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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 5 [Gun and Sword]
Watched: August 6th, 2014

August 6th, 2014

Hey there!
So, I finally got around to watching Sword Art Online’s fifth episode!
What did you think about it?

This blog post contains spoilers! You’ve been warned!

I thought it would have been more fun if Kirito hid his gender for as long as possible, to be honest, but that’s not really the main focal point of the story, I guess you can say.
The fact that he hid it and suddenly revealed it to her while she was in such a compromising position really did a number on their budding friendship [you totes deserved it though, bro]. It changed the dynamics of their relationship, sure, but I hope that it hasn’t severed it completely. Besides, you know this character from the first season, when he was followed around by flocks of girls DESPITE them knowing that he was called a BEATER (I’m insisting on the BEATER because they didn’t insist on it enough)! Kirito can just use his unprecedented charm to win back her affections [it worked on getting the final pointers before starting the tournament, so…], after all, who are we kidding, one day or another, she’ll join his harem and she’ll even meet the other concubines (what?) and/or his many talents as a GGO player to win her admiration at least, hahaha.

The blood lust that is expressed by many of the characters in this episode was a bit… how would you call it? Unfamiliar? Even more frightening was Sinon. She expressed twice in the episode, in front of Kirito, that she wanted to beat all of the best players there are out there.

The small part about Kirito meeting with Sinon’s friend, Spiegel, was pretty funny. He looks a little bit suspicious, but it might be because he was jealous that Kirito spent time with Sinon before the tournament (OR that Kirito mentioned how Sinon had been helpful in various ways). I wonder if Spiegel was watching Sinon fight, or if he had seen Kirito’s.

It seems like Spiegel is not Death Gun [since they were both in the same room with Kirito by the end], but somehow, I can’t bring myself to ship Sinon with him anymore…
1) mostly because if he acts that way around Kirito upon realizing that his eyes had deceived him (“oh gods, I almost put the moves on a MALE?!” kind of deception), it’d be a bit… petty.
2) If acted that way because he really did suspect Kirito and Sinon to be a pairing (Kirito is MARRIED, little boy! MARRIED), and is being possessive of his friend (and/or long-time crush), then I say that’s also a bit petty and jealousy is a bad color to wear.
3) If he acted that way because he wants to be in Kirito’s harem, well I don’t know what to say. They should welcome him with open arms!! I would find it funny if it was this option, but I highly doubt it.

The duel between Uemara and Kirito was… surprising, in the sense where I didn’t think Kirito would sustain so many injuries by his gun. I bet other players didn’t think to use the light saber (oops, wrong name) The ending was expected, though, of course, since our pro-genius-online-player Kirito would not just die in the first round of the tournament (especially since he promised Sinon that she would find him in the Final). I quite enjoyed the nod to Sword Art Online, where Kirito is so used to having a sword on his back that he often does that move in order to place it there – only to sigh and realize that he’s not in ALO or in SAO anymore, but in GGO. It shows that he’s still used to SAO and, to my most important fangirl heart, it means that Kirito misses the fantasy game as well as his WIFE [who is Asuna, Asuna, not Sinon!!].

The big reveal at the end, where Death Gun presents himself to Kirito had me jump (almost at the same time as Kirito, I must say, hahaha. It frightened me how easily one could get information on other players, just by doing a few hand gestures.
I wonder if Kirito will believe that the person in front of him is Death Gun, or if he’ll just think that it’s a Sword Art Online survivor. I really didn’t think that Death Gun would appear so early in front of the hero and I didn’t really expect Kirito to make a connection with Sword Art Online so quickly.

So, Death Gun is one of the Laughing Coffins dudes, huh?! What would bring someone like that into the Gun Gale Online universe? Oh, if I recall, Laughing Coffins didn’t mind killing people, right? So I guess it sort of makes sense that they would enjoy a game where the sole purpose is killing. But still, the same question remains, right? Will Kirito connect the killings made by Death Gun to the Laughing Coffin?
I don’t know, we’re still so early in the season that it sort of makes no sense if he already discovers the villains and kicks their arses so early. Unless you’re telling me you’re planning a second arc where you make Sinon go through the same thing Asuna did in the second arc of Sword Art Online… Oh gods no…
Oh yeah, if Death Gun recognizes Kirito as the same SAO Kirito, then might he move his target to Kirito? He’s always had this grudge against Kirito, right?

I also hope that we get to see how Sinon fares alone against someone else. I mean she’s a sniper, but she does tend to move a lot too. I know that we’ve seen much of her in action in the first few episodes already, but it would still be interesting to see. I wouldn’t mind either if they jumped to Kirito’s second match, but… are the next episodes going to be only about their fights? That sort of sounds… a little boring… It may not be like that, since, in Sword Art Online, each episodes didn’t focus on consecutive floors, but had a few ‘jumps’, too.

For more information about this episode, here are someone’s observations (I whole-heartedly agree with most of these), and here’s a second person’s, just because!

Anyways, I liked the episode, I hope we’ll find out more and see if Kirito is unmasked by the Death Gun!
See you next time!!
♙ Ponyout!