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YouTube: Variant comics
Host: Arris Quinones (Twitter)
Links: Facebook Page and YouTube

January 16th, 2014

¿Como estan todos? [taken from Google Translate, and since Rattata won’t talk to me, I’m not even sure if this is good or not].

Fun Fact: September 17th is the Australian Citizenship Day, where people reflect on the importance of being a citizen. That’s so interesting! I wonder if Canada has the equivalent… *puts this on the to-research list*

I discovered this YouTube Channel quite recently (well, in 2013), as I was dying with cravings of Young Justice [to emphasize that I’m so obsessed about the series that I still haven’t gotten over the cancellation is to poorly describe how I feel].

Arris Quinones is the host of this marvelous YouTube channel of everything related to superheroes, which is a topic I obsess about [as you all know already].

Like many superhero-related YouTubers, Arris sometimes does what he titles as “Epic Battle(s)”, which pits Superheroes (and/or Supervillains) against each other. In these segments, he will list the qualities and origin stories of both contestants, and then, he will let us vote on the Facebook Page. After a week, he compiles the votes and gives us the results in the video segment the week after.
I think that most of the time, he pits MARVEL people VS DC people, so the duels are even more heated.

Though I’ve never used them, Arris also “gives” us the opportunity to have “discounts” for the sponsors that pay to have their names featured in his videos. Along with this, he usually takes the time to give us a list of comics to pick-up, which he finds interesting to read or that he’s been enjoying.

Another segment I love to watch is when Arris gives us “Origin Stories” of superheroes/supervillains. Some stories, I already know of, but it’s always refreshing to have someone knowledgeable in the world of heroes to give us new information. It’s also awesome to receive new information on the other fictive people we don’t know about.

So whenever you have the time or feel like seeing the epic battles of certain heroes and/or their origin stories, why not head on to the VariantComics channel and check it out?

I shall see you next week for another post on -Well-I-Don’t-Know-Yet-What-I’m-Going-To-Write-But-I’m-Sure-It-Shall-Come! 

Ponyta left to play the harp! ( ・_・)ノζ|||)

P.S. I don’t play the harp, it’s a beautiful instrument that is too heavy for me.