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Title: Legend of Korra
Season: 3
Episode: 12
Watched: August 24th, 2014

August 27th-28th, 2014

How are you all doing? I’m doing a little better, I think. I took some personal time off (not that I think you could notice, seeing as I don’t think this post will be posted later than it should), in order to be cured of my post-convention blues (Otakuthon ended just a few days ago and I feel so empty). Just in case that this post is delayed, I’m sorry but you’ll have to see the other weekly posts delayed as well D:< .

At any rate, on Sunday, as I was getting towards the Palais des Congres, which is the venue where Otakuthon is held, I saw the opportunity to watch the double episodes, so let me give you my thoughts and some additional links to improve your Korra experience!

Since they decided to release two episodes for the finale (what?), this post will be encompassing both episodes 12 and 13, separated in different sections! As usual, I begin with the spoilers alert.

Episode 12 [Enter the Void]

Let’s start with the shortest moment, which is the easiest to comment about; Bolin’s bird calls and his plan to attack the Red Lotus. The next notable one was with Grandma Yin, Pabu and Naga!! It was pretty cute! It relieved a little bit the episode’s angst.

Speaking of Pabu and Naga – and this is an aside you can skip – why were they not allowed to follow the Krew? They were just as important as any of the human Krew members! Naga would have done something to help Korra out, I’m sure of it. After all, Naga was the one who found Korra when she escaped from Amon; Naga was also there to help out (less, I’ll agree) in Book 2; Naga was constantly there to help the Krew out during the whole Book 3; Naga and Pabu were the ones who spotted the Red Lotus when they first attempted to kidnap Korra during Book 3. I don’t know, since the beginning of Book 3, it seems to me like Naga was pretty mistreated as a ‘character’s best friend and spirit animal‘; her ball gets smashed by Lin Beifong, Korra forgets to bring her treats to give her when she does something good; when Korra gets captured, the captors just left Naga up and about, which made her go back to Lin Beifong… I don’t know, I’m just… suffering Naga badassery withdrawal of some kind.

The moment between P’li and Zaheer made me feel really sad, I felt like something would happen to one of them, and while they ARE the bad guys, I didn’t want anything to happen to them, because, well I sort of really do ship them [despite their height difference, their love sort of feels more real to me than Mako’s relationships have so far]! It’s interesting to know that P’li was captured by BAD GUYS who wanted to use her as some kind of weapon, but then Zaheer came and rescued her.

I also find myself not believing that Zaheer would have decided to doublecross them. What good would the airbenders have give him? Didn’t he want some kind of order? Does he intend on killing them so that the world will be in further chaos? Does he intend on indoctrinating them to his beliefs? Does he somehow have other plans for them? What was his motive in doing this? I wish it were further explained.

Ming-Hua using that waterbending technique to fool everyone into thinking that the airbenders were there though, that was pretty well thought out and extremely creative. It makes me want to see Katara in her Prime and Ming-Hua duel it out [I also want to see Ghazan and Prime Toph Beifong duel].

The separation between Korra and her Krew made me feel the same way as I did when I saw that scene between P’li and Zaheer… like something bad would happen to one of them [would Bolin be forced to face Ghazan and be killed in the process? Would Mako end up dying because of Ming-Hua? Would Korra end up dying? Would Asami face something she will not be able to face in the end?]. They did a good job setting the tone for the rest of the episode with this scene, in my opinion. Oh and that hug between Mako and Korra. Does the fact that, during this book, both characters have matured, make them more eligible to be a couple? I don’t really know, I want them to focus more on friendship. Teens need to be reminded that friendship is as important as romance-love! The unease only worsened when I saw Tonraq and Korra embrace and tell each other how proud they are of each other. It was even more heart-wrenching to watch them fight alongside near the end of the episode, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The action scenes were flawless, to be honest, I’ll have spoken about it later but the camera action, the flow between everyone’s moves, for me anyway, was effortlessly greatly animated scenes. Even after watching this episodes at least four times already, I don’t find errors in it (although you know me, I don’t flaw many things). I loved that Tonraq was able to showcase his abilities (as well as Lin Beifong and Suyin Beifong), I was very, VERY scared for the three of them, especially since I had heard that someone was going to die. It brought tears to my eyes whenever I thought that one of them would perish, and there were many scenes where I really thought that they would pass.

