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Title: Guardians of the Galaxy
Company: MARVEL
Rated: 8.5/10
Watched: August 1rst, 2014 (ON THE PREMIERE! I WAS SO HAPPY)
Watched with: Jirachi

 August 2nd, 2014

Oh, superhero fans and non-superhero fans,
How are you all? If you don’t enjoy superhero movies as much, but adore sci-fi, I hear this is one of the best blends there is [there is ALMOST no bias in this statement, I promise XD (ok yes there are some)].

I want to emphasize that this is not spoiler free. Everything is whited out and you should also avoid clicking on the links if you have not seen the movie and/or if you don’t care about being spoiled.

I went to the premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy!! No, I’m kidding, I went to the movie theaters on the first day that it was shown, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. First, because I didn’t have to wait until Tuesday to go, as I had originally planned, and second, because I didn’t go alone, as I had planned. I went with Jirachi and her friend, who are not… errr… as savvy with the superhero universe, and they still quite enjoyed it! Kudos to MARVEL for making this understandable for such a wide array of audience. Because, as many of the reviewers will say; MARVEL really DID make a huge gamble (as they did with Ironman, actually), since the Guardians were not as well known. They did great advertising and, as I mentioned in my previous post about the Guardians, they made sure that the children were aware of the Guardians through cartoons, free comic book day, you name it! I think that was very well done. They even were so confident in their movie that they already announced the next Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of this one. That takes guts.

The story line was pretty decent in some parts, although, sometimes, some coherence was lost, in my most humble opinion, which is where it lost most of its points with me [the other parts being the fan service and the ‘romance’, what brought up its score was the bromance though and how easily I got goosebumps, teary-eyed and laugh uncontrollably (even if I had to control myself a lot since I was at the movie theaters…)]. The writers, in my most humble opinion as a person who DOES NOT read the comics and didn’t know the Guardians of the Galaxy before they announced it (I must repeat this) anyway, really favored character interactions and development, insisting throughout the movie how different everyone was (a la Avengers) and provided some Marvel cinematic universe exposition [you’ll find that I don’t mind that much, actually, seeing as they did well in informing us about the characters and how different/similar they are].


As many people will tell you, Guardians of the Galaxy has many great visuals and decent effects. I’m not very picky in terms of these, though, I find. People will probably disagree but hey, we can’t always agree.

It’s super difficult not to love the protagonists, especially since, as I mentioned above, the writers really focused on that aspect of the movie the most. Together, they have this intense chemistry and comedy surrounding them, which would make them infinitely more like-able to many movie-goers, superhero fans or no. Let’s have a modest countdown here, shall we?

First of all, there is Groot [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. I truly wish that they had explored him a little bit more during the movie, which is why I start with him. While it is true that he has the spotlight countless times and we get to see many of his facial expressions in single shots, it felt difficult for me to accept that all of the characters had some sort of background story whereas his was almost completely untold [did I miss it if it was told? Can any of you tell me?]. I would also have liked them to mention that Groot is one of the most intelligent beings there is in the MARVEL universe, even if they did only explain the whole “I am Groot”. He really is, he is! And when I said that to Jirachi and her friend, they were a bit skeptical, but I would have liked them to show this more. He’s not just some cute plant, he’s a super cute and innocent and super intelligent plant! Who did NOT fall in love with this scene right here? I love the “humane” expressions that Groot employed throughout the movie.

Second, there’s Rocket Raccoon, who really loves no one but Groot [xx, x, x] at the beginning anyway. It was great to watch his interactions with everyone and see him without his ‘tough mask’ on. I love both his sarcasm and his high intellect, as well as the way he is used as a ‘foil’ to all the cliches (although every character is used in that perspective, which I highly applaud of course). It was beyond touching to see his pride in his uniqueness, and the other side of that medal; the melancholy he feels when he knows he will never encounter another creature like himself. He wouldn’t be able to build a family of Rocket Raccoon even if he wanted to (since he’s genetically enhanced). That scene and the one where he realizes what Groot was about to do. Do you realize that Groot is the only one who understood Rocket until then [that Rocket would acknowledge, perhaps]? And for him to suddenly lose Groot – the one he pretty much considered as a family, too… it must have been difficult for him. It seriously brought tears to my eyes, people. TEARS (even if some people may not have reacted the same way during the movie).
This is a bit random, but here’s small news about Rocket’s creator.

