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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 04
Watched: September 16th, 2014

September 16th, 2014 

Everyone! Hello!
I trust this post finds you in good health, both physically and mentally! As for myself (thank you for asking, lol), I’m still recovering from a few stressful events, but focusing on these reviews are really helping me escape if only for a few moments, so it’s pretty helpful!

Without further ado (except for this Spoiler alert), let us start the review!

I KNEW IT!! It’s a picture of Nam Sang Hyo that Goo Hae Young keeps in his wallet!! Did you see how Goo Hae Young put his hand over Manager Nam’s picture, like he didn’t want to see it because it brought him too much hurt?

Ahhh… it makes me feel bad for suddenly shipping her with Director Jo instead of with him. As Detective points out, Goo Hae Young actually cares more about Manager Nam’s reputation and stature than his (whereas HE is the one investigated for the murder, being the prime suspect, but he actually worries for his ex). I find this very sweet, doubled that with the fact that he tried to protect Nam Sang Hyo from Hwang Dong Bae‘s supposed blackmailing.

Did you notice how, before he told the story between him and Nam Sang HyoGoo Hae Young looked like he didn’t know where to start. He also looked like he was digging up some hurtful story (which it totally was, considering the mental state that it left them with) that he had never admitted to anyone. I might be imagining things, too, but it made me sympathize with him.

The facts that he mentions that “Sang Hyo” (he calls her pretty informally, too, like they’re close (well they are , even Nam Sang Hyo later calls him “Hae Young” and had to rectify herself and call him Goo Hae Young)) and he ‘somehow got married as if [they] were playing games‘. They looked extremely happy together in those flashbacks, and yet, as we all know, they did split up! I knew that Goo Hae Young couldn’t possibly have killed Assistant Hwang!!! I’m glad, I’m really glad!!

I’m happy that they keep using Shi Chan (Goo Hae Young’s best friend) as a comic relief, although, since he’s on the main image, I wonder if he’ll start being a more important character (or is he there just to provide another pretty face to advertise the drama?). I guess that, since he’s best friend’s with Goo Hae Young, that he would pay 800$ for his drinks as well as 670$ of ramen for the construction workers, it would indeed be he who would be the logical choice of being the President of Mare [their architectural company].

Do you reckon that the reason why Goo Hae Young buys his workers ramyun isn’t because it’s cheap and easy to transport but because… because… because Nam Sang Hyo has once before made Ramyun for him and since then, it’s a meal he eats with fondness?

Speaking of that one scene with the master construction worker (I don’t know how to call them)… I found it pretty strange… Is it important for us to know that something is going wrong with the construction material? Was it used only for Goo Hae Young to suddenly remember that Assistant Hwang had said something almost similar and that he should tell the detective? Jolteon made me realize that Paparazzi woman’s ringtone on Goo Hae Young‘s phone is: ANGRY BIRDS! Do you realize how fascinating that is… he associates people with ringtones (maybe) but mostly: he hasn’t changed from the first episode in the sense where he’s still pretty much obsessed with his games… HAHAHA!!

The Article. I’m surprised that she’s a media person. I guess it makes sense, since she was invited to the wedding as part of the media and she was present with the media when they interviewed Manager Yeo. Does it explain why she was in the police station and why she actually went and called Goo Hae Young… [I think I mentioned it before but I really hope that Manager Yeo wins against this mysteriously annoying woman…]. I wonder what will happen now… seeing as if Nam Sang Hyo is still in contact with Goo Hae Young, Paparazzi (that’s her name now, even if we finally find out that her name is JOO JUNG EUN from the Wedding Weekly (which isn’t just any kind of journal, which means that she had a legit reason of being there at the wedding… so why was she at the police station?! Was she in because people were getting a warrant against her because she was invading their privacy?!) will release the scandal about how Manager Nam and Goo Hae Young used to have a relationship (and this could potentially ruin Goo Hae Young’s marriage as well as Sang Hyo’s reputation at work). On another note, I greatly loved her use of the computer and how the words just appeared in the screen.

I’m really happy also to see how competent the Detective is, despite all of his quirks. He really is one of my favourite ‘solo’ characters [the other one being Simon, Jo’s righthand man]. I’m also glad that he has such a heart that he would admit that Goo Hae Young isn’t a suspect (after what he put the poor man through, it’s the least he can do), but he even gives back the picture and advises Goo Hae Young to make peace with his past (by destroying such evidence), since he’s about to get married! I think that he knows how much Nam Sang Hyo means to Goo Hae Young from the looks that the young man gave him just before admitting to the truth.

Despite his assistants insisting or complaining that they had the perfect suspect to pin the blame of Hwang Dong Bae‘s murder on, but the Detective said: “we can’t pick anyone as a suspect just for our comfort”. I really liked that, it just shows that he wasn’t awarded his position for being quirky and winking his way through the ranks.