Tonraq did a great job fighting alongside his daughter, to be honest. They fought as if they always tag-teamed before, they were really well synced; it seemed like they knew exactly what the other was going to do next, like they rehearsed before.

While Lin Beifong was pretty badass, it seemed to me like she should’ve been more badass and could’ve held her own against P’li for MUCH longer. Suyin totally stole her show in my opinion. I was really scared that Suyin was going to be betray everyone in order to side with Zaheer (due to the theories roaming the internet).

I was so glad to see that Tenzin was alive, but I wasn’t happy to see the extent of his wounds. I guess it’s to be expected, but they still really did a number on him.

While those characters showcased their abilities, others were given new abilities. The fact that these characters were on opposite sides made the strengths of each opposing sides more or less balanced in my opinion?

I greatly enjoyed both the camera flow and the dialogue [the “surrender now” speech given by the Beifong sisters, overlapped with Zaheer’s constantly quoting Guru Laghima, whom I wished we could have gotten more exposition to, but that’s okay because I know we only had 13 episodes] which eventually led to Zaheer demonstrating his abilities to fly. I also loved that Ghazan pitched in a: “Guess he doesn’t need a ride”. That was pretty funny, once again, acting as a comic relief for such a dire moment for the Krew and its relatives.

And then, BOLIN can MAGMABEND! Which is what most of us thought that could happen! I didn’t think that he would find himself with such an ability; actually believing that he would metalbend! This person’s comments about how he unlocked the ability just proved that he can be just as noble (about sacrificing himself to save everyone) as Korra is. I wonder if they’ll explore that ability in the next book.

On yet another aside, I really felt like crying when the air temple was destroyed. I really hope that they will be rebuilding it or something, because for me, that could be such a loss – sort of like the ancient airbending wind panel artifact-thing used for teaching airbending which they reconstructed by the end of Book 1.

The ending with the Krew of that episode was meant to be a little lighter in tone, I think, to compensate for what would happen next.

Bolin using the same bird calls that he used at the beginning was pretty funny, but what topped it off was the use of Asami’s position during their landing (proving AGAIN that even under these circumstances, she can still steal the show. What? I’m the only one who noticed? No way…).

Adults not believing a child like Kai was pretty funny and somewhat reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang was just a “child” (despite his real age) and yet, people took him pretty seriously. Kai, on the other hand, due to the society being so different, wasn’t taken as seriously, so it was pretty funny.

The ending with the Red Lotus in that episode made me want to shed a manly tear, mostly because Zaheer couldn’t even grieve for P’li’s death. As he explained to his friends, it helped him unlock abilities which not many airbenders would have. Did they unhood the other Red Lotus members and/or zoom into the poisonbender’s face because this guy is a Dai Li? I have to go and check it out myself!

Kuvira. What happens to her? What will they use her for? I don’t know about introducing a new character in Kuvira… but let’s see how that goes in Book 4… Glaceon doesn’t think so, but I think that there are chances Kuvira could be part of the Red Lotus? But then why would she save Korra’s father…? In order to better manipulate Korra? I don’t know, it seems far-fetched.

Episode 13

I enjoyed Jinora and the other airbenders finding creative ways to use airbending in order to help out. It really makes me wish for them to be more seen using these creative skills during Book 4. I really liked the fact that they brought up the airbending dance all over throughout Book 3, until we saw a definite, awesome use for it in the finale. Greatly done!

