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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 9 [Death Gun]
Watched: September 11th, 2014

September 11th, 2014

Hey there everyone,
I’m so extremely sorry that this is so late. As I mentioned on my post, which is released today (but tomorrow for you), I’ve been sort of struggling to balance every element of this time life of mine well… for now… I’m still late with my anime reviews because of this… but I’ll still be trying to release them as soon as possible, I promise!

All right, there are spoilers here and now you can move on!

Nice to see Asuna and the gang together, re-watching what happened previously [thus re-capping episode 8 in another fashion which I find refreshing], despite them being not at all as useful to Kirito (although, arguably perhaps, they were never really useful to him before (except perhaps Asuna and to a certain degree Leafa herself, of course [and I guess Lizbeth too, since she helped him forge another sword… back then…])).

I was glad that, out of everyone, both Asuna and Klein know something about that voice; it’s good, it’s good…!!! This is coherent with Kirito’s previous statement that he has already fought against the man with the Death Gun and that he is indeed a member of the previous Laughing Coffin and not some kind of fake! As Klein mentions, “It’s showtime” which was PoH’s catch phrase. Did you notice the hand sign back there? I think I noticed and mentioned in in my previous episode re-cap, but it seems to me like it’s not PoH but someone who’s acting like him.

I really hope that Asuna can indeed get a hold of Kirito’s employer, knock some sense into him and maybe convert herself (or can she just make another account?) in order to support her husband (if not just to go and prevent him from flirting with Sinon (or to keep viewers from shipping Sinon with Kirito)). GET MORE SCREEN TIME GIRL [PLEASE]! Although I know these kinds of thoughts are sort of stupid if impossible to please, since, if I recall Lugia telling me, Asuna isn’t even in GGO.

The fact that Death Gun was able to evade Sinon’s gun was pretty impressive (although he wouldn’t have been a very frightening opponent for Kirito if he were eliminated just like that, right?). Does this mean that he has some kind of enhanced skill from another game, like Kirito [obviously I’m talking about Sword Art Online]? Perhaps he can hear bullets arrive? Or perhaps he already knew that both Kirito and Sinon were there and was just waiting for that bullet to fire?

Sinon mentioned how ‘his’ system recognized her so it was easy for Death Gun to know where she was beforehand? Is that what I understand?! All right, so it’s someone that’s definitely already been a GGO player and probably has already played the Bullet of Bullets tournament, if he recognized her (unless of course he played some raids against or with her before to gain skills and whatever you gain when you do that). Then it means that neither Pale Rider, or Gunner X or Sterben would be the suspects, right (since those names are the ones she did not know of).

I was shocked that after recharging and after showing off such skill (especially against that monster in the previous episodes), Sinon was not able to fire again another bullet at Death Gun while Kirito charges forward in order to investigate further and/or stop Death Gun from killing Pale Rider. Once more, what exactly did Pale Rider do to Death Gun, assuming that Death Gun is still punishing Pale Rider for something he did, like Zexceed had?

Obviously, Pale Rider died in the real world (once again, how can that happen? How is it possible that the Death Gun can kill someone in real life? Is it the same system perhaps that SAO was based on? That the gun is somehow able to use some kind of skill or… programming that can kill a player in real life after dealing with one single gunshot? [a gun with properties from SAO?]), since he was disconnected, instead of just being shown as dead, as shown with Dyne and other players who have been vanquished in the tournament.

On the other hand, do you realize that Sinon could’ve just pretended to shoot Death Gun but shot Pale Rider instead? That way, Pale Rider could’ve not died in real life! I guess, though, that this event forced Kirito to fully believe the Death Gun being also somehow a real life serial killer via GGO.

Interesting to see that Sinon wouldn’t believe it at first, but that she is quite aware about the odd rumor circulating around GGO. It’s what everyone would say also, though, so I don’t blame her for being incredulous about it [I blame Kirito for not telling her much sooner about it so that she would try and shoot him even more to prevent Pale Rider from being killed… but of course, I can’t have everything I want in life].