I’m glad that we get to see Manager Nam take some ‘self-defense’, hahaha. That was a really funny scene. I really bet that Manager Yeo really wanted to slap Nam Sang Hyo anyway, so that’s pretty funny!! It just shows how prideful and strong her character is, I guess. Although she’s pretty strange, asking her love rival (for Director Jo) to slap her… she could’ve asked Assistant Yang, but I guess it was for the audience’s sake (and also since we hadn’t seen Manager Yeo in awhile). Also, since Assistant Yang was in their office, taking care of So Ah Jung until Nam Sang Hyo arrived…

Speaking of Manager Yeo, I’m glad that we get to see her do even more of her work as PR Manager. In this episode, you see her drag and convince Manager Cha to participate in the Head of the Household Marathon for Youth. This is important; because she mentions how every Manager of every department should take part in this event. This means that we’ll see Manager Nam and Director Jo participate, perhaps? I really hope for this!! [on a side note I’m sort of shipping her and Manager Cha now, just because of their funny banter (about the world VOLUNTARILY)]. [Oh wait, I think I’m mistaken, maybe she meant that she wanted for EVERY Security Team member to participate… dang it, I really wanted a sports event]

About that… I’m glad that So Ah Jung actually apologized like a decent person [even if she still considers that Nam Sang Hyo is the one who ruined her wedding]. You see, however, pretty clearly that, despite her saying that she’s that type of person, as you see her slap the person accompanying her later on after she keeps receiving calls asking for her to confirm that the article was really about her (failed) wedding. I don’t especially call that a clean cut apology, though…

Speaking of which… Is it a butler? A bodyguard of some sort? A lover that she keeps from Goo Hae Young? Or perhaps it’s someone that she loves and who failed to propose to her, so she had to go with her parents’ arranged marriage candidate? After all, she did say that it was his fault. Or perhaps I’m over-analyzing and she’s just saying that it’s his fault in general, as she always blames other people for things beyond their control [because that’s how spoiled she is]. I also wonder if Goo Hae Young really did tell her not to apologize to Nam Sang Hyo.

Assistant Manager Yang, I wonder why she totally kept her cool during the interrogation and answered the question with a total ‘LIE’, completely disregarding the fact that some people (Goo Hae Young, for example) could vouch for her being in the hotel at that time.

Through this interrogation though, we learn that she lives alone, so that would make her a good suspect, especially since she’s probably pregnant because of Hwang Dong Bae or something. I wonder if she said the truth about not getting along well with Hwang Dong Bae. She was the only one seriously shaken up when his corpse was laid in front of them, but then again, she never quite interacted with him, only noted a few things here and there in his attitude (namely at the Karaoke). I can only hope that she had actually lied only because she didn’t want the news to be revealed that she could be a suspect and that she was crying? Who knows?

I also wonder… because she’s a really quiet person, not wanting to stand out (for example, not singing at the karaoke even though she invited the whole team… not revealing to her coworkers the results of her doctor’s appointment the day prior… lying to the police… who knows? Perhaps she has some kind of criminal background?).

Assistant Manager Young Mi, wow. Her reaction to the interrogation was the funniest one, mostly because we all know that Hwang Dong Bae and she didn’t get along a lot (we saw that especially at the Karaoke). And we don’t even know what happened to her after he grabbed her hair. Did he rape her? Did he steal her money (and that’s why she’s been wanting to get that bet out of Manager Yeo)? Did he get her addicted to gambling? Did he make her do a crime in general? What made her answer with nothing but lies? Did she actually consider that the banter that they had going on was a friendly banter? Because pulling a person’s hair back like that doesn’t show that you’re friends, Young Mi!

I wonder if she means it, when he said that he saved her once. I think that she’s probably saying the truth about being anxious; that the So Ah is around her age and is already getting married, but Young Mi doesn’t have that chance due to being poor (thus explaining her financial obsessions). Perhaps she took it out on Hwang Dong Bae and killed him? She’s the one character in the team I don’t like, apart from Hwang that is, and because she’s being cast in this light, I think that she’s probably not the killer… but I did hope she was…

Does she know that there’s a rift between General Manager and Managing Director Jo, and knows that Hwang was working for General Manager so she decided to give the box of his belongings to General Manager in order to point out to him that she knows about their secret (even though she didn’t get much from their conversation, I must say). Or maybe she really just wanted the jewelry (which may or may not actually be Manager Yang‘s, I’m just saying).

I wonder if she’s not the one who’s the pickpocket [I know we haven’t talked about that issue in awhile, especially since the Auntie didn’t even COME BACK whatsoever!!]. She’s always talking about money and financial problems and how rich guys now marry rich girls, not poor girls… that would make total sense and it would also explain why she stole the trinket. I wonder if it’s one of the important things in Hwang‘s possessions, which will make Young Mi at odds with his murderers.