Again, I really liked that Jinora was able to find Kai again. I’m surprised we’ve seen no spirits whatsoever since the attack (not even Bumi Junior), couldn’t one of them have whispered to Jinora that Kai wasn’t dead? I thought that I would have seen her a bit more upset, sitting there with the others, but I actually get it; she’s the airbending master after Tenzin, which means that, out of all of them, she’s the one who has to appear the strongest – no matter if she lost Kai.

I also greatly enjoyed Bolin’s temporary moment with Opal [it really added humour to balance out with the dramatic effect of the next scenes]. I mean, I knew that he was worried for her, but look at how happy he was to see her safe and sound!

Korra the Last Avatar” – Zaheer’s explanation was really, seriously intense. What was even more intense was the reminder of the previous villains that Korra has had to deal with in such a short amount of time since her debut in the world as the Avatar; Amon, Unalaq and Vaatu each had something to say and you realize (sort of) that during the first Books, each one of them had planted a seed of doubt (about her capacities and about her usefulness to the world) in her.

Do you realize that Ghazan took the time to see if Ming-Hua was well before he attacked Korra (when she entered the Avatar State). It may well be my fan-shipping heart, but seriously, I really liked that moment.

Ghazan vs. Bolin and Ming-Hua vs. Mako

Mako didn’t use lightningbend against Ming-Hua BEFORE, so that was a little bit disappointing [especially since he didn’t explain why he never used it in the beginnings]. However, the fact that he was able to give her a run for her money in terms of his abilities, it was pretty well. The creators made us enjoy the characters so much that Ghazan and Ming-Hua’s last scenes saddened me. I really hope that they are not dead.

The repeat of this match, now on more equal grounds, left me feel a bit perplexed. Ghazan definitely has more experience than Bolin in magmabending, and yet, the older man can’t get the better of the probending champion? I’m glad that it actually took Mako to make Ghazan sort of back down. It makes me wonder if Ghazan wanted to die since Ming-Hua was defeated and he may have presumed her dead if Mako had joined his brother to fight him. Please tell me that he’s not dead and he went and collected Ming-Hua to live old with her because he loves her.

Can we just stop and make mention of how BADASS Korra is, despite not having any spiritual connections to her previous lives? I mean, to be able to fight despite being chained to PLATINUM material, to be able to still fight despite having the poison working to kill her as well as fight the Red Lotus!!

Korra really has grown up. I really like this Book 3 because of the fact that Korra is so different from the way she started out in Book 1. She’s learned to step into the shoes of what it’s like to become an Avatar, it seems to me. I found it tragic at first that she was cut from her previous lives. Since Book 1, she never had a connection with them because of her disconnection with Air. Then, she had them and misused the Avatar State in Book 2, only to have her past lives ripped away from her. In Book 3, if you noticed, she hasn’t come into the Avatar State unless it was extremely necessary.

The parallels between Korra’s fight with Zaheer and Aang’s with Ozai was brilliantly executed [a list of the parallels found below]. Korra flying using fire bending reminded me so much of Ozai that it felt like perhaps Zaheer might get the better of her, especially considering the fact that she was still working to fight the poison. Her usage of all of the other elements of bending was just astonishing, too! She truly is a genius, blessed with her brute strength!

The camera angles for each fight as well as the creativity with which Korra uses her bending while in the Avatar State to take Zaheer down, also given the transition between the three duels were definitely something that amazed me (as well as other fans). You’ll also see that most reviewers that I’ve linked you to down below compliment Studio Mhir about their animation; the eyes being more “anime” style. I personally don’t see it, but I did notice the change in the aspect of the eyes, which reminded me a lot of some Psycho-Pass scenes, which I greatly enjoyed.

Lin Beifong and Suyin Beifong . As Grace from ThinkAbouttheInk has said, I felt like Lin was pushed to the sidelines the moment that she became… in a better mood. Does that mean that all that made her badass was her anger? Her unresolved issue with her sister? And now that it’s resolved, she let her sister take care of Korra? Couldn’t Lin have sort of felt the poison being metallic in Korra’s body? And couldn’t Lin have helped Suyin do something with the metallic poison? Wouldn’t that have been faster? I don’t know… I’m a bit irked at that.