I find it slightly idiotic that Sinon would think that someone like that is in GGO. I mean, the game is basically KILLING people. Of course there are bound to harbor one or two psychopaths who want to suppress the urge of killing by playing the game. I guess you could say though that real psychopaths (the ones portrayed on TV anyways), wouldn’t resort to such leisure as playing online games in order to satisfy their urges. Or perhaps she is (as many players would be) so engrossed into this world and so… egocentric for lack of better words, that she doesn’t realize there are other types of people in the world of GGO that they’re in.

Sinon’s such a tsundere, hahaha. She doesn’t need an excuse to follow Kirito around, we already know that you’ve fallen for his very manly charms! And she also doesn’t need to remind him it’s the last time she’ll help him!!

To be frank, I always rather the protagonists to be fighting alongside rather than against each other. You know, the mentality that no matter what, you’re stronger when you cooperate rather than when you fight each other is very strong with me. That’s why I’m really hoping that they do continue this team-up during the next few episodes (if it’s possible, because obviously somehow, it’s impossible that Sinon dies next episode (she’s a protagonist after all)).

I know this scene [where she suddenly falls and you realize that “SHOCK” Death Gun was after her!!] was a dramatic one, especially since Death Gun appeared out of freaking nowhere, but it still made me really laugh because after all that inner monologue about becoming Kirito’s enemy once more (and maybe regretting this? Maybe she actually likes being paired up with him?).

Death Gun is definitely a psychopath [not just in his actions, I mean, but also in his speech, I mean, why would he just go ahead and kill someone just to make Kirito mad… and also… doesn’t he know that he risks being disconnected and losing the Bullet of Bullets if Kirito actually lands a solid hit on him?], I hope that Kirito comes as soon as possible… I wonder if Death Gun records the whole thing because of

I question the fact that Sinon sees a Black Star Type 54 gun in Death Gun’s hands. Does she see this due to the fact that she’s in a dire situation, and this is just her mind putting in the gun by association of the trauma, or is this because the gun truly exists in the Gun Gale Online verse and Sinon has simply never even been aware of it despite her extensive knowledge of GGO (I find it unlikely that she would not know, though).

I’m calling it. That bullet sound was actually Kirito (or someone else perhaps, but most and more probably Kirito) who came back and defended Sinon.

I’m sort of glad that Asuna left already and won’t see how ‘nice’ and… um… ‘close’ Kirito is with Sinon. I have a feeling like she wouldn’t mind as much though. She’s aware of Kirito’s effect on girls, I think, and they have this pretty strong relationship (from what I remember anyway), which was both sweet but pretty mature (for goodness’ sake, they have already have a child together damnit). As long as Sinon backs off and remembers that she has a guy who loves her waiting for her answer (and who’s probably already spying on her every actions like the creep he might be).

I sort of still can’t get over the violence of the anime? I don’t know. I sort of have to look elsewhere when death scenes occur, even in this one. I didn’t remember SAO to be this bad in terms of death counts, either (because there was the pressure of actually killing someone, right? And there was also the fact that, as Klein mentioned, it was an unspoken rule that you didn’t leave someone’s HP reach 0).

Lugia and I were both speculating that perhaps Death Gun is a hacker who isn’t even in the list of players, which might be why he was able to cloak himself with some kind of invisibility rendering item or some other way to camouflage himself so well from both their satellite signal and the players’ sights. Lugia also revealed to me that a certain player from Sword Art Online (the first guy who is against Beta Testers and had spiky hair… his name escapes me right now) is going to play an important role in this season… I wonder…!!!

All right, normally I might’ve commented more, but I gotta chain this with Episode 10! And unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will take me to get back to the regular rhythm, so just in case, Sword Art Online II will have a single weekly update from now on (for as long as I can maintain it). I’m really sorry, peeps!

imageI’ll see you later for another post!
Also, do you know that Book 4 of Legend of Korra is coming this October 3rd? I can’t wait (also I don’t know where to place that in my weekly posts either).
Anyways, Ponyout!