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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 04; GGO
Watched on: August 2nd, 2014

August 2nd, 2014 

Hello everyone!
How are you doing?

As you can see/guess, I’m still playing catch up with the season 2 of Sword Art Online, so the post comes twice a week rather than once per week [that is, of course, until I can actually catch up, then, I’ll have to decide on which day to set the weekly reviews].

Without further ado, let us start with the SPOILERS warning! There are some, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, please avoid reading further!

Gahahaha, Kirito’s reaction to having long hair is so funny [although it’s incredibly rare for it, apparently [enough for people to want to buy it for a large amount of money…!!]… although it made an ‘anime vein’ appear on my forehead, to see that, once more, in these kinds of games, Kirito is so lucky (also can’t believe that now, Kirito attracts men… as opposed to attracting women during the game… I guess that’s… an improvement?)]. Someone on Tumblr said that he might be falling in love with his present avatar, it made me laugh so hard. I feel like it’s probably gonna be a running gag (throughout the first half of the show anyway), that people would believe Kirito to be a female player (especially since he’ll be acting like it). I also wonder how long he can keep up the pretense of being a female character. I mean, sometimes, he has these cool poses and some other times, his voice drops a few octaves (although I shouldn’t be qualified to say this, since I have I pretty manly voice myself (despite being a girl)). I wonder if he’ll be starting to refer to himself as a girl, too [instead of saying “ore”]…

On a side note, I really thought that Kirito would be a female avatar, I’m a bit disappointed. Lugia, WHY did you give me such high expectations of Kirito in Sword Art Online II?!

I’m glad that the two protagonists finally met [although I will admit that the fact that it took so long doesn’t bother me, since we got 3 episodes to get some kind of setting (and this one for Sinon to properly explain the whole concept to us, which I’m grateful for) and some background information on both characters (moreso on Sinon, since y’know, we don’t know her as well as we know Kiritoso that’s pretty good]. I also find it incredibly funny that Kirito even sort of impersonated Asuna (or some other girl? A mixture of Lizbeth, Leafa, Silica and Asuna perhaps? Maybe constantly being followed by a harem of girls was beneficial for him after all!) and tried to act like a girl throughout the episode. This is one of the highlights of this episode for SURE.

Your hair is long ’cause it’s full of secrets

I’m also happy that they got to spend some time together [isn’t that one of the first times you see her smile on Gun Gale Online?!] and pretty much becoming friends (or, as close as ‘friends’ as you can possibly be, seeing as you’ll probably become opponents in the BoB game [speaking of which, this would highly explain why you see them fighting in the Opening Sequence, right? They’ll have to face off against each other? How exciting!]), even if it was mostly Kirito experimenting on Gun Gale Online and learning the basics through Sinon, it was pretty good to see him display his skills (since we’ve mostly been seeing Sinon showcase hers in these past few episodes).
I would have been pretty mad that he is so talented in all video games, but reminder that he does have his moments; not understanding or even being interested in guns, not being able to fire a gun, either… But it just goes to show how much of a BEATER [which is a title he acquired in Sword Art Online, I wonder if he’ll be using it someday in this season (but I’m not keeping my hopes up, to be honest)] (or a Video Game genius) he is, right? He also needs to earn Death Gun’s attention. What better than to defeat a game no one has succeeded in defeating and gaining a lot of money while still being in his beginners’ clothing? I think that’s brilliant (although his prime goal was only to gain enough money to get better weaponry).
I can understand why Kirito doesn’t want to reveal to Sinon that he’s not only from Sword Art Online, but that he’s the BEATER and that he’s the one (along with Asuna, so back off, Sinon) who freed the whole Sword Art Online remaining population from the virtual world, but did he really have to hesitate and say that he played a lot of Racing video games? Is it true? Because many other players would have that ability to drive the almost-impossible to master motorcycles, no? And does the fact that he played a lot of those games AND that he owns and rides a motorcycle in real life help? Do none of the previous gamers who have tried taming those engines have the same experience that he does? Or will we only attribute this other skill he has to: He’s a mad genius at Video Games and can master ANYTHING when the plot demands it? [on another note, do you see where Sinon holds Kirito? Shouldn’t she be able to tell that Kirito is either incredibly flat-chested or that he’s a man?]

On another “aside”, I’d like to mention once again how in love I am with the Photon Sword?!
I love how it’s exactly Kirito’s style (after all, we’ve always seen him wield swords, so it’s sort of normal for us to see him choose the Photon Sword as his main weapon before anything else).
Indeed, since we’ve only ever seen him use this type of weapon in Season 1, I was a bit worried when we learned that the main character who’s so used to swords would be thrown into a world where guns prevail. Wouldn’t you worry?!
Although I will say that I wonder at the game designers for adding a sword feature inside of a basically guns only game… but it might be just me… or a plot hole so that Kirito can be a unique genius who can ride motorcycles as well as wield swords and can beat a basically unbeatable game.

Pre-Scriptum: [skip this part, I mean, I’m a grammar freak] Anyone else than me noticed how they spelled “Paid” wrong?

What were your thoughts on this episode? What did you like or dislike? 🙂

Till next time,
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