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Title: Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster
Edition: Collectors
Rated: 8.5/10
By: Meridian 93 [link and link]
Started: July 28th, 2014
Finished: August 4rth, 2014
Duration: ~4-5 hours
Difficulty: Casual

August 4rth, 2014 

Hello there!
How are you all doing?! I’m doing well, if you subtract the uneasiness of the school year beginning soon… and the rather uncomfortable heat summer brings every year… I’m doing great…!! *confines herself in her room, with a small fan, to survive.

I started this game with Jolteon before she decided to let me finish it by myself. This is or was her very first Hidden Object Game, and she was quite surprised at how surprisingly difficult it was, despite us choosing the “Casual” difficulty. Nevertheless, I’m proud of her for having tried!!

There are no spoilers in this blog post, I’ve whited them all out [so don’t select the text if you are not ready to read the spoilers!].

The story and concept themselves were pretty simple; girl gets kidnapped and is brought to a mysterious castle, and we – an awesome detective taught at some academy (he/she mentions it often), need to rescue her from the Beast Master. Some things were slightly incoherent… for example, if the Beast Master attacked the Lord and the Lady of the castle in the medieval times, how could it possibly have taken him till the present time to find a child like Sophie? Weren’t there OTHER children born on that specific date? And then, there’s the Bonus Chapter, which, while it was quite entertaining to play, didn’t make much sense to me in the sense of “who am I? and how in the WORLD did I suddenly come to the medieval times to summon the Unicorn which would prevent the Lord and Lady of the castle to die in the first place?” These questions should have been explored a little bit more… but of course, you know me, I’m nitpicking. The game still got a high mark from me, and it would still be worth it if you choose to play it, in my most humble opinion, of course!

Visual-wise, there is almost nothing I have to say to complain about. I mean, look at that image below! When I saw it on Jessica’s post, I thought: ‘I’ve got to get my hands on this!!‘. Not just because I love unicorns (why do you even think I named myself ‘Ponyta’?!), but because the art style and the sinister image she presented us with was intriguing enough to pique my curiosity. I will also go and add that the music was very enchanting, as it is for many Hidden Object Games.

Fabulous art

The puzzles were not difficult, and there were no riddles to render the whole thing more complex, either. However, if you first start the world of HOGs, you might not want to start with this one, just because of the length at which the puzzles run (for example, you can find a puzzle-lock in the first map, and yet, you’ll only find the right combination several maps later). I will also applaud the game designers for the variety of their puzzles!
The Hidden Object Boards presented themselves in the shape of a list of words, very typical of Hidden Object Games. Some objects were very little and required special attention, so beware!
I also quite enjoyed this feature which I had never quite experienced before in my history with Hidden Object Games; Choices which can solve certain situations in a rather more ‘peaceful’ manner or a more ‘aggressive’ manner. I always took the ‘peaceful’ route, just because I’m not as violent a person (or because I was under the impression that the animals/people we rescued and/or helped would come back and help us, spoiler here, but they don’t, how disappointing).

Anyways, combining all of these things together, and you get a pretty decent Hidden Object Game to play for a whole day (with breaks in-between of course). If I recall, it was Jirachi‘s third ever Hidden Object Game, and she also quite liked it!
See you all next time!

(●っゝω・)っ~☆ Ponyout! ☆