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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 02
Watched: August 31rst, 2014

August 31rst, 2014

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing today?

It seems like I may (or may not) have lied to you last post. I thought I would only post once per week, but as I realize that I’m already two weeks late, I decided to try and schedule in two posts per week. I can’t guarantee that I will be punctual in this though, so I take the time now to apologize in advance. Thank you for your comprehension! Let us get started!

Goo Hae Young vs. Nam Sang Hyo

Hearing Goo Hae Young speak the same words again, asking Nam Sang Hyo in his head whether or not she proposed and she’s getting married, I thought: “He’s jealous, isn’t he? Trying to get back at her isn’t he?“. I don’t know if I had the same thoughts in the previous episode (maybe I was frustrated at how obviously immature he was), but I thought I’d repeat it.

Obviously he still has feelings for her if, in the previous episode, he reacts so negatively to the Paparazzi Woman (let’s call her that, maybe I’ll call her Jogging Woman until we get a real name and I’m used to it) mentioning it; he wonders conveniently if he should’ve invited her to his wedding. And these are from episode 1 alone! In this episode, after impulsively driving off and leaving her at the docks, he actually U-turns and goes to frantically look for her [although he shouldn’t have left her in the first place].

It’s also how he acts with Soo Ah Jung when they’re in front of Nam Sang Hyo… acting all lovey-dovey when obviously it isn’t quite his nature to be. Then again, you see this happen in real life as well as in novels and shows and various other media; as if to show your ex that you’ve moved on, you’re always going to try and best them at being happy [which is what Goo Hae Young exaggerates by doing]. I’ve got to say that particular scene [pushing her off the bed] was pretty funny, but So Ah Jung didn’t deserve to be treated so unfairly [although she did push herself on him, which I don’t condone at all]. It’s to wonder whether or not he loves her; and whether or not it wasn’t a forced marriage between the two of them!

Does he adore the fact that she’s SHOCKED or something (always wondering whether or not she was shocked, whether or not he instilled an emotion into her)? Don’t you think that’s also why he pranked her while she was chasing him in the hallway? [her reaction was adorable and I would probably have reacted the same way, poor girl]

The mosquitoes part was cute and funny but served also to prove just how immature he is. He didn’t even look like he got hit, the first time I watched the episode, but then if you look closely, there is indeed a reddening bruise. I guess it’s because of his color skin? Like me, sort of, since I’m pretty tan, you can’t always see when I blush.

In the course of these episodes, I’m hoping to see him mature more. I think I said the same about the Emperor Toghon in Empress Ki, and now I feel like I should go back and watch it… NO PRESSURE, PONYO! NO PRESSURE!!

In this episode, to match with his immaturity personManager Nam shows her violent side, hurting him with her heel, yes, punching him, check, and even poking him with an umbrella (Assistant Manager Yang’s), but also by making some kind of move with her wrist (did you notice it?). Due to all of these occurrences in one single episode, I can safely say that I believe him when he says that she used to do that 7 years ago. She also sends him underhanded insults here and there, too.

He did deserve it though, taunting her like he did [“whoever gets an opportunity to remarry with his ex-wife preparing the ceremony?“. He got some nerve…!!!]. And she even threw the umbrella at his car; could it be that she broke it? It’s Assistant Manager Yang‘s after all, be careful, Nam Sang Hyo!!!

As if to emphasize their loneliness (and the fact that they are separated), each and every people that Goo Hae Young encounters when he comes back to the docks are in a couple. I applaud them for not making these “couples” a woman and a man, but also a man drinking with his buddy, among others.

It makes you wonder what kind of relationship they had together.

She mentions: “I waited so long for him” after he left her, whereas he later said: “There’s no way she’d wait for me. She didn’t wait 7 years ago.” You just know that either they were impatient with each other OR they had some kind of qui pro quo (because of Paparazzi woman perhaps? can you picture it? Paparazzi woman gave them the wrong place to wait for each other and the wrong time and they waited for each other but neither came?). That would be major miscommunication problems between couples, which I always advise against and a bit of a cliche, but like I mentioned in my previous post, who cares? I just want to see how this plays out and how it DID play out.

Later in the episode, it’s revealed that they did marry but never filed a marriage license, which means that legally, they’re not really married? That’s what I understand anyway!
I like that, despite everything, she’s still professional enough to give him tips on how to stroll through the stage in order to get to his wedding. They really seemed to be genuinely happy together (in the beginnings anyway, just look at them go!!). And obviously, they still have feelings for each other. After all, both of them still get choked up when realizing that he’s marrying someone else [of course you’ll have noticed that he couldn’t help staring at Nam Sang Hyo as Soo Ah Jung walked towards him, up the aisle with Assistant Hwang].

We learn at the last few moments of the drama that Nam Sang Hyo loved Goo Hae Young very much, and she still feels melancholic about it, whereas he tells his best friend that he feels hatred towards her (without mentioning her name of course), that’s a huge contrast. Apparently, they split up after less than 100 days of marriage [although it’s not said WHY].


