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Youtube: DAVIDSO COMEDY and DavidSo Music
By: David So
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January 13th, 2014

For the month of returning to school, I bring you to this YouTuber, who has a lot of truths to say. 

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
And how are you all doing on this beautiful day of August? By this time, I’m probably only now preparing a cosplay for Montreal’s Otakuthon, which I’m sure I will be attending once again for my fourth or fifth year (how come I don’t keep count?). As I’m writing this, I don’t even know what cosplay I’m going to be doing this year

What I mean when I say that David has a lot of truths to talk about, I mean his PSA announcements. I find them funny, because he can present the thoughts I have in a way that makes me laugh, but also think.

Of all the sketches David posts, I love the ones where he shares his insights on love. For example, when he gives us the story of his first love, I found it entertaining and very funny [and also because he made cliffhangers for us to hang from until the next parts of his story].

What’s fun is when you realize that the YouTube community is ‘tight‘ [at least among the ‘popular’ channels]: he’s good friends with JustKiddingFilms and I love his appearances in their videos (especially, I must admit, in any JustKiddingNews). I love the way he expresses himself, I think, because it is so different from the way I talk, and I admire that, I guess.
He even appears in WongFu Productions works sometimes, and that’s also something funny to look out for.

All right, I’ll leave you free to check out his channel! I should get going with my readings.
I hope you’ll enjoy, and see you next week for a TV Show/Cartoon/Anime/Manga/Book review (man I hope I’ll have something prepared for that… the 24th of each month is always source of stress for me because I never know what I’m going to post…)!!

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They see Ponyta rollin’, they hatin’ 
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