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Title: Barakamon
Season: 1
Episode: 3 [Hitonmochi – Mochi Thrown in Celebration]
Watched: August 29th, 2014

August 29th, 2014

Hey there everybody,
How are you all doing?

As usual, let me give you the warning about the Spoilers, and you can be on your way to ogle at the gifs that I find on Tumblr and Google!

A lot of random things happen in the course of one episode, and most of them are because of Naru… One of the funniest moments was definitely the realization that, when she wants to be, Naru’s one manly child…
…until she realized that she wasn’t actually all grown up and she hadn’t read the kanji [from having learned some kanjis for my Japanese Class (only level 1), I can say from personal experience that it IS pretty difficult to do; Perhaps I should explain…? The symbol that she read wrong is because… um… the last symbol could be a katakana for “RO” but it’s actually a kanji, which is the same symbol, but pronounced differently (“kuchi] right…
…thanks a lot Sensei for ruining her self-confidence [LOL]!!!
On a side note: Naru, what exactly is your definition of being “grown up”? 

The moment you see him next, you realize that Sensei‘s become a lot nicer (you see him helping out the old lady at the store and actually being considerate of her and her poodle as well as not mentioning that her back problem may be due to her constantly carrying her dog). He progressed so much in these past episodes (and note that we’re only at the third episode) that he actually wants to be friend with the fujoshi girl, Tama (Leafeon ships it).

I love how the twist in here is that he doesn’t like the horror of the manga that she’s trying to make, but she’s, in turn, so passionate about her manga [as well as other mangas, since she has a stash of them that she even lends him!!]. Not only that, but she’s so absolutely adamant about not appearing as a Fujoshi (who also loves Boy Love).
She’s so absolutely dramatic (her thought process is almost just like mine, so I can relate to her extremely well!!), I love her character, although I don’t see anything wrong about being a geek, children! It’s not important, as long as you love what you do [says the geek herself]!!

On an aside, the definition of Fujoshi here and the definition from Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) greatly differs…

GRANNY GETTING JEALOUS IS THE BEST and the poodle. Never. Ever. Forget. The. Poodle. Leafeon just couldn’t stop laughing at that point, and neither could I. What I understand from the interaction between the two older women is that they used almost the same sounds for different words, which is why they basically misunderstood each other until Handa Sensei intervened [another proof that he’s changed, I think? It seems to me like he would never have done such a thing if he were in the city].

Eventually you get to see Hiro again [that blonde kid who does things half-assed]. I love how he looks out for Handa Sensei all the time; dropping by to give him food but even going as far as to bring him ink because he knew that it would be sold out at the drugstore, that’s pretty cool!

The second half of the episode deals with an issue that I think is very important, despite the tones that they give it and how they dealt with it; failure. As you may or may not have noticed, I’m a fan of any piece of art that has a certain moral in it; a moral which I can show to the children who watch a lot of anime/cartoons.

You can skip this part and go to the next, but here goes: Handa-sensei has always been very prideful and he’s always been very careful about his art as calligraphist. He was extremely certain that he would win the first prize [if you analyze this, you could almost say that this correlates to students studying so hard that they’re certain that they will get a good grade (a callback to Hiroshi from the previous episode, I do think so?)]. But then he gets second place (not only that, but he got beat by an 18 years old, will we meet this prodigy some day? And maybe even beat him? (I mean Handa I mean Handa!!)), which would sort of be in the same line as getting a really bad grade despite studying so well. Because of this, he feels very useless and worthless, despite knowing that he shouldn’t make middle school children worry about him like that, it still crushes him a lot.

Despite this, through the Hitonmochi (Mochi-picking), or so FAILING to, he learns through the mochi picking champion, Yasuba, that he doesn’t have to look up all the time, and to take mochi once it hits the ground [“You find a mess of opportunities fallen below“], but also, he should accept the position that he was given and go for a better, plumper mochi, which is basically a comparison for… a better prize (like the sweet beans soup), perhaps? Handa finds that despite getting failures, he could still have fun, which is ultimately what’s important.

I love the callback to the previous half of the episode, when Tama is involved (specifically, when she sees Hiroshi and Handa-sensei interact [namely that Hiroshi fell on Handa while catching a mochi that both of them were preying on] and she asks herself: “Is God testing me“).

[Lastly… it seems like Kenta likes Naru, who only gives her attention to Handa-sensei? Love triangle?]

Did you notice that this episode featured Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist? I remember reading somewhere about it, but I’m not sure for the reason why they didn’t get into trouble with putting this there. Is it because the publisher is the same for the three mangas and Barakamon?

This episode was absolutely, fabulously funny, and I hope you will be as entertained as I was watching it! All right, then, I’m gonna leave it at that for now and watch episode 4, I’ll see you all next week for the next episode review (or just in a few days, for another review altogether).

Until then, please be safe and take good care of yourselves!