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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 03
Watched: August 23nd, 2014
Watched with: Jolteon

September 15th, 2014

Hello everyone,
How’s everybody faring? The month of September has started, which means that school has started… I trust that it will be treating you well? I hope? As for me, I’m still struggling to put everything together at least a week before, but it’s still pretty tough to handle my readings with these weekly posts, so I apologize that this is so late!

I also won’t be releasing double posts for these episodes, because I have to prepare my weekly posts for Legend of Korra ones, since it returns October 3rd!!

As usual, please beware of the spoilers that I’m about to give about this episode!

I can’t remember the format in which I wrote my reviews, but for this episode, let me go character by character… party by party all right?

Inspector is really funny (and, so far anyways, acts as a total comic relief), but he’s really weird too (as in he has many quirks), almost a la Colombo [educate yourselves, children], but worse… in the sense where he’s weirder (and I have many quirks, so I know). Just like Colombo, however, I feel like he’ll be the one who gets to solve some of the Hotel’s mysteries through some really amazing or non-amazing detective skills which landed him such a job.

It’s the way that he dresses (with regular casual shirts and his spiky styled boots) which makes Nambu Police crime investigation (team 1)’s Detective Kim Geum Bo the most quirky inspector as of yet. And I must also say that he’s rising to become one of my favourite stand-alone characters in this series.

His strange winks are really extremely funny and sudden loud laughs are really difficult for me to handle so far though. He’s pretty sharp too, considering that he’s only seen Managing Director and General Manager once interact and he already has his suspicions (or rather is hinting at them) about how General Manager might hate his job (or at least his current situation). I like how he’s able to de-stabilize people by asking questions which could be interpreted differently depending on the person’s alibi. I don’t know if he does it on purpose or to see if she’ll betray herself, but it’s well done!

Ahhh it’s so ironic that the one favourite thing Assistant Hwang loved enough to carry around with him at all times is the supposed murder weapon. I’m talking about his ice pick of course!

I like Managing Director Jo Sung Gyum‘s comeback with the whole “my people” concept once again, just because it’s coherent with his character and *shudders* it just gave me goosebumps just how badly he wants to protect her (he even fondly calls her “the future of [the] hotel”).

I can totally see that he’s fitting in his role as a boss, swooping in to save the damsel in distress from the Godzilla Bride and even admonishing her in a way where she actually feels complimented instead of feeling insulted (and even handling the jealous Goo Hae Young with tactfulness). [ah man, I can’t help it, every time I see this gif, I just shudder, I hope it never gets taken down… for my sake and yours (it took me 5 to 10 minutes to find it, after all)]

I feel like throughout the episode, he expressed even more emotions of concern towards Manager Nam, especially the scene where Simon told him that Nam Sang Hyo was being interrogated by the police (he looked so shocked and even betrayed, like: “WHY ISN’T SHE RESTING! I’M TOTALLY HANDLING EVERYTHING FOR HER RIGHT NOW!!“). Even going as far as to interrupt an investigation on the sole authority that she’s his people and that she needs rest (which she totally does, but it’s still fairly disruptive for the detective).

That looks slightly suspicious.

Perhaps his mother – due to his father dying when he was young – had to overwork herself so much that she eventually had some kind of breakdown, which is why he’s so concerned about his future-bride-to-be (I mean Nam Sang Hyo of course). I’m already establishing this as being headcanon and that this is why he is adamant about how Nam Sang Hyo should get some rest. He respects her and wishes for her to maintain a good health despite all of this. He knows she’s been working hard, after all. Maybe he’s had to console his grieving mother from crying a lot when he was a kid, which is why he knows not to panic when a woman cries… Man I’m just adding on and on about his backstory.

You could also dump his worry on Nam Sang Hyo because he’s subconsciously focusing on something else than the possibility of his father actually being murdered, letting his brain process the news in order to know what proceedings he can go through to investigate the case.