And then, there’s Drax the Destroyer [1, 2] who definitely has his moments [especially this one], despite, you know, having totally messed up by calling Ronan to their hiding spot and continuously trying and failing to defeat him that first time!! I knew well of his back story from the trailer but he was still a stranger to me, other than knowing that he would be freaking badass. Someone mentioned in the reviews that Drax totally stole the show, and I would agree in some parts. He really did surprise me with his ‘humor‘. The movie helped me care more about his character, in the way that he so desperately wanted to defeat Ronan, and made me want to root for him to cause at LEAST some damage to him. If you asked me who I liked the most in the Guardians, I wouldn’t be able to tell, just because I could relate to so many of them.

Gamora was badass, even if she doesn’t fully resemble her comic book counterpart in terms of fierceness for certain people. She also looked much more badass in Ultimate Spiderman, but that might be just me, since I saw her in the cartoon before watching the movie. I won’t deny that she’s badass though, look at all the action scene she got screen time for! I wanted her to be less used for fan service purposes than she is used for the kick-ass. However, as Erin Robinson mentioned in her Clevvermovies reviews (which I posted in my previous post), there were many shots of her bottom and, while I don’t necessarily mind, it made me shake my head so often [especially since we didn’t get enough fan service for us girls either] that I felt like there were more ass moments than kick-ass ones. To add on to this, it felt a little bland that we would just trust her when she says that she wants to betray Ronan and Thanos. I would have to re-watch the movie with some subtitles to understand better, but as I’ve explained it many times; I’d rather you show me things like their motivations rather than tell me. I should add somewhere in this review that I understand they couldn’t fit all of this into 2 hours, so that’s why I didn’t remove all of the points [although imagine, if you cut all of her BUTT scenes, you might be able to add in a scene where you SHOW her motivation].

Peter Quill or Starlord, you know? I legit pictured him a bit more mature than he is in the movie, as he was portrayed in the cartoons [my sole references are the cartoons, since I’ve only ever been introduced to them via cartoons, deal with it!]. As you would guess, seeing as he is the character the movie starts off with, and because he’s the leader of the Guardians, Peter’s development is also focused on, especially with his estranged planet and his mother. For once I would like a leader hero who is in the perfect middle between Captain America in terms of righteousness and Iron Man in terms of womanizer-ness. I did not deduct points on that preference though, because let’s be honest, everyone loved Peter Quill and his witty comments and quirks. I enjoyed his character and I look forward to seeing more about him and about his absent father as well as his development in becoming a full-fledged Starlord.
Here’s an aside: the actor, Chris Pratt, is hilarious, and I approve that he sounds so much like his character. 

Another place where the movie sort of lost points with me anyway was with the Nova Corps. I’m so sorry, I wasn’t overjoyed by the rendition of “Bucket Head” in the Ultimate Spiderman, but I still had some standards as to how the Novas should look like and how their “powers” should be displayed [using VariantComicsinfo, anyway, I really wanted them desplay their flight, and super strength, and more importantly not look so meek compared to Ronan, although of course, paired up with in Infinity Gem/Stone [here’s a video to explain to you what these are], it would be tough to beat, I guess…]. I may have placed my standards too high, but I didn’t really want to see more focus on them in these uniforms than in these, which were the ones I really wanted the movie to focus on more. I’ll point out that I didn’t deduct too many points in the final rating because I really do acknowledge that I don’t know the Novas as much as I know… say… the Green Lantern verse, so it didn’t bother me as much as it might seem like…! Oops!
I didn’t even know about Nova Prime, but I want to know more about her [will be starting my superhero knowledge expansion very soon], also I’d like to see her in a battle suit, ’cause seriously, there lacked badass-ness in terms of the Nova Corps.
I will agree though that their mode of transportation [that star shaped vessel?] was pretty cool, especially its use as shield against Ronan’s ship.

I may have built a lot of things in the Collector as a character. I thought he’d be more of an antagonist, which was why I was so surprised in the little involvement he had with the movie; other than to serve more exposition to the grander plot the same way Odin did in Thor: The Dark World. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised; his name IS the Collector, after all. He wants to collect rare things [the Infinity Gems and the Gauntlet are most important then, for him], there’s probably nothing he wants to do with the things he collects, he just wants to own them. I like the eccentricity of his character though and I do look forward to seeing more of him (after all, he does have at least one or two of the gems by now and is probably still very actively looking for the others).

And not to mention that there’s also Yondu and his crew of Ravagers, who kidnapped Peter Quill as a child the day his mother passed away in order to give him up to his father (who is one of the most ancient beings in the universe, and who is, apparently, a jackass (and that’s all we ever know about the father)… His character was in the gray zone for me since the beginning, in terms of good vs. evil. He definitely fights only for himself, but also acts as a father figure for Peter, so I’m glad that he had a scene where he could show there was a reason why people feared him. The last scene with him is a bit questionable. Is he really going to enact vengeance upon Starlord, in order to show him and everyone who he is and how soft he ISN’T, or is he going to let him go, since he considers Peter like a son to him? Nevertheless, I definitely would like to see more of him and I added him on my list of characters to research and gain more knowledge about.

