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Started: So long ago I can’t even…
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March 18th, 2014

Hello there, Readers! [Maybe I should find a proper name instead of just winging it every time I write to you people…],
How are you all doing? The beginning of Fall 2014 semester has been treating you well, I hope? I really hope that I get all the courses that I want and that the teachers won’t be as dispersed as some of the ones I got this semester (Winter 2014).


It’s very typical of me: there’s something super important that I have to study for. So I’m going to take my time and write some reviews to calm my nerves (then, watch some cartoons, anime, TV shows, catch up with some mangas and some comics…). All right, I’m done with this little drama and I’m going to talk about the real reason why we’re here… SAKANA (which basically means FISH, in Japanese).

Growlithe is the great friend who recommended this comic to me. She described it so well that I couldn’t help but be curious and in the end, I binge-read it all (at the time, anyway). The updates are rather spread apart (the latest update as I write this, March 18th, was given to us 6 months after the last release).

I’ve done a bit of research (what? Actually I just went on the author’s comments from Smackjeeves), and she said that (I’m guessing again that it’s a ‘she’) she was hired to ‘produce’ a “regular show comic series” and she had only a few days to finish the whole thing (that was back in September 2013). She said that she’d also need some time afterwards for her hands to heal, and I totally understand, just drawing, inking, scanning, patterning, shadowing, leveling, colouring one image is enough to put me into a breakdown (but that’s mostly about my abilities), so… yeah… *cough* It’s about Skips the Yeti, if you ever want to check it out! 

SAKANA is a super sweet and cute and very ‘comedic’ [so far anyway, each chapter kind of hints towards something a little more serious, although we have no reached that point yet in the storyline as of the day I’m writing this] webcomic about a guy named Jiro and his adventures with women.

The story line is very nicely story-boarded and executed. I love how coherent stories are, and this one is no exception in terms of chronological logic (so far anyway). It’s so easily read-ible, too, that I was able to re-read the whole series up until so far in less than an hour (ah, the nostalgia).

And then, there’s the characters! Each one of the characters that MAD introduces us to is UNIQUE and set themselves apart from the other characters, and it’s so interesting to read about them. She (I’m guessing Mad is a ‘she’) was able to make me passionately hate Yuudai, and suddenly, now, I adore him and his quirks. I sort of didn’t really like Genji, but I’d like to know him more before I want to say that I hate him with a passionate fury.

I like Jiro, because I can relate to his fear of women (with my own fear of men, I guess). I like that his brother, Taro, always sticks up for him, no matter what, and always tries to cheer him up (I think Taro might be one of my favourite characters, because of his attitude, his past and his sense of humour, which is hilarious (like mine)). I also like Taisei for his quirkiness and I’m MAD jealous of his height. I can’t talk too much about the other characters, but I even like them (except for the ‘gangsters’).

I absolutely love the art style, it’s so simplistic yet so elaborate in the way the characters are drawn and especially in the way the fishes and the backgrounds are drawn and inked out. MAD has MAD skills.
I love the attention to detail all of these illustrators have. It’s always worth mentioning, and it’s always about different things, which make them so unique!
Also, what I love about the comic is the facial expressions. Oh! The characters’ facial expressions could be memes on their own, or even emoticones.
She (because I think most artists I read are girls) even has skills in ‘writing’ kanjis (I’m going to call them Kanjis, bite me), which is HUGE (speaking because I fail at writing a lot of Kanjis and didn’t have a good grade in my Japanese class back in summer 2013 OTL).

I may be mistaken, but there may be some gore (that is… it’s gore because there’s… blood of fish, because Taro is a butcher…?), but there is loads of humour and cuteness in this webcomic. If you like these themes, why not try them out?

\( •_•)_†      Ponyta’s out!       †_( •_•)/