Another highlight which involves Managing Director Jo is definitely the way he helped Nam Sang Hyo when he found her unconscious and even stayed on the phone with her as she fell asleep, which is something I found sweet and thoughtful [if only non-creepy guys actually did something like that in real life… that would be great]. I love how he thinks she tries to seduce him… hahahaha. And then her falling asleep while he was trying to find out whether or not she had a boyfriend before… that’s pretty cute too… is he trying to place some moves on her? [oh, and I thought I should say this but DON’T get sucked into the lies she tells you, Director Jo! She is not the best singer of her team!!!]

His interactions with General Manager [Lee Moo Yang] regarding the incident left me a bit perplex in terms of what the General Manager knows. Obviously, General Manager has been monitoring and even covering for Assistant Manager Hwang (until he couldn’t keep it anymore and decided to murder him, perhaps? Perhaps Assistant Manager Hwang had decided to spill the beans to Manager Jo about who killed his father and General Manager didn’t want to lose his position and be sentenced to jail?).

Regarding General Manager‘s position where Manager Nam stands, I wonder if he has something against her, or for some unknown reason, may be fearful of her? Or just aware of her capabilities and strengths? Sometimes, it seems like he might be looking out for her, sometimes it seems like he might be fearing her (as shown when he warns Assistant Hwang about being more careful around her) and sometimes, it seems like he wants to sabotage her by not letting Manager Jo intercede in her favor (although his arguments are pretty clear). Does he truly trust her or does he want to ruin her reputation and people’s respect for her?

Seeing as so many people return information to General Manager inside of the hotel, it makes me wonder whether or not the hotel managing staff isn’t actually divided, as Manager Jo says, between his people and the others. Is that why he (Manager Jo) may or may not have replaced an entire team of staff members?

Upon seeing Assistant Manager Hwang‘s corpse, Assistant Manager Yang collapsed. Due to the fact that she was crying incessantly and so late in the office the night before, I wonder if she’s not somehow related to him. At first, I had believed that she could be preggers with his child (if somehow he looks um… if somehow he’s… appealing to her eyes?), considering the fact that she had some… cramps or stomach problems which she mentioned before? I also haven’t discarded the possibility that she might be related to him in some other way OR that the simple shock of seeing a fellow coworker has gotten her all worked up. [she even lied to Manager Nam (whom I considered her friend) about how the health checkup went fine… I’ve got my suspicions on her… I hope that it’s nothing though…]

Manager Nam is incredibly resourceful (I guess that’s what you need to work up the ladder to become a manager in the Las Vegas hotel). I really like how, after the initial shock, she was able to handle so much. I admire this because many people (I’m just thinking about this in terms of me actually) would just freeze and panic and not know what to do in these situations. Even just putting something to cover the body wouldn’t have been my first thoughts. Evacuating the guests and making sure that the groom is tending to his almost-bride wouldn’t even have crossed my mind! Not only that, but she was able to manage the press and media like a pro, diverting the issue and even giving out the food that wasn’t served in the end to the guests due to the panic! How efficient!

Even Inspector Kim Geum Bo said that she did him a favor by evacuating everyone already, but I question whether or not it was a good thing [I have knowledge from watching a few CSI, Law and Order, Detective Conan, etc. okay?!]. After all, the killer could have been one of those guests, no? Wouldn’t it have been better to make an interrogation on the spot, before the murderer got the chance to get a solid alibi?

Manager Yeo seemed to have plenty of difficulties handling the press, and especially the Paparazzi Woman, who seems hellbent on making the critics plunge negatively for the Secret Hotel. However, what’s most notable in this scene (except that, for once, you wanted Manager Yeo to win (but it was against Paparazzi Woman so…)) is that someone mentioned how the whole staff management resigned at the same time the year prior to this [although Manager Yeo counters this by saying that it was for better management, but was it? It looks like she wasn’t sure that what she was saying was correct].

Manager Yeo and Young Mi don’t have many interactions together, so I thought that it was odd to see them together in that one scene. They both feel like rivals for Nam Sang Hyo but for different reasons. I wonder if Young Mi is somehow in need of money. Is she as bad a gambler as Assistant Hwang? Is that why she bet so much? Or is it because, like she says, she just knows that Manager Yeo just doesn’t stand a chance?

