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Title: Barakamon
Season: 1
Episode: 2 [Yakamashika – Annoying]
Watched: August 11th, 2014

August 11th, 2014

Hello again people!
Hope you’re all doing as well as I! I’m pretty cold, the place where I’ve decided to work at today has the AC cranked up to the max. It does not match with the t-shirt I chose to wear today… so I’m a bit cold… I hope I don’t get sick…

Anyways, I’m late with this anime, but here goes! Barakamon, episode 2! Oh yeah! SPOILERS!

I was surprised that we got introduced to a new character completely; Hiroshi [I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since this is only the beginning of the series, so we haven’t seen all of the characters as of yet]. It’s interesting to see that, from his point of view anyway, no matter how hard he studies, how fast he runs, how loudly he sings, people would still tell him to do better. It’s in the culture, I believe. We often hear about it; parents pushing their children to do better not with encouragements, but things like: “You can do better” [then again, right after, it’s revealed that Hiroshi doesn’t do everything as hard as he thinks; he only works halfway before losing his motivation, basically].

I can’t believe that, right after I said that, Hiroshi’s father (who coincidentally is the Village Chief from the previous episode) does not mind at all that his son gets “3”s. In fact, he mentions how he always got them as well. His parents seem so chill, maybe that’s why he strives for something better, something more.

Then again… I apologize for saying that your parents are cool, Hiroshi… I… didn’t know that you had to deal with these things as well. His mother is so over-dramatic and awesome, I feel like I might be related to her (except that she can cook and I can turn things into burnt lumps of just about nothing). [it made me chuckle that even his father reacted the same way when she said those things, hahahahahaha]

Oh my goodness, I can feel the people starting to ship Handa with Hiroshi, mainly because of that scene, and majoritarily because, since they have such problems with authority, while still attempting to achieve their goals, they are similar! BROMANCE! After all, Hiroshi understands somewhat how hard Handa works and thanks to realizing this, he realized that he only does things “half-assed” which is why he doesn’t obtain a lot of good grades…!
And then there’s Naru who doesn’t look like she cares about Handa much… even if she takes care of him a lot.

The introduction of the two girls – forgot their names already, was pretty funny as well. I expect to see them come back often – especially Tama (I think her name is?) – whom I recognize as the girl who is the “Fujoshi” at least I call her that until I get used to her real name. I find it very nice of them, to have come and see him at the hospital despite not knowing him for a long time!! That’s very nice!

Hina is super cute! I remember her name because it reminds me of Hinata from Naruto [doesn’t she even seem as timid as Hinata?! This one cries when she wants attention AND when she’s happy though, so they are different…]! I love how, even if he’s annoyed and can’t focus because of their presence, Hina’s tears can make Handa provide for the children brushes so they can draw as well as juice. He’s softening, for sure! Hahaha!

Hahaha, I was happy when I watched this episode [this was one of my favourite moments]. I think that the more time he spends there, the more Handa gets inspired to write, isn’t that awesome?!! Anyways, I shall get going now! See you next time, peeps!

 Ponyta’s out –