Assistant Manager Jang Gi Chul is the most suspicious in his nervousness, as well as his relationship (or his involvement, rather) with Manager Cha, with whom he seems to have roped himself with in terms of alibi.

I remember thinking, especially after the last episode, (and I may or may not have mentioned it in one of my episode reviews) that perhaps the hotel staff management was divided into two… sides; the Managing Director‘s and the General Manager‘s. What if Gi Chul was actually working for General Manager and had taken out Assistant Hwang with the help of Manager Cha?

Since Manager Cha was also sort of responsible for maybe (I’m not sure if it’s him, but I think it’s him) tampering with the security camera to cover for when Assistant Hwang broke into Director Jo‘s office, I have to consider him as suspect as well. I’m guessing that he works not for Assistant Hwang but for General Manager!! Man, I actually liked him…!!

I wonder when they will be uncovering the fact that Assistant Hwang has enemies as a sore loser in poker games [I can only assume that’s poker, I’m not especially sure about it…].

I think that Detective is shipping Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young, due to the fact that he’s seen how much Goo Hae Young cares about her; so that’s why he would ask her who’s in her heart [Goo Hae Young or Jo Sung Gyum], a question which took us all aback, I’m sure, and made us all burst into laughter. I personally applauded him for it. At this point, neither Jolteon nor I can decide which of these guys we’d rather Nam Sang Hyo to end up with. I wonder what “I plead the fifth” means… anyone knows?

Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young 

I’m really surprised that they got ‘married’ (without filing the legal paperwork of course) despite only dating for one week [maybe it’s merely because I’ve never experienced something intense enough, but even with the stories that I’ve heard, people wait awhile before getting married…]. As it’s shown throughout this episode, it’s a recurring thing and a most important thing for her when she mentions that she “doesn’t know him well yet”. Would it be, then, a good assumption, to suppose that this is the wedge that eventually drove them apart three months later? I really wondered what happened, that flashback didn’t explain much of why they left each other, we only saw her cry and him arrive too late (she’d already taken her things and moved).

When, later at the park, she asked Goo Hae Young the inevitable question [“Did you kill Assistant Hwang?“], he looked thoroughly hurt, and that fact came surfacing back [the fact that, even after all of these years, Nam Sang Hyo still doesn’t know him]. It doesn’t seem like a reciprocal love, from his point of view, I guess. After all, he would go and leave work just to go to the police station and confront the detective, he would threaten people for her sake (which isn’t something you should do in real life, but in fictitious stories, it’s all right to do, but know that I don’t commend it). He’s absolutely sure that he knows her, that he knows that she would never commit a murder, even after all these 7 years. What he sees is the woman he loves always poking pointy objects (umbrellas, sharpies, and a back scratcher thing… what will she pull next…?) at him, threatening him and, despite all these years, would actually question him and not be absolutely certain of his innocence in this whole murder affair. It’s just… not really fair for him, I guess.

The very fact that the two pieces of the picture was left on the table when Goo Hae Young came back means that she doesn’t have any memento of his, that she made a clean cut, whereas he hasn’t moved on completely, since he still held a picture of hers in his wallet after 7 years. It got me all worked up when he chose to burn the picture [I guess it’s an appropriate/symbolic thing to do in order to conclude a ‘chapter’ in his life, since their marriage crashed and pretty much burned]. I know for a fact that they’re not going to stop seeing each other, just because of her responsibilities in making a new wedding for him and So Ah Jung. I really hope that he’ll be successful into convincing his b*tching bride to take Nam Sang Hyo as their wedding planner once more (it was NOT her fault, it’s not like she planned to have a freaking corpse fall down the ceiling, woman!). He’s shown throughout this episode how much he cares about Nam Sang Hyo and I don’t think that, if he understood the fact that her career pretty much hangs in the balance because of this, he would refuse her request to take care of his wedding once more.

I wondered what Nam Sang Hyo would do with the knowledge that Goo Hae Young was there, and had seen her talk to Director Jo. I remember thinking: “So he’s choosing to let her have her happiness with another man, good, good!!After all, she’s finally with a man who – as far as he can see anyway – can make her laugh and can make her happy, is fairly successful and can command authority whenever he walks into a room (as shown when he solved the problem with So Ah Jung), who can listen to her and who looks at her with love in his eyes [or something similar to it, perhaps it might be the angle of the camera or something]. But I thought it was fairly mature of him [for once, and he actually gained points in that (as well as in protecting her future in the hotel by threatening Assistant Hwang of course, and later on just by abandoning work to make sure that Nam Sang Hyo wasn’t considered a prime suspect)]. After all, he’s already engaged to another woman, it’d be stupid to go out there and demand questions about how they both still feel for each other.