Jung So Ah‘s make-up was ruined in one scene [where Goo Hae Young points it out to her and she takes it even worse] and suddenly, it’s fine the next scene we see it. This disrupted Jolteon‘s concentration a little bit, and she kept pointing it out until I wrote that down in my notes. I thought that, the moment she noticed, perhaps So Ah just put on makeup to cover it up, but I don’t put makeup on daily so I don’t know how quickly you have to be to fill in the transition of the two scenes she appears in with her fiance.

I must say that I’m very upset that So Ah has that kind of personality where she would just hit people when she’s hysterical. I wonder if it’s that Bridezilla mentality that I’ve heard about for so long [this is why I don’t want to get married. You know what the chances are that I would transform into the HULK?! TOO MANY even before the freaking wedding ceremony]. How could you blame the wedding planner about the ruined wedding? Would she have planned to have a murder at your wedding just so that your wedding could be sabotaged?

Oh. I will say this scene really made me had to pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind and repeat at least a few times before I could stop the goosebumps and the squeals from escaping my soul.

You know I’m hellbent against harems, but this show has built this up fairly well enough that I can’t choose whether I like Goo Hae Young with Nam Sang Hyo or Jo with Nam Sang Hyo (so far it’s obviously Manager Jo, and I suspect that the fact I like Goo Hae Young so much is simply the actor (and that sometimes, his immature side is sort of cute, but otherwise, immatureness loses terrain over matureness any day of the week)).

It’s just SOMETHING in about that particular scene, you know? It’s about how Goo Hae Young grabbing his hysterical fiancee’s arm to protect his EX-WIFE, and Manager Jo just stepping in and readily takes the blow for Nam Sang Hyo (but doesn’t because Goo Hae Young ends up protecting him instead of Nam Sang Hyo). It’s just poetically beautiful.

You also realize in Goo Hae Young‘s eyes what we come to realize: no matter how vague Manager Jo used to be around who had his heart: Manager Yeo or Manager Nam, this action (among others, of course) serves to prove just where his affinities lie the most (it’s a drama, and it’s been advertised, so you sort of already knew, but just watching the build-up until that particular moment just…!!!).

His jealousy is so apparent, and Soo Ah is so… um… confident that she’s the one who incites these feelings into him [despite the fact that his parents were pressuring him into marrying her, which is why he’s so nonchalant about having her around otherwise], I feel almost sad for her [just because, despite what she has put Nam Sang Hyo through (hitting her for unfair reasons), she doesn’t deserve all of the indifference and all the awkward situations that Goo Hae Young puts her through (pretending to be lovey-dovey with her in front of his ex, pushing her off him and onto the ground, popping a balloon next to her ears…) I’m just saying, she could do better…]… They’re such an IMMATURE couple, hahaha, they might as well deserve each other [I swear, more and more as this episode went on, Goo Hae Young has lost grounds on Manager Jo!!! I mean his only redeeming moment was really when he protected both Jo and Nam from his bride-to-be’s bi@tch slap].

You got some back story on Goo Hae Young as well. His father is a really well-known architect but he rejected the fortune and owns his own architectural office (Mare). I guess this proves just how independent he wants to be to his parents (although it’s ironic that, no matter how independent, he would actually go and acquiesce to an arranged marriage with another wealthy family). And he loves travelling.

DID GOO HAE YOUNG MURDER ASSISTANT HWANG while being DRUNK?! Why would he need an ALIBI then? Both Jolteon and I don’t believe that he could have done that, that he actually probably needs an alibi because he doesn’t want to say that he was all alone, so that he’s not seen as the prime suspect – although his interview with the inspector shows that despite this, he still IS the main suspect in the murder. Goo Hae Young is drastic and he did sort of defend himself, but I don’t believe him to be the murderer, I mean… he was drunk but…

Shi Chan is the name of his best friend, who had to pay for 800$ of drinks before his wedding. No WONDER he wasn’t really sober during the wedding… I wonder why Goo Hae Young lied to his best friend. Is it because he’s got to reject that memory of seeing Nam Sang Hyo with another man (who’s more competent and mentally stable than he is), so he lies so that the more he lies, the more truthful it becomes to him, like a megalomaniac?

