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Title: Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera  (Collector’s Edition)
By: Big Fish Games
Started: December 19th, 2013
Finished: December 29th, 2013
Duration: 3 hours 29 minutes
Level of difficulty: None could be chosen
Played with: Leafeon
Leafeon’s Rating:

December 19th-29th, 2013

Good… morning, guys!
I hope this article finds you in good shape and that you are thoroughly enjoying this new year of 2014! Wow, this game, guys!

This game!! This game!

…Was quite something to play!

Even after playing only an hour on this game, we already had some notes that we started to discuss, so imagine by the end, we had a lot on our plates…

A little bit of background, I guess?
You guys need to know that Leafeon LOVES the Phantom of the Opera (I sort of wish she could’ve been there when we saw it in New York). She has a thing for the Phantom (where I personally rooted for Raoul, she, like Rapidash, if I recall, preferred the Phantom). She regularly listens to the songs (they’re always in her playlists), and she even knows their lyrics!

And so, with her by my side, we set off to learn about the possible ‘sequel’ to the Phantom of the Opera. In-between her professing her love to the Phantom whenever he appeared, Leafeon pointed out a LOT of references to the original story/movie. [and you should know me enough by now to know that I love it when there is coherence and crossovers, etc.]
Don Juan, for example, was one of the last song that they had performed.
– Chandelier Crash kills Woman made us believe that the woman was Meg’s mother, since it couldn’t have been Meg, who was about the same age as Christine.
– Angel of Music which is mentioned by the Phantom, is the song Christine called Phantom (and she even sang that song).
– Even mentions of the Managers (who were fools and tried to disobey the Phantom), and that they hadn’t paid him the 20.000$ (which is also the right amount from the original story).

The element of fear was definitely in there. I don’t know how many times I jumped, and there was this one particular scene where I expected him to appear, but even when he did appear, it was with such flair and, combined with the music, it truly made me scream. So much that Eevee and Leafeon got scared.

Despite some holes in the story (like how Evelina’s parents (Christine and Raoul) are completely unaccounted for (apart from the introduction and the many references), and never could have granted Evelina (us) permission to go to the very suspicious invitation! And also how did Evelina get to the Opera House in the first place?), I still quite enjoyed the ride, especially because of the numerous references.

As I’ve mentioned, the music was terrifying to say the least, and it enhances the atmosphere of the game. Major thumbs up to the game designers for coming up with such a soundtrack!

Now we arrive to the Hidden Boards, which were difficult sometimes (for us anyway, and we were two knocking our heads into finding all these objects!). But you know that difficulty just makes the game even more interesting!

In terms of the puzzles, your most humble Puzzle Solver (ME! That’s ME!) was impressed! Although Leafeon will tell you that there were so many rooms and so many puzzles to be solved that she was sometimes at a loss on where to go.

And what can we say about the Extra Chapter that we had the pleasure to play?! It was exquisite and totally worth playing through! What’s more, there’s a scoreboard where you record your time play and where you can compare to the previous times you’ve played the game! How interesting, right?! 

It’ll be in awhile until Leafeon will be able to play any other game with us, I believe… This is mainly because school has started for her (and for me, actually), and that she needs to focus! Good luck, Leafeon!

Well, I recommend it to all the Phantom of the Opera lovers out there! I know that Charmander tried to play it and it somehow didn’t work… so be careful of the versions you get!

I look forward to more games from PixelStorm! And especially maybe more artwork from Damien M! [his rendition of the Phantom was MAGNIFICENT! I loved the costume designs!]

Ponyta’s gone! Have a nice summer, guys!