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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 8 [Bullet of Bullets]
Watched: August 30th, 2014

August 30th 2014

Salutations to everyone!
How are you all faring? Due to my preparations for Otakuthon, I wasn’t able to watch this until today… I just hope that the review comes at a good time… and isn’t late!!

Here’s my obligatory SPOILERS warning! And now… here goes nothing!

One of the highlights of this episode was really the fact that Kirito actually went and used his avatar’s admittedly feminine charm (as well as looks) in order to get people to cheer for him. I don’t know why he did that, I sort of wish I guess that would be explained? I mean, it’s not said that he would win money by people placing bets on him, is it? It’s also not a ‘idol’ based game where he could win based on the number of votes for him… It’s not at all in sports where the more people cheer for him, the more motivated he will be to win (since he can’t even hear the crowd cheering, I mean, let’s be honest). Is it playing on the running gag (that I make anyway) that he’s such a perfect character that she can even get males to cheer for him?
A possible explanation for such a behaviour would be that he is still playing on the fact that he’s a girl (people did call him “Kirito-chan”). Perhaps he’s trying to stray from his ‘cool’ and ‘collected’ loner demeanor so that Death Gun would not recognize him as the real Kirito?
Nevertheless, this totally out of nowhere scene served its purpose to make me laugh out loud and even comment to Lugia, who was a bit bewildered that I am a week late in watching the episode… I’m sorry Lugia!!

I like Kirito’s “investigative” thoughts which introduce this episode. It’s pretty accurate from what I understand of the premise and the problems anyway. It served as reminder to why exactly he’s putting himself out there and making people see his skills in the “Bullet of Bullets” tournament.

While I’m on the subject of talking about the concepts (sort of), let’s applaud them for putting the idea of a “Battle Royale”, I really like the concept (explained by Sinon and which we’ve seen, I also like how Kirito basically used the fact that the satellites could not capt your presence when you’re underwater, it’s pretty smart of him).

I also liked that some characters made a ALO reference, which means that not every player in that game is uncultivated about other games which are more fantasy-based, as Kirito called them, earlier. [will we see Kirito’s ALO crew, I wonder?]

It’s a constant “thing” with Sword Art Online, I feel, but I will mention it again just because I feel like I say it too much; I love the “effects” and details with which the animating studio takes care of certain aspects of each episode. What led me to this wasn’t the fight scenes but the simple conversation at the table between Kirito and Sinon, when she orders a drink and it immediately pops out from the center of the table. I just… I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate it…

Dyne‘s role reprisal was pretty nice to see also (you’ll have seen him in Episode 2 as well as his voice in episode 1). I did mention, I believe (or maybe not) that I wanted him to come back, I’m glad he did!! He’s not as badass as Sinon or Kirito, but he did hold his ground for awhile back there. If you notice, though, a lot of other characters from the previous episodes did come back (which makes sense).

I wish we could have gotten more exposition on the Pale Rider. That looked like a promising player to explore too, especially since he’s so agile thanks to limiting his weight to carrying solely one weapon! Assuming that Death Gun is only after people he can punish, what ‘sin’ or ‘error’ has Pale Rider ever done to him? I can understand Zexceed, because the latter published and scattered wrong information about the Agility points and stuff (as I understand it), but Pale Rider didn’t do anything (yet).

Also, what was that hand gesture that Death Gun did before shooting Pale Rider? Was it like those theater folks use to put themselves into the character they play?

I’d like a comparison of the guns too. Is Silent Assassin [owned by Death Gun] better than Hecate II [owned by Sinon]? How do you get to be snipers?

In the first episodes, Kirito wasn’t sure if it was even physically possible for a player to die due to a virtual bullet wound. He entered the game without knowing. As of this episode, it seems to me like he only knew that the one named Death Gun could be a killer which he knew from Sword Art Online’s Laughing Coffin, which is a mass murdering guild. But is that really enough for him to look so panicked when Death Gun tried to pull the trigger on Pale Rider? Or is it just a precaution? Or does he full out believe that the gun could kill?

I suspect that they made Kirito undress in order to swim across the river as an effort for fanservice… but… meh, it gave me the same “MEH” feeling…

Do you realize, Kirito, that you have a wife who will be looking at your every move during the Bullet of Bullets (also that you have a harem + Klein)? Why do you suddenly feel the need to pull such a move on another girl [although I do understand why, under the circumstances, he felt the need to do it… I guess… I mean, the girl shoes more skin than Asuna does, am I right? Ew, just EW.]?!

Overall, despite this being a virtual game inside of an ANIME, I found it difficult to watch as people got shot and died.

I think that, following what happened in the previous episode, with Angsty Kirito, that he was debating on whether or not to involve Sinon into his investigation about Death Gun. It is this impression [along with acknowledgement of her skills and knowledge of the game] which leads me to believe that Kirito will have to explain at least a little bit more about what’s happening between him and Death Gun during the next episode (if not episode 10).

It was also sort of implied that Sinon understood that Kirito (and Death Gun) used to be a part of Sword Art Online [because he explained a little bit, but pretty vaguely], so she’s also not completely clueless about what’s going on, I just hope that Kirito’s not going to make her guess everything until she catches on and helps him out fully.

Because obviously, just like Asuna was (sort of), Sinon will end up being his backup or sidekick of some kind, I’m pretty sure (before, obviously, they will break the team up so that they can have a regular duel so that Sinon can prove to herself that she’s strong enough both virtually and physically and also mentally). It’d be amazing to see what they can do as a team rather than what damage they can inflict to each other.

Just because Pale Rider was thrown out of the equation, and Gunner X was pronounced first, and Sinon had difficulties saying “Sterben”, we’re lead to believe that Sterben would be “Death Gun”, but what if it were someone who wasn’t exactly ‘new’ to the game? What if Kirito’s looking at the wrong suspects altogether?

I wonder how many episodes of this season will be focused on the Bullet of Bullets tournament, and how much of Kirito’s personal objectives will be achieved [discovering who is Death Gun, discovering whether or not it’s true that Death Gun’s bullet can kill you…]. Will there be another Bullet of Bullets? Will Sinon be converted to SAO? Will she break up with Spiegel before their relationship even started? Will Spiegel actually BE a contestant in disguise in order to impress Sinon?

All right, I’ll leave you with this then! 1
See you all later!!

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