Unnamed Paparazzi Woman Who is Obsessed with Goo Hae Young is a media person? Or a novelist [that particular storyline that she told him is really funny]? Or did she infiltrate the wedding, decide not to leave with the other guests and then stay and infiltrate the media people just because it’d be fun to find out more about Goo Hae Young? Wait, nevermind, she was invited to his wedding, which is why she stormed into his office in the first or second episode! It’s really suspicious that she even knows Nam Sang Hyo enough that she had to retreat in case Nam Sang Hyo saw her and may recognize her. Did something happen between the two characters? Why’s she so upset that Goo Hae Young didn’t tell her that the ‘Las Vegas Woman’ was still present in his life? But she really thinks that saying that Nam Sang Hyo is a murderer would make him appreciate her better??

The more I think about it, the more I believe that Unnamed Paparazzi Woman is probably one of those media people whom the PR team (manager Yeo) had to invite to the wedding in order for them to cover the event and make more advertisement for the hotel (so that the rumors of being divorced 3 months after your wedding would disperse due to the high quality and awesome wedding). That would explain how she was present and why she was even invited to the wedding despite not knowing the bride. I would go as far as to say that perhaps he met her while he was in Italy or France (after “divorcing” Nam Sang Hyo) and she’s been obsessing over him since then (perhaps).

I wouldn’t go and venture to say that Paparazzi Woman could have murdered Assistant Hwang (who perhaps gave her some inside information and gave her the info to leak over the divorce statistics (but then again, she wasn’t invested in the whole Secret Hotel thing until AFTER she discovers that Goo Hae Young was marrying, right?)) just so that she could stop the wedding? It would be pretty crazy for her to steal her ‘beloved’s wallet‘ and kill a man in cold blood (with his own ice pick) and frame Goo Hae Young. Perhaps her aim would be for So Ah Jung to dislike him due to his reputation of killer, so that she be the only woman there for him? That’s just… psychopathic…

Another theory that arises of course is the one where, perhaps, the murderers are simply the guys whom Assistant Hwang played gambling with. They know about his love for the ice pick and his unorthodox usage of it (I mean… that hand!!), so perhaps they thought it ironic and decided to stab him with it and dump his body somewhere and leave? This would further the investigation into: ‘Why the heck would Assistant Hwang be murdered by mafiosos‘ and this could eventually lead to General Manager Lee , who knows? That would take AWHILE and considering the series only has 16 episodes… I doubt that this course of action would be taken… [also didn’t I voice these concerns previously…?]

I love how Nam Sang Hyo always somehow has the upper hand with Goo Hae Young. She can uppercut punch him, she can use an umbrella against him… and now, even with a SHARPIE pen!! It’s like an impulse or some kind of inside joke that they have together. Does she feel like she always needs to torture him in some way? Is this reminiscent of how they met (after all, he did say that she used to do that to him seven years ago)? This makes their couple so cute to watch, although the relationship is pretty… let’s just call it toxic from what I’ve seen so far anyway!

I seriously question Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young‘s sense of priorities. I know that they have reputations to maintain, I mean they both pretended like they don’t know each other in front of a lot of people, so they have to keep the status quo as that. In this sense, why bother to meet up in person at all [and risk the heartbreak that entails every one of their departing from each other]? He could totally have texted her the message which he gave her instead of wasting time like they did.

Before ending my opinion post on the third episode, let me link you to the Original Soundtrack or at least some of the songs from this drama that I like most: Lost in Love and Secret [alternative link, and just in case they’re taken down, another]. I don’t do this often, but… I don’t know, I just wanted to share because some of those songs are funny! Also, did I ever link you to this preview trailer which I hadn’t seen before starting this series?

That’s all out of me today misses and sirs! I’ll see you next week perhaps!!

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