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Title: Barakamon
Season: 1
Episode: 4 [Shiman Ontsandon – Island Dads]
Watched: August 29th, 2014

August 29th, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!
Comment allez-vous? J’ai décidé de commencer en Français, parce que je me dis que ça ferait changement, et puis, personne ne lit mes reviews de toutes façons…

All right, I can’t take typing in French no more. I’ll do that another time. You already know how every one of my posts begin, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess what I wrote, haha.

As usual it seems, each episode is separated into two parts, so this spoiler-filled review will be also separated into sections.

I also love that he loves cats, but all he gets is stray cats who dislike him. His interactions with the old folk in this episode, like in the previous episode, I must say that I really enjoyed, because I get the same reactions out of cats (and also out of Eevee, come to think of it). I feel like, since there is presence of cats in this anime, Mewtwo might like it, or maybe be somewhat interested in it?

This may be an aside that’s completely random, seeing as I don’t even read the manga (yet), but I really enjoy that they were able to accurately animate certain manga scenes together, as you can see from these two pictures.

Now that I know this, it only makes me want to read the manga series even more, as soon as I’m done with this season, I mean (I sincerely hope that they will be making a season 2 or something, because seriously, where has this been all my life? I’m really glad that I started to watch this, even if it was due to a random gif that I found online while gif-hunting).

The character of the old man who lives on that property seems to be one of the reasons why the episode is titled “Island Dads”. I like how his voice sounds and also, he acts just like one of those fathers (when he realizes that not only he has to give his sashimi to the strays but also the leftovers, which were also his to eat, and then, there’s when he gives Handa a cat to hold. I couldn’t find a gif, but please look it up, it’s just plain funny!!).
[Look at the old man’s gleeful expression! He’s been wanting to find an excuse for doing just this, I’m positively certain!! And then, look at the others cat’s reaction, it’s so horrified (just like Handa-san himself actually)]

I also enjoy that Handa-Sensei is still so set in his ‘city ways’ that he hesitates before entering someone else’s property and would actually require the owner’s permission in order to come in, despite the fact that other people from the island (Tama, Miwa, Naru, etc.) would barge into his house unannounced. He doesn’t follow their customs (yet)!!
I’m also so sad that he’s actually allergic to cats. It’s pretty tragic, for someone to love cats and yet not being able to get one due to health issues.

New character alert: Akki, the Master at video games!! He’s also Tama’s younger brother. I loved his interactions with Sensei. I especially loved that Sensei didn’t know how to use that black telephone. Even I know how to use it! He’s a pretty cute character, I hope that he’ll come and visit as often as possible!

I want to see Akki interact with Tama now… What is their relationship like, does he like his sister or is he like Vaporeon, and dislikes his older sister? Does he idolize her for reading mangas and being an illustrator? Has he ever read her manuscripts?

Right now I’m in total darkness, but I’ll definitely find the light.
I guess Naru, Hina and Akki sort of reacted to this by laughing a bit because it was a bit ‘childish‘ to say? Since we see the story from Handa’s “point of view”, we sort of understand where he’s coming from, but it was still funny to see how ‘odd’ he is to the people he interacts with? It gives him that charm [also, not knowing how the rotary dial telephone works, really, Handa-san?!].

I love that he relies on his friend Kawafuji so much for many things [and I hope to see Kawafuji more often with presence ON the island, too!!]! At first, I had thought that they were brothers, but they seem to be best friends, according to their conversation on the phone.

New Exhibition; There’s a new exhibition coming along in September (in his time anyway), and it just makes me wonder, if he quits working on his calligrapher job in order to make one art piece for the exhibit, will he be able to concentrate in order to get a good prize? Will he be able to win first place this time? Will Naru have something to do with it? So many questions… maybe I should start reading the manga now… so I don’t have to agonize for the next episode in order to find out…

New Character Alert: Miwa’s father (the Yakuza) who owns a liquor store. He delivers liquor but he also has different hobbies, such as collecting seaweed and buying a boat (for fun, as Miwa states) which he plans to use for… “I Alone am Holy” is an extremely ambitious name for a ship.

It was also interesting to see all of the things that Handa-Sensei has to consider in order to write the 5 kanjis (which aren’t simple to write out, in my opinion) onto the hull of the boat. It’s also interesting to see how it USED to be done (cut out paper and then ink over it).

I love the fact that they use Naru for so many reasons. She is able to ‘calm’ Handa-sensei while he was depressed, convincing him go to the mochi-picking place (Episode 3) and she was also able to do so many things before this episode! The fact that she used her hand-prints (and her friends’ hand-prints) to help Handa see that the canvas was not as immaculate as he thought it was, so that he would be able to freely write the calligraphy of the name of the boat onto its hull.

I can really relate to him in the sense where sometimes, when I put too much pressure on my shoulders, I cannot bring myself to perform as well. Then, when something happens (like Naru coming and ruining the immaculateness of the hull), I just have to make the best out of what happened and it actually turns out better than I would have thought!!! I also enjoyed the fact that it was actually an experience for him and he acknowledged it. It also helped him into furthering his inspirations for the exhibition! I look forward to watching episode 5!!

Despite the fact that Handa-sensei wrote all those horrible things (see the picture), and Miwa’s father uses those planks to get people onto the ship… Despite that, I’m pretty sure that Handa and the father will be on good terms? I don’t think he’ll take it personally (especially considering the fact that the children were the ones who suggested that Handa-sensei take the planks as practice boards [although the father probably didn’t know]!!!).

I am really enjoying this series so far,
And, as I mentioned earlier, I look forward to watching each episode!
My only problem is that I’m scared of actually catching up with the series (they announced that this week, there would be no Barakamon…).
All right, I’ll see you all later!!