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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 3, Memories of Blood
Watched: August 2nd, 2014

August 2nd, 2014

Hello fellow Sword Art Online fans!
How are you all doing? My reviews for this show are so delayed [I’m trying to play catch-up, but I don’t think that, at this rate, I will last!! (but I will try to keep it at 2 posts per week until I catch up with the series, (hidden PROMISE, that way you can’t hold me on to it since you don’t read it)]. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel the need to follow it as religiously as I thought I would (and as I do with Sailor Moon Crystal, Legend of Korra and Fairy Tail (nope, even Fairy Tail, I took a hiatus of two weeks in order to marathon those), and even Happiness Charge Precure got the same treatment).

At any rate, with many excuses, here is my review/thoughts on the third episode of the series!

Oh yeah, major spoiler alert, so yeah.

I am glad that we get Sinon’s real life name, Shino Asada. It’s interesting to see that she actually gets bullied in real life. I don’t like that those girls use her psychological weakness against guns for their own gains [actually, no one would like girls who act like that; please make note, bullies! You might think that you don’t do this, but you probably actually do! STAHP!]. We see that her obsession of becoming stronger is even reflected when she’s in real life [which may be why she firmly believes that if Sinon gets stronger, if she proves herself to be stronger in the game, that she will be stronger in real life; thus, that the therapy will have worked, right? I fear this may not be so easy, but I’ll let that pass and watch her progress].
I was impressed by the depth of her psychological fear of guns, and surprised at the irony that she chose to go on a game that has shooting despite this. That flashback which explains her current life situation was pretty surprising as well, I didn’t especially expect that to have happened to her at such a young age, no wonder she fears guns. Not only did she probably first witness someone’s death, but she also caused it.
[On a side note completely, I’m glad that particular event didn’t render her as an orphan, even if she became estranged from her mother (it seems anyway, since she lives by herself and needs to be making her own food, doing her own groceries, speaking on the phone with a worried uncle instead of a worried mother). Either that, or the mother couldn’t bear the thought of her child being insane and a killer so she committed suicide. For those kids out there, reading this, violence is not the way to go!!!]

I’m already starting to ship Shinkawa with Asada. You can’t stop me. Besides, he knows about her avatar on Gun Gale Online, that’s got to be something! I wonder if he got her to join Gun Gale Online in order for her to get rid of her fear of guns [oh, actually, it was! As she mentions, it’s a form of immersion therapy]. Besides, he seems to genuinely care about her, doesn’t he?!
Unless this Shinkawa child is the Death Gun and that he’s been spotting Zexceed because Zexceed sort of ruined a lot of people’s stats and agility (from what I understand anyway). But that’s a little bit tough to understand; I mean, if you ruined your stats, just make another character. With the knowledge you’ve acquired from the first failed avatar, you can only learn from your mistakes and make a better avatar, no? Well if Shinkawa is Death Gun, then I’ll reserve judgement on shipping them (Death Gun’s real life person kind of looked like Shinkawa, no?).
Also, but then, if it’s him, why would he target Sinon? I mean, is it because she uses a cheat gun? If that’s the reason, then he should kill everyone who uses a Minigun, no? Since that one’s also a cheat weapon (supposedly). Also, for someone to say something so cute/sweet to the one he loves and still target her online… I don’t know… that’s pretty unforgivable… and also, that would make him pretty much a psycho

Hey, I like that Kirito has a motorcycle that he can travel with! Did he always have that at his disposal?
I’m also glad that his relationship with Asuna is so secure that, in one part, he can tell her everything (despite it being a slightly bit gruesome, even if it’s dangerous for him to go through such lengths, even if none of them really trust the bespectacled bureaucrat), and in the second part, that she can let him go on Gun Gale Online alone, without asking to follow him in (although I’m pretty sure that would have been the ticket for redemption for Asuna right there). On another side note, we don’t get to see Asuna’s reaction much to his explanation, we saw her hold his hand before he started his explanation, and she reminded him (always, before this explanation) that ALO is his home [I guess that’s to remind him that he better not cheat on her (NO I KIDJA)].


It also bothers me that despite what he knows about Kirito-kun, Kikuoka Seijirou [a.k.a. bespectacled bureaucrat] would actually go so far as to write that as a post-scriptum. Dude, Kirito is in a mature relationship with Asuna whom he has already married! He even already has a child, okay?! LEAVE HIM ALONE!
Same goes to you, Nurse, whoever you are, this patient of yours is happily married!! NO ONE TOUCHES KIRITO’S BUTT EXCEPT ASUNA! BACK OFF!! XD

All right, that’s all for now.
I’m feeling a bit hungry, so I might go and watch episode 4 later!
See you all next time!
(灬╹ω╹灬) Ponyout (灬╹ω╹灬)