the energy right out of them]. Additionally, Jadeite uses a monster that kidnaps the girls, he also captured Rei but his monster dealt with the whole damage (and even got destroyed). Jadeite was nowhere to be found afterwards. 
  • Usagi has this banter with her teacher (who blames her for always bringing a cat in the classroom), because Usagi purposely says her name wrong.
  • Ami has trained Usagi in the Sailor V game at the arcade. Not only that, but Ami suspects that Luna rigs the game. Luna is also the one who makes modifications onto the arcade’s prizes in order to make gadgets for the scouts [she blatantly mentions it].
    • In the English version, Ami takes friendly jibes at Usagi for daydreaming and having her mouth open (flies could go in, Usagi!!), whereas in the Japanese version, Ami is more respectful, and says that if Usagi doesn’t know what ‘true love‘ is, then she shouldn’t be talking about it so casually (something along those lines, I mean). There are also no traces of Sailor V in the original anime. 
  • The women who gossip about Rei being strange mention more than just the fact that she has a sixth sense (which is something that does define her a lot in this episode), but they also say that her facial expressions do not change a lot; like she has no emotions. Not only that, but she does keep crows as pets. In the original run, Mii-chan is discarded and a school girl who bought charms at the temple goes missing; causing her mother to barge in and demand to know where her daughter is. The Rei here is different. She meets this boisterous lady with full force and mentions how she can’t be responsible for everyone who visits the temple (which is true). 
    • Later on in the chapter, the women come back and say that they never see Rei’s grandfather around anymore, and complains that Rei still chants the strange incantations, only then explicitly saying that Rei could have something to do with the disappearances.
    • Usagi did not step in to defend Rei, even if she did feel bad for her. It could be because Rei avoided Usagi before the latter could do anything [I’m glad that, in the Crystal, Usagi stepped in and Rei revealed a bit more about herself; as I mentioned before, it helps with the exposition and the relationship that the two will have together later on].
    • In the anime, Rei doesn’t give off the same sadness about being lonely. People admire her for her beauty and for her strength, but that’s about it. In my opinion, it makes the character lack a little bit in terms of development and it doesn’t explain as much that bond that she has with Usagi. It’s also worth mentioning that in the anime, Sailor Mars immediately teases and is a bit mean to Sailor Moon [her way of showing her friendship, we all know (Mars, you Tsundere)]. 
  • Usagi is not completely infatuated with Rei. The next day (in the manga verse), our noobie sailor scout wonders if Rei could be an ally or one of the enemies.
  • Should have been an ANIME MOMENT but WASN’T: Tuxedo Mask was following Usagi and Luna (mainly because of Luna, whom he’d witnessed speaking on the bus). This is why he’d seen her transform into a stewardess and caught Luna as she fell. That moment, as you can see, appeared, but wouldn’t anyone be skeptical as to WHY Tuxedo Mask was interested in the bus in the first place? I mean, he was interested in the Jewelry store and in the Cram schools BECAUSE they had some kind of abstract relationship with the word “Crystal” [oh Tuxedo Kamen, you adorable dork]. The bus as well as the disappearances, however, had no relationship with it; thus, Tuxedo Mask’s sudden appearance on the scene was greatly a puzzling moment for me until I read this chapter. Bayleef was so dramatically surprised by this half-scene, though. Hahaha, it was funny. 
    • In the anime (both English dub and Japanese version), Usagi transforms into a flight attendant (or something of the sort) in order to give herself more courage [which does make sense, come to think of it]
    • In the original anime run, Tuxedo Mask mysteriously appears at the end (from where?) to tie the buses together with cables and drive everyone through the portal. 
  • The sensor popped out of the monitor when Ami tried to locate Usagi, which is what they followed in order to find her. This would’ve been funny but it’s ok to have dropped it.
    • In the anime, Ami stays behind in the real dimension and keeps the portal open with her prayer to Mercury’s powers. Also, Luna got on the bus with Usagi. 
  • During the fight against Jadeite, Luna advises Sailor Moon not to cry, as her supersonic waves would destabilize the alternate dimension they’re trapped in; they would be unable to save the prisoners and return to their own dimension. This would have been good; it makes sense that Sailor Moon would have to stop being a crybaby and this time, there’s a real reason as to why she shouldn’t be using her supersonic waves.
    • Luna is the one who controls the Moon Tiara Boomerang‘s ability to trap people. In the original run, Sailor Moon orders the Boomerang to trap the monster. 
    • Sailor Mars uses Phobos and Deimos (who appeared out of nowhere) to help her in her attack against Jadeite. [it’s totally fine by me that they’ve cut this scene out of the anime, mostly because it didn’t really explain where the crows were hiding all this time.] [In the anime, they don’t appear as importantly]
  • Jadeite is defeated and perishes, whereas in the anime, Jadeite appeared briefly and was not defeated.
    • What do you think will happen next? They decided to let Jadeite stay alive [as according to the anime], but that doesn’t totally fit with the manga verse, how will they fit it all together? Munchlax mentioned to me how she didn’t like that they didn’t kill him off, whereas in the manga, it’s pretty clear that he’s pretty finished.

The similarities between the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal are still pretty astounding! Here are the ones that I couldn’t fit into my post!


I’m a bit sad because this means that next episode, Sailor Jupiter won’t be appearing [darn it, I shouldn’t have been surprised, I mean, they’re following the MANGA!]. Instead, it will be the part about the Princess with the Crystal… I only really remember that one scene where Usagi gets a bit tipsy and falls asleep and then Tuxedo Mask dances with her and kisses her [this is the THIRD CHAPTER of the manga but the 22nd episode in the original run [by Wikipedia]?! And it’s the 17th episode in the English Dub, too. REALLY?!].

Others’ thoughts on this episode! 
Here’s, of course, the blog post made by Chikorita! Once again, I remind you that she writes in French!
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Meanwhile, while we wait for the next episode to air, I saw this post on Tumblr and I thought I would share. It has magnificent GIFs of the Inner Scouts (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mini Moon, too!). [here’s another one]
I also invite you to explore the whole tag of “Tuxedo Mask is a dork” or even these tags. It makes me love him even more.

I’m requesting some scenes!

  • I also saw this and I wondered whether or not the anime would present us with this scene…
  • This other scene on Tumblr reminds me of one of my favourite episodes… I wonder if they’ll show this this year…
  • Please, please make this happen.

Ponyta’s out! image