Korra and Asami, since Book 1, have gone a long way. They’ve been love rivals to friends to best friends. Of all of Korra’s relationship with people her age, Asami is the one who stayed the most faithful to her side. Unwavering, Asami still takes such care of Korra. This is why I love the power of friendship! It was quite a touching moment… and it wasn’t going to be the last, either!

It made me sad to see Korra all… different. Of course, after something this traumatizing, she is bound to be a bit… out of it.
So I’m glad that the airbending children are trying to help her out and have given her a small smile on her face.
Have you noticed that, in this small instant, Ikki had begun to sound a bit like Jinora, correcting Meelo when the latter says “shoe trees” instead of “Sandalwood”.

The airbending tattoos ceremony was pretty rad. I hope to see more airbending rituals that we’ve never seen before because Aang was the very last one when we became familiar with the Avatar world.

Have you noticed that the hipster airbender from the Earth Kingdom made it to the ceremony? Because I didn’t until they pointed it out! Which means that some of those people next to Kai would be the ones who initially refused to follow Tenzin and the Krew!!

I was in tears when we found out that Jinora had shaven all of her hair. It was made so that she would be the spitting image of Aang, we know this, however, I would have wanted to see (because I’m picky about these things, I guess) Katara assist to this scene. Wouldn’t she have been proud of Jinora? Wouldn’t she have a small emotional flash to how Aang looked like? Okay, I’m gonna stop here because the tears are welling up again. This scene, along with the airbending and the music, had a very soothing effect and had something that announced hope, especially after Tenzin’s speech about how airbenders would now be nomads who will altruistically help other nations out while the Avatar is recuperating.

Korra’s tear at the end can mean many things to different people (just watch the reviewers). The scene touched me, but, especially, what this person has to say about Korra’s evolution struck me.

Overall, I thought that the Book was pretty nice. It introduced us to facets of Airbending that we never thought were possible – mostly because Aang mostly made use of Airbending not for offense purposes, but for defensive reasons. We’ve also seen more aspects of the air nation that we hadn’t seen before, and I’m seriously hoping that we’ll see more during the next AND LAST book.

Here are some fanarts that I really loved so far, just because after such a difficult road, we sort of deserve some kind of therapy, don’t we?

  • Here’s Kya being funny (again)
  • Don’t click on this one, but I found it so full of feels. I’ll go and roll into a ball and cry in the corner now.
  • Korra and Asami by the end was really sad and nice. They have so many shippers. I’m just glad that they have a really strong and good friendship.
  • And there’s P’li and Zaheer, like I mentioned, I think they should’ve given them more back story, but this will have to be enough…
  • Here’s some Mingzhan for you!
  • Here’s an animation of Master Jinora, she’s very pretty!
  • And if I talk about LoK fanart, I’ll always talk about Beroberos! The Korrasami moment at the end was not lost on her either! Book 3, one month later (for the Red Lotus), this is what she thinks will happen! And of course, here’s snapchats!
  • Here’s also the art work for the background!
  • I’ll even throw in their Behind-The-Scenes work.
  • This is what I meant when I talked about Bumi and Aang having avoidance.
  • The Krew will be back together!

I’ll link you to ThinkAbouttheInk‘s review of the whole Book 3. Here’s Emergency Awesome‘s Top 10 WTF Moments [I hope, like he does, that people will rebuild the air temple (because I did cry a little when I saw it was being destroyed), I also really liked the parallels that he made between Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender], here’s his Finale Q&A as well as his Book 4 predictions, and then Sawyer7Mage‘s review [he also added predictions for Book 4 and makes many references to A:tlA and LoK]. Here’s also a Book 4 predictions masterpost on Tumblr [it will be kept updated by the way].

With all of this being said, I’m gonna take my leave,
and wait (patiently) for Book 4, which is rumored to be titled BALANCE, but who knows?
I’ll try and post another series weekly to replace Korra for the time being, also.
See you all later!
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