I wonder what Assistant Manager Hwang was doing in the office as well as what he has found (the picture), that is, that he even has (once again) the General Manager backing him up as well as security people actually covering up his footsteps and mistakes. I thought for SURE at some point that perhaps the person would have replaced the footage with Manager Nam coming in her office. That would have been pretty difficult to do, too, but nevertheless, I became scared that she might be framed.

He’s very likely to be the pickpocket that’s been plaguing the hotel, but… was he successful in finding anything good to steal? Nope…? What did he come for then? Was it to find a way to frame Managing Director? Perhaps his goal is targeting everyone who stands in General Manager‘s way [oh hey, Lee Moo Yang is the General Manager’s name? Or is it his interlocutor’s name?] and to do this, they must tarnish the hotel’s reputation? Perhaps that may be why he also leaked the documents of the “Curse” of the hotel? (Is it possible that it’s him?).

After all, he has a severe gambling problem (as well as a really bad sore loser issue). I wonder if he dressed up with a Hawaiian shirt in order to make people think that he’s a tourist or he’s in vacation, so that they don’t know he works in a hotel [although they figured it out pretty quickly though, so that plan pretty much FAILED badly]? And it seems he likes to blackmail people [voir sa conversation au telephone].

I was so scared that he would blackmail both Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo over the fact that he found out about their in and out marriage [is that what got him into trouble? Is that why they conspired together to kill him?].

His little moment acting as Soo Ah Jung‘s father for the rehearsal was really cute, though, it makes me wish like he wasn’t the bad guy that everyone makes him out to be. Maybe he’s just a little bit crazy, but he might have good intentions? Like how he suggested he could help Manager Nam? But then again, let’s not forget the mysterious thing he did after he pulled Assistant Manager Young Mi‘s hair.

I like Managing Director‘s wit [have we ever heard his name?]. He came into his room and almost noticed immediately that something was wrong.

We discover that his father was the manager in this hotel, and that he has passed away some time ago when he was young. Maybe the picture that Assistant Hwang found in his office was actually… a picture of him and his father?

My personal favourite character is Assistant Manager Yang (so far), who stays, throughout the exes and the couples’ shenanigans, completely professional [even turning her back to them and promising not to see or say anything (it must be a really regular occurrence)] and doesn’t always betray her emotions or whatever she might feel about them. She’s also so proud of the reaction that So Ah Jung gets when she saw the suite where Goo Hae Young and her (So Ah) would stay for their first night as a married couple.

I also enjoy that she’s the one who keeps their team together (even if Assistant Manager Hwang has to be part of said team). She’s the one who invited everyone together and even is the one who kept Young Mi’s purse which she’d forgotten. I love the core team (Gi Chul, Nam Sang Hyo and Yang) together.

[I wonder if the special attention Assistant Manager Yang sometimes gives to Assistant Manager Hwang means something during the Karaoke scene]. On another note, her indigestion problems have me worried.

Assistant Manager Yang is preggers! Is she preggers with Assistant Manager Hwang? Is she pregnant with the lecher from the elevators? Is she actually going to have cancer and that’s why she was crying? Or perhaps it’s merely because she’s realized how badly Nam Sang Hyo treated her umbrella earlier? Man they better resolve this and let her live happily ever after!!

Nam sings really bad ALSO: she got changed but none of the others did? Unfair!

Is it possible that Young Mi is jealous of Manager Nam? But for what reason, I wonder? Is she, like Manager Yeo, aiming for Managing Director? Or was she hired at the same time as Manager Nam but never got promoted and never was allowed to rise higher than her rival? I hope we learn what exactly happened between Assistant Manager Hwang and Young Mi that night!!
Maybe she likes the only datable guy in the team? What’s his name? Gi Chul? That’s why she reacted negatively when he called her a PARTY POOPER? And also how she commented at how irritating it is WHEN the guy started to sing and point more at Manager Nam than anyone else.
You can also just SEE how unhappy she is in this GIF alone but also in her strange reactions later on in the scene. Oh and by the way, she totally loses points in my book when she started to try to smoke. And she’s not very smart either, sticking around during the whole suspicious conversation and not even thinking about recording or anything to back up her evidence…

Manager Nam is not afraid of showing her violent side even at the office. This is shown when she deals with the Manager whose name I didn’t really bother to remember, but who is very lecherous it seems [and also, if you remember, during their meeting in the first episode, he kept pushing the blame and the rumors onto Manager Nam] and I’m glad that she shows up to help the poor girl out [at that point, she could’ve beaten the crap out of him and I wouldn’t have minded]. Jolteon pointed out that he SHOULD have known about the camera in the elevator, but I think that he didn’t know because those were installed very recently, in order to catch the pickpocket, who had been plaguing their hotel.

