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Title: Barakamon Season: 1 Episode: 1 [Baraka Kodon – Cheerful Child] Watched: August 11th, 2014

August 11th, 2014

Hiya! How are you, everyone? This Thursday, as you know, there will be no Legend of Korra post – because the series is OVER. Instead, let us watch this anime together. Apparently, it’s hilarious!

So, I saw this one gif about the fujoshi woman and I thought: omg, I must see this! It reminded me instantaneously of Princess Jellyfish. And so, here goes. Every Thursday, I’ll try to release a Barakamon post review. It’ll be behind schedule with the original, but please bear with my feeble attempts at being productive and scheduling these things BEFORE I get swamped with school work! Thank you!


Here’s a fun information post about the anime, if you seem interested. I may be making a blog post per week about this anime, just to fill in for Legend of Korra, until I no longer can be active (due to the amount of school work which I can already sort of anticipate (urks)).

It’s going to be interesting to see how this Handa guy warms up to his neighbours and to the mode de vie in another environment than the one he’s used to [the pit toilet really made me laugh, because it was my reaction when I went to my home country for the first time as well, so I could sort of relate]. It’s going to be interesting also to find out how it works in the country. Some of these, like how the bath functions, sort of reminded me of Studio Ghibli‘s movies [speaking of which, have you heard of the news [or rather rumors, according to Wikipedia, they will be halting productions of movies temporarily]?].

The Village Chief made me laugh when Handa toured his new lodgings [look at him POP out like that?! It’s just so funny, he’s totally enjoying seeing someone from the city being harassed by animals]. Handa’s reactions were funny, sure, but the village chief just had this haunting-friendly-ghost like air to him which makes you want to know more about him, doesn’t it? I wonder if he has other things to do than to squat at Handa’s new house and playing with Naru. I liked that the villagers even came over to his house to help him settle inside of his new house! I bet it made him feel all warm inside!

I’m glad that the place isn’t far enough that he would actually NOT have any connection with his phone at all, because it happened in Gin no Saji, and that wasn’t fun for Hachiken at all.

Haru’s relationship with the people from the city are also something interesting. Especially with his dad: “You’re still flawed as a human being, let alone a calligrapher.” Wow, that’s pretty harsh, but indeed, he didn’t even apologize for being so mean to the old man… [I love his reactions, to be honest, even if he can be a bit violent, look at these faces he gets!!!].

Do you bet that when he comes back to the city, he’ll be a bit more civilized and nicer? Maybe he’ll even go and apologize to the people he hurt back there? Who knows? I mean, in this episode, Naru admits that she was scared of apologizing to him (does this reflect his emotions about apologizing to the old man who insulted his calligraphy?). He even apologized to her!! I mean, he’s definitely learning the ways [the powers of childhood, gahahaha], no?!

I hear that this is a manga, so I might also pick up the manga to read it through a little – the same way I did for Princess Jellyfish, but we’ll have to see, really.

P.S. Please watch the last minutes after the ending song. It’s… freaking funny.
*EDIT* Please watch EACH moments after the ending song, it’s not a preview necessarily to what will happen next, but it’s always a freaking funny moment!!

See you all later!  Ponyta