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Title: Sword Art Online II
Season: 2
Episode: 10 [Pursuer of Death]
Watched: September 13th, 2014
Aired: September 6th, 2014

September 13th, 2014 

Once again, you have my salutations this Friday!!
How are you all doing? I’m hoping that life treats you well and that it also treats me well when you read this, haha (somehow).

Without further ado, let me start my review full of spoilers of this episode (despite being a few weeks late).

YES! I called it! I totally called it! Kirito is the one who shot his gun, after all!! However, he’s obviously taken a hit, is that even possible that he’s not paralyzed by the bullet from the Silent Assassin’s Sniper? Or was it due to Gunner X (or Musketeer X as we later learn?)? The last hypothesis would actually make more sense, since Kirito didn’t die from a heart attack [Death Gun having shot him with his Assassin Sniper gun (which paralyzes, does it not?)]. Unless I’m mistaken and the sniper gun doesn’t paralyze or has customized bullets…

I’m not surprised that Sinon could not bring herself to shoot with her Hecate II. After all, she went through yet another traumatic experience and not only that, but she had a flashback in-game to the killer, after all! The experience alone would unnerve her, which is totally be understandable. I’m glad that she was able to find out about the meaning of Kirito’s strength and perhaps she will be able to do the same from now on. However, if you recall, she’s also the one who made the same lecture about making up excuses and always having to give it your all a few episodes back (when she lectured Dyne and his crew when they wanted to give up their raid only because the behemoth dude had a mini-gun could shoot every single one of them). Of course, back then, she was in her Sinon persona, unshakable, whereas in this instance, she’d lost some parts of it and was obviously struggling to get it back somehow.

I would’ve wanted to see the Musketeer X fight though… she looked pretty! Speaking of her, how in the world did they suddenly just mistook her name for GUNNER X if it was actually MUSKETEER X! Gunner X and Musketeer X sort of sound like they would be borrowed from English words, which would mean that they’d have to write that name in either katakana or in plain English letters. How would they be able to just mistake it?

How is it that Kirito knew about not using the horse? Is it because the horse can go off-road but they can’t, using the car, which means that they could be in further danger if Death Gun were ever to have the ability to use it? Did Kirito just know that Death Gun knows how the horse works or is it just a precaution?

Why’s it not explained that she knows about this place where they can avoid the scan, but that she didn’t know about being underwater? Was it written in the email? Also, the Metamaterial Optic-Distortion Camouflage. So it exists… did they know however that Death Gun could escape being scanned by the satellite GPS thing if he used it? Naturally if everyone knew, then everyone would be using it…

I’m glad that Kirito brought up the fact that people could die if they don’t intervene and stop Death Gun from pointing his Death Gun at other contestants. This discussion leads Sinon to realizing just how far she still needs to go as a person who strives to be strong and live without fear of dying. As she admits to him, she was scared of dying back then, when Death Gun was aiming his gun at her; how she’d rather die than live with fear of dying [I bet she hasn’t ever watched Princess Diaries before… Sinon, being courageous and brave and looking strong while being such isn’t the absence of fear]. I guess I’m glad that, with all of the things Kirito has learned as a Beater in the first season of Sword Art Online, he can lecture her about how people who die always leave sadness in the other people whom they left behind [insert a parallel to people committing suicide somewhere in here as well as a parallel to how awfully wrong it is to kill people knowing that if you kill them, their loved ones will mourn].

Their discussion eventually leads the two of them to confess to each other that they are both murderers, although in both cases, they have killed in total self-defense, but they still would feel guilty about it [especially since they’re not technically adults (right now, Sinon should be right around 16 years old (if it happened 5 years ago, when she was 11 years old)]. I hope that this will be therapeutic for both of them (not just Sinon), but also Kirito, since he can’t really talk about these things with Asuna or Klein… and while the nurse sort of understood and sort of gave him some pointers, it must feel better (sort of) to spill the truth to someone who can fully understand what it’s like and who feels sort of the same. I guess that, by dealing with Death Gun in this world and during this tournament, Kirito will somehow be able to make peace with himself so it was actually a good thing that he accepted to help the government. I hope that, by sticking close to Kirito, as she said in the beginning, Sinon will be able to eventually feel like she’s strong.

Ahhh I’m happy that we get to see how she was bullied for being a murderer when she didn’t do anything else than self-defense. She doesn’t hate him as much as she is jealous of him, though, I guess she’s not saying ‘jealous’ because she doesn’t exactly know how envious she is [of his strength]. Kids sure can be difficult to deal with in these terms. I wonder how those kids knew about it, though, if the media has covered up the whole affair. Was it because the witnesses somehow had to tact and decided to reveal it to their children, telling them not to mix with Asada only because she wanted to save herself and her mother?

Overall for this episode, even if there was slightly some action mixed in with the explanations… I thought the episode was an OK. I was glad that Sinon realized that he’s not devoid of fear, either, and yet, she can still see that he is strong. But man, I can’t believe she was crying [ok wait, I can believe it because she was traumatized and was very vulnerable at that moment] and asking for him to protect her for the rest of his life. He has a wife and a daughter, Sinon! Leave him be!! What would happen, Kirito, if Asuna learned about these scenes!! Oh, by the way, I really hope that Asuna comes back from speaking to Kirito’s employer soon, because seriously, I miss her… REMEMBER YOUR WIFE, KIRITO!???? YOUR LOVING WIFE WHO’S WAITING FOR YOU AND ALSO WHO’S WATCHING THESE EPISODES UNFOLD ALONG SIDE YOUR HAREM (+ Klein)?!

Here’s someone else’s review on this episode. Speaking of which, I totally knew that there’d somehow be an interval of action episode and then an exposition or a calm-before-the-storm episode… next episode, I hope there’ll be a bit more action, now that both characters have spilled their guts and are willing to fight alongside each other.

I wonder if they realize that they could just take out every other players before Death Gun reaches them. After all, they’re two, it shouldn’t be hard for two top players to wipe out the remaining players before dealing with Death Gun… but then again, that would take more episodes and I guess, since there’s only two more episodes to go, they can’t do such a thing… Wait no I just checked, there will be 24 episodes in all!! HOW can they end this?! Will it be a great arc like the first season, and then add in another arc that sucked completely?! DX

All right, that’s it for this week!
I’ll be back next week for another episode review!
I hope to see you then!
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