Manager Cha is a side character we often hear about and we see him appear at least once per episode it seems. Manager Nam always wishes to talk to him [mostly about the pickpocket], mostly because he’s the Security Team Leader [but it seems like whenever you see him (for example in the first episode), he’s always in a hurry and/or running]. I guess it’s part of the job…? I like that Goo Hae Young thought he might be Managing Director though, hahaha. When will these two characters officially meet?

Also, seeing as he’s Head of Security, will he play a more important role soon? Will he be siding more with Managing Director Jo or rather with General Manager instead?

As a totally other point, I really liked the fact that the Managing Director Jo [OH WE HAVE A NAME, WE FINALLY HAVE A NAME?!] and Manager Nam MATCHED outfits, despite not seeing each other in awhile (that we know anyway). Not only does it seem like Managing Director Jo knows what to say to her to calm her, but it seems like he has a knack to console her (whether or not she’s sad or she’s drunk…). Please be extra careful, Goo Hae Young, because in my fan girl and shipping heart right now, this smiling Managing Director is gaining on your territory and so fast, I must say, so fast! I’m starting to think things like: Hm. It wouldn’t be so bad if, throughout this drama, Nam Sang Hyo learns to let go (and Goo Hae Young too) and she ends up with Jo. I like how the advice Jo gives Nam is the opposite of Goo Hae Young’s best friend’s, and it leads to even more qui pro quo and more miscommunication and… probably a lot more of… maybe… immatureness?

Goo Hae Young

I give props to Soo Ah Jung for trying to be close to him [by inviting him to watch movies with her before their wedding, to spend time with her husband to-be, you know!] even if he’s totally ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder all the time (or almost). I even give her props for sticking with him despite him already having been taken by another woman prior to her [her reaction was also quite fitting of a rich (and spoiled) girl who usually gets what she wants out of life without having to work much for it (and I wonder if this character will fight against the stereotype by acting non-typically of her trope when she’ll (eventually) find out about Manager Nam Sang Hyo and her fiance)]. She even covers for him when he insults their wedding planner, that’s pretty much love!! I wonder how they met, through their parents?
It’s also revealed through this episode that she’s the one who proposed to Goo Hae Young, even if she does deny it and ask him evidence of when she could have done such a thing.

We get to see another aspect of Goo Hae Young‘s life as a president of an architectural firm. His best friend (whatever his name is) advises him to gather a team and design something for the library, because their competitor, SHIM ARCHITECTS, are the only ones who submitted a design, which means that they only have one candidate to trump. I just hope that this comes back and isn’t mentioned for nothing [as a minor subplot or just as a very basic dialogue ice breaker of some kind, because then it wouldn’t be coherent (then again… some slice of life things don’t make sense)].

Goo Hae Young takes the advice the wrong way and just decides to get back at Nam Sang Hyo, using his fiancee, which shows off his competitive side, I guess.

As for the fact that Goo Hae Young lost his wallet… could it be that he lost it because Assistant Hwang has pickpocketed it? Is it possible that’s how Assistant Hwang was planning on ruining the wedding? By using all of his cards or something?


What is Paparazzi girl doing in the hotel if she is not one of the bride’s close friends (due to the fact that she smirked and walked away instead of taking pictures with So Ah Jung and her other besties)?

Is that why Manager Nam was so concerned about the ice sculpture? Because she knew that perhaps Assistant Hwang had sabotaged it in order to ruin the wedding? Does she feel guilty that he went and died instead of coming back to fix the ice sculpture?

I find Managing Director Jo‘s interactions with the service lady cute. She actually said that he shouldn’t stay in too much because then Chef Hong would think that the Director has a preference for his (Hong’s) food instead of other restaurants. Hahaha, that’s a cute joke, no [he even laughed/chuckled]?
Just me? Okay.
But it DID set a lighter tone for what was to come (the ominous contents of the letter). Is the content true? Is it false? Is he scared of being next? Is he scared of being poisoned? Is he going to investigate this further? Is he going to recognize the writing somehow? Is it Assistant Hwang who wrote it and maybe General Manager killed him to shut his mouth? Can he trust Simon? Can he trust Manager Nam? Can he trust Manager Yeo? Can we trust me?! Too many questions, my head spins!!

Could it be that it’s actually un-related and Assistant Hwang was actually just murdered because of his gambling problem and because he totally injured a person’s hand for life?

But that this unfortunate investigation actually comes and they uncover about the previous Managing Director’s murder?

Would people think that Goo Hae Young is the suspect since he was caught on camera walking in and out of Hwang‘s office? Who knows? Wasn’t he drunk? After all, he had seen something which made him really jealous (Nam Sang Hyo speaking to Jo) and he decided to take it out on Hwang in his drunken way?

Well all right people! These were my thoughts on Episode 2, I’m so sorry it’s all over the place and basically that it’s 3k words long. I didn’t mean for it to turn that way, too many questions and too many speculations, is what it is! I promise that next time, I’ll try and make it less… lengthy!

See you all later!!

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