One other highlight about this episode is how he actually anticipating her poking him so he applied some force on his arm so that she couldn’t hurt him, but then she resorted into tickling him, which made them both chuckle (until they remembered that they had divorced and were not supposed to be on good terms). I found that pretty cute.

Another one (last one, I promise), is when you realize that they both have this habit of re-arranging picture frames. Did you notice in the previous episode, while he was speaking to Joo Eun whatever Paparazzi woman? He was constantly rearranging the frames, and here, while she was waiting for him to finish his work, she was actually arranging the frames as well.

Due to the fact that he was actually a bit happy to see her (despite saying that they should stop seeing each other, though), I felt a bit iffed at him. He’s inconsistent [I guess humans are inconsistent and often say the opposite of what they mean, but still…]. I mean… if you don’t want to see her again, don’t go and tease her about showing up and feeling bad about what she did to him…

Director Jo and Nam Sang Hyo 

Way to go Sang Hyo, that’s my way of flirting

I know that a guy like Director Jo is unlikely to be found by everyone (just because it’s surrealist), but realistically speaking, I would still root for Director Jo with Nam Sang Hyo, just because he’s got the sweets and their relationship is starting out really well throughout these episodes. I expect to see even more sweet things occur and… I don’t know… he’s just… such a nice guy, and she deserves someone nice to be at her side. [also, that is a great way to mislead a guy, Nam Sang Hyo, really?! REALLY?! (I’m really sorry I couldn’t find a gif for this scene… for some reason, people seem to only make gifs for Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young… I want more gifs about EVERYTHING!!). Both Jolteon and I thought that she would invite him to stay over, like a sleep over (he can take the couch)]. I loved how he was so speechless for a moment, completely unsure about what to answer to her offer.

It’s so completely symbolic that he took off his tie when he was with her and decided to eat Ramyun with her!! And he was watching her eat, too [unlike in the previous episodes, when she ate with him before, she was trying to be ladylike, whereas in this part, she actually started to eat healthily, which probably took him by surprise? Who knows? It’s refreshing?].

He kept directing his attention to Nam Sang Hyo, even though they were technically on a double date [although, to be completely fair to him, he wasn’t planning on bringing Manager Yeo nor Manager Cha along with them, he just needed a friend with whom he could talk to and, potentially, air his head which is currently full of conspiracy theories about his father’s death, because let’s all of us remember that he recently learned about that and is no doubt shaken and in need of some solace], EVEN despite Manager Yeo making heavy and really, really aggressive moves on him despite Manager Cha and Nam Sang Hyo being present next to them. I mean… WHO would mention things like kink [that’s right, I know what that nsfw means!!] and other stuff that I don’t have a name for in front of other people?! He even pretty much abandoned Manager Yeo and chose to walk Manager Nam to her house (maybe to stalk her later on? or maybe so he would know where to bring her the next time she is drunk to a stupor (although let’s agree that having her stay at his hotel isn’t bad either)). And *sigh with a smile* what can I say about Sang Hyo and his phone game at night? It’s just so sweet and cute!! And then there’s when he asked Nam Sang Hyo if she would buy him a tie [I bet she will one of these days, hahahaha].

I’m going to put this as a side note, just because I know that what I say could be potentially misinterpreted? This is fictitious, and the two of them are sort of attracted to each other, which is why the actions I listed, which Director Jo does for Nam Sang Hyo, are completely seen as sweet. It’s also seen as such because he’s good looking and has a smile that makes me swoon. Otherwise, if she wasn’t attracted to him, and if he wasn’t an eye candy to look at, his actions would be seen as stalker-ish and majorly creepy.

Jolteon was slightly shocked that Jo reacted the way he did at the Board of Managers meeting. I explain it with the fact that he wants her to be strong, he wants her to be responsible and to eventually become General Manager, as almost everyone had agreed. I believe that he just wants to push her to do the best, instead of just abandon [after all, he loves strong women, right?]. Their solution (to make Nam Sang Hyo once again be the wedding coordinator for Goo Hae Young‘s and So Ah Jung‘s wedding), puts her at odds with Goo Hae Young saying that he doesn’t want them to meet anymore, and also the blackmail that Paparazzi Woman said [although, if Nam Sang Hyo were to reveal this failed marriage to Director Jo, do you think that he would still like her? I think he would, that’s how awesome he is in my eyes…].

I agree with General Manager that Nam Sang Hyo had nothing to do with the incident and that it was severely unexpected. She shouldn’t have to take responsibility alone, I feel.

I was so sad that they ended the episode like that, I can’t wait to watch more and perhaps be on time for my posts this time… Hahaha… I might as well leave you with this text post meme of the series as well as with a post about how Nam Sang Hyo is a “Master of Disguise”. Here’s the hilarious behind the scene of the first episode. They’re so hilarious!!

Let’s call it a day, take good care of yourselves!! *goes to sleep*

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