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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 7 [Crimson Memories]
Watched: August 16th, 2014

August 16th, 2014

You have my salutations, everyone!
How are you all doing today?

Welcome to my attempt at catching up with the series! We’re almost there, I am anyway. So, what were your thoughts about the episode this week?

As usual, there are spoilers!

Sinon [Shino Asada] and her friend, Spiegel [Shinkawa], whom I had started to ship. I think that I shouldn’t have been over-thinking his role in the story in my previous posts; his possessiveness over Sinon, his maybe being the bad guy (even if he couldn’t be since he was in the same room as Death Gun earlier).

It made me feel like it may have ruined my shipping. The fact that he insisted (as in pressing her for a decision) on not one but two separate occasions [first one in real life, at the swings, and the second one in GGO right before her match] made me think: ‘Whoa, dude… you’re trying too much, just give her some space…‘.

I’ll agree that perhaps it’s just me projecting my annoyance due to this situation happening once before in real life. But it does seem to me like he’s trying a bit too hard… I mean he did say that he did mention that he gets bullied like Asada at school, which is why he admires her, for her strength, so I feel pretty bad for him, but I can’t pair Asada up with a kid who isn’t strong enough to stand up against his bullies (even if this is ideal and I know that it’s not as easy as it sounds, to stand up against bullies (trust me, I know, from personal experience)).

What also ticks me off is the lines that he uses: “It’s rare for you to be so blunt…” and “You usually don’t seem to care that much about other people” or even “You aren’t acting like you usually do“… does this mean that he likes her because she doesn’t express her emotions a lot [he does say that “nothing upsets her” and she’s always calm and collected…]? Trust me, boy, “not expressing emotions” a lot will wear you out quickly!! Maybe he’s just a bit jealous inside (when he says: “You talking that much about someone”)?
I found it cute that he suggested to be the decoy so that she can snipe Kirito. Way to redeem yourself, child. Hahaha!

I’m also starting to wonder if Shinkawa is not really in love with Asada but with Sinon… and he just hopes that Asada’s personality in real life will catch up with the one on GGO.

…Maybe I’m just over-analyzing it. I hope Shinkawa becomes stronger as a character so he can’t be ashamed to be standing next to Asada as her boyfriend (if that’s what he hopes to be one day).

I also didn’t really appreciate the camera angles at which some of the shots in her perspective were taken. The amount of fan service we receive just because of her costume and then because of her digitally half-nakedness in the previous episodes weren’t enough? I don’t know, it made me go MEH.

One positive thing that came out of this, I guess, would be that her anger at Kirito enabled her to point her finger in the form of a gun. So her proximity to (or anger at) Kirito-kun is the real therapy here. Is this proving once more how much influential Kirito can be even indirectly? Or is this an attempt to say that Kirito can cure traumas even if he can’t really do it for himself? I’m just kidding, but it’s true that when you’re in extreme anger at someone, you are bound to do things that you couldn’t think of doing before (and this scene is only a simple example [come to think of it, this could be a good moral to pick out of if I had to show this to students]).

Uh oh… the fact that you realize Asada and Kirito are from the same city (because of that single red balloon), does this mean that people are going to start shipping them again? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Asada is talking trash about him, Kirito is elsewhere, finally showing the first signs of guilt that he felt from surviving in Sword Art Online, by killing off three red players (murderers), thus… did he become a red player afterwards and why didn’t he become one, is a question that I find myself asking right now.

Kirito vs. Suguha – His talk with Suguha served not as a purpose to tell us that people don’t often check their list of friends on ALO, but I guess to show Kirito that he does have people who care about him (throughout the episode, Suguha, Asuna and the nurse ask him what’s wrong, and he only ever confides in the nurse, who is, emotional attachment speaking, the least connected to him). Nevertheless, if you’d watched the episode with me or was present when I was watching it, you’d know that I was screaming: “HANDS OFF, SUGUHA, HE’S MARRIED” at that moment, hahaha. I’m-not-crazy-plz.

I guess you could also say that Suguha gives him another reason to want to live and survive. He probably doesn’t want her to go through another traumatizing episode of losing her “brother” again, so he promises to her that he’ll come back.

Kirito vs. Asuna – To Asuna, he expresses (only) that he wants to hear her voice (YES, THE SHIPPING CONTINUES FULL FORCE!), which is a lot in my opinion, considering that Kirito doesn’t always say what he wants. He also wishes to deal with his ‘demons’ by himself, which is all right, I guess, but from personal experience, it’s always better to talk it out with someone, even if it’s just to feel like you’re not alone facing that problem, I think he also wishes not to endanger her, that’s pretty nice of him (especially considering that if the rumors are true, he risks death and if Asuna followed him, she might try and sacrifice herself for him (AGAIN) and he would have to live with her death on his conscience (plus, what would he say to their daughter?)). 

Seriously though, Kirito and Asuna, I love them more. I’m glad that they made Asuna appear and she was even very concerned about him, despite the fact that she wants to appear in front of him like she trusts him and she supports him (which is exactly what she does), but she still worries.

Kirito vs. Nurse – What upset me as much as the fanservice with the camera angles with the ladies would be the way females are just attracted to Kirito like flies to just about anything. While I was glad that someone who understands him more about issues such as killing and/or letting people die on your watch (in her case, I guess) was able to talk to him and cheer him up a little, I still couldn’t help the “HANDS OFF, NURSE-SAN, HE’S MARRIED” thought that floated here and there. Of course, the nurse is probably just giving him the support that he needs in order to overcome his fears and self-doubts, but it doesn’t make my fear of Kirito having a harem go away.

When you put these feelings aside, however, it seems to me like it’s another moral that you can extirpate from what she says. From what I understand, killing is bad, but it would be worse to forget about them, since the more you try to forget, the more you will remember. She makes him remember that by killing those three red players, he neutralized the threat and should still consider that he was able to save a lot of people by doing that, which is an important point to consider, although I don’t know if he will fully realize this until later.

Anyways, overall, I felt like this episode was just filler. I’m glad that Kirito opened up to someone and we see past his cockiness this episode. I wonder if that’s the rhythm at which the creators have decided to go through?

They fight during one episode, they go back to the real world and talk about how they didn’t like the fight and/or they feel guilty during another episode (rejecting their friends’ advice and counsel in the process), and then they return to the tournament to fight some more during another episode, and then they go back to the real world? Until the finale? Please tell me that cycle will break soon, because then, it would bore me a little too much.

They should add Death Gun somewhere in the mix, make him test Kirito or even send out some pawns or some people to impersonate him and throw Kirito off his scent or something.
I’m also sure that eventually, Kirito might tell Sinon about his real mission in GGO, though… I hope this happens soon. I hope that the 24 episodes won’t have another arc where Sinon is completely useless… (OMG NO Don’t go all Arc-2 Asuna on me!).

I guess I should also add or repeat that I’m pretty glad that we get to see the other characters during these… episode-length angst “real life” (out of GGO) moments. After all, I did ask about Klein appearing more… I guess being surrounded by ladies when Kirito isn’t there is a good thing?

That’s enough of just my opinion!

  • What were your thoughts about the episode?
  • Do you think the beat at which it’s coming along is good?
  • What were your highlights?
  • Were there any downlights (if highlight is a word, downlight should totally be one, I’m just saying)?

I’ll see you soon, everyone!!!
 – Ponyta’s heading out! –