I will bathe the star ways in your blood.

I’ll finish the characters’ countdown with a more positive tone though: with the… *DRUM ROLL* antagonists, although I would have liked them to develop their antagonists as much as they did their protagonists.

I’m glad that they re-introduced Thanos to us – even if he was mostly mentioned and didn’t appear as much.

The main antagonists were more Nebula and Ronan the Accuser (mostly the latter, actually), who are Thanos’ adoptive children, alongside Gamora, just in case that you haven’t gotten that through their interactions in the movie.
You can skip this part, but… I meant to say that I didn’t even know Ronan the Accuser or Nebula before the movie. I had been under the impression that Gamora was an only child. I really look forward to seeing Nebula in the future movies (and also through research), because she is badass in the movie and there was some aspect of her that made me interested in her character [her relationship with Gamora and their other siblings for example]. Ronan, on the other hand, made me only interested in the Kree, who, in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon [they show Capt. Mar-vell in this cartoon, I wanna see him and Miss Marvel son], the Kree appear alongside the Skrull, because they have a lifelong conflict. I wasn’t aware that the Kree (or was it just Ronan?) held a grudge against the Nova Corps and Xandar, so the Kree probably have a lot of enemies, huh? Anyways, he was boring; neither his past nor motivations were explained in the movie, which prompts me to add him to my list of characters to research, but it still would have been important for me to understand what exactly fuels his rage against the Corps. I would also have liked to know more about his relationship with his sisters. Did they respect each other? Did they spend much time together? To note that the same things I say Ronan is could be applied to Nebula, who was not as developed either for many movie go-ers actually.  

I must reserve a whole paragraph for the brilliant soundtrack that MARVEL has chosen for this movie. I enjoyed it more so than many of the other movies, it seems, but it might be because it is fresh on my memory!!
My friend, D., is absolutely obsessed with the soundtrack of Awesome Mix Vol. 1, and frankly, so am I. This song especially caught my attention and is probably gonna stay in my daily playlist for AWHILE.
As a side note, I’d probably go and buy thirty of these, no matter the price, so kudos to MARVEL’s advertisement and toy line, you’re gonna do great!

I’m going to add that I love the sense of humor with which MARVEL added one line in the credit scenes. I don’t know how they placed it, but I was able to spot it quite easily. It caused many people who watched it with me to point at it and laugh at the same time I did.

So, all of these paragraphs just to say that, while this movie has its ups, it also has its downs, and it’s nowhere perfect, but it is a pretty good movie for both people who don’t know much of the MARVEL universe (Jirachi and her friend as well as Munchlax are an example) and even for the ones who enjoy MARVEL (in my opinion anyway). It does contain a lot of “old” time references (I mean some things which people found funny, I didn’t, because I didn’t really understand everything). I would recommend that you go see it if you don’t mind its downs as described above much.

ClevverMovie has an explanation to the secret ending, and here’s IGN‘s “Is Guardians of the Galaxy Better than the Avengers?” movie as well as their own information on the teamEmergency Awesome‘s review on the movie, as well as some “Easter Eggs” – as he calls them – scattered throughout the movie, explained. IGN also has their own Easter Eggs video. Here’s also Mr. Sunday Movies‘s review post!

Here are also some of the best quotes of the movie, although there would never be enough GIFs to cover all of them.

Do you want to know more about the Guardians of the Galaxy and speculations on why they were added at this point of the Marvel cinematic universe? Here’s MarvelExplained – Videos on Marvel Comics and Films‘s video. I find it very complete!
Want to know more about Thanos? Here’s IGN‘s video about what to know about the mad titan!

Here’s another video from MARVEL Entertainment, celebrating Phase 1 and 2, and here’s someone else on Tumblr, who did a whole timeline of the MARVEL cinematic universe so far. And here are cute posters of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you rather read other reviews, here are a few links to some Tumblr posts I have found [1, 2, 3, 4]. There are more, there are so many more, but I can’t find all of them now. And I won’t, there are too many! XD
Here’s also a DORKLY.com parody with Stan Lee in it, well, I laughed a little!
I’ll also include here my friend Munchlax‘s review on the movie!
Can you IMAGINE Rocket’s reaction if he were to meet with the Winter Soldier [and vice versa]? I’m just saying, but WHAT relationship they would have! [actually, I want to see the Guardians with the Avengers soon]

:iconhihilove:With this,
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Farewell and until next time!
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