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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 05
Watched: September 18th, 2014

September 22nd, 2014

Greetings and How-Do-You-Dos from Canada, my dear readers!
How are you all doing? Well, here we are once more with My Secret Hotel! Let’s see what the writers have in store for us, shall we?

Beware the spoilers! Oh and this is an EXTREMELY long post, so I apologize in advance!

Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo (1)

Wow! I guess Goo Hae Young‘s really disappointed that Nam Sang Hyo can’t show any feelings of remorse [that she’s sad to have let him go], which is why he’s so upset and couldn’t face her [that’s why he had to turn around].

She even admitted to him that she no longer has any feelings for him [I should say that I would’ve wanted to see her question herself or something… how does she know at 100% that she no longer loves him? Is it because she’s 100% sure that she loves Director Jo?], and says how she can plan his wedding earnestly.

And he doesn’t want her to touch him, HE’S SUCH A CUTIE!!!! Is it because her touch makes him feel uncomfortable – reminds him that he still loves her [but tragically cannot have her] – or is it just because he’s a brat and is pouting? Or is it an easier answer: he knows that her touch will mollify him into saying “yes, I’ll let you prepare my wedding”? After all, he was going to say ‘yes’ when she started to mention how she couldn’t leave the employees of the Secret Hotel in such a situation… then, when he realized that she also meant Jo Sung Gyum, he yanked his hand away suddenly and reminded her not to touch him.

I love how he’s just answering to everything she previously said to him. It parallels to something that most of us experience [okay well I do anyway]; not being able to come up with good comebacks until it’s after the moment. Although I believe that this is used because he’s trying to convince himself that he did the right thing, so he focuses on the things that she’s said. This techniques thus increases the sense that what he did [rejecting her offer to take care of his wedding] was right and should overwhelm (or even drown) his feeling of guilt towards refusing her. Or perhaps those are simply all of the things that he would have said to her…

I really loved how the editors made the two monologues coincide [especially in the previous episode’s preview of this one… it really made me think that they were in the same car, although Jolteon didn’t buy it and brought up some sound arguments about it, too].

Sidenote: I don’t think the scene with the cab driver was really necessary, I guess it’s to fuel Nam Sang Hyo’s monologue, but I found it really disturbing in the sense where… well I’d have difficulties crying and screaming my hysteria into the void and not listening to what the taxi driver is saying… and I was wondering what his expression meant as he drove past the girl. Is it one of frustration [“I did not sign up for this shit!” kind of annoyance] but then it almost looked like a smile… so that really just… disturbed me.

I also love how, throughout the first half of the episode, Goo Hae Young went from being frightened to see her appear suddenly at his side (to nag him, x) to actually anticipating and almost even hoping that she would show up (as shown here) only to ultimately [though he wouldn’t really admit it out loud, much less to himself] being disappointed that she gave up after trying to hard. He was taken aback by her begging him, especially knowing that she’s extremely prideful…
Can we also take a moment to wonder how in the world he opened that can of beer? Especially considering that in the first episode (or so), he cut himself while attempting to either crush the can or to open it [ultimately losing points in terms of manliness for Charmander at that point]. If he knows his beer cans so well, how could he let himself get cut? Or are we going to go through the route that he was simply so drunk that he couldn’t use his brain cells to crush the can correctly?

Soo Ah Jung 

Goo Hae Young is so formal with Soo Ah Jung [especially as opposed to how he acts around Nam Sang Hyo], going as far as to even calling her parents to make sure that it’s okay for him to be hosting her… One would only further wonder if he truly loves her or if it’s a marriage of convenience…

In turn, Soo Ah Jung‘s so determined to be a good wife… you’d go and wonder… if it’s not a bit suspicious…

Is it because she feels bad that she’s been cheating on him [or she wants to forget her current lover by throwing herself onto her future husband]? That she loves another man despite having herself proposed to Goo Hae Young? Or is it because her parents are forcing her into marrying and loving him (perhaps due to monetary needs, although I would scratch that idea because, as Soo Ah shows off her fortune and throws off all of Nam Sang Hyo‘s ideas for redemption)? Or is it because she’s forcing herself to loving him and trying to trick herself into thinking that she’s going to be a loving wife? It seems like she wants to make it up to him for CHEATING on him or something… it just makes me wonder…

AH! What if the driver [“Mr. Kim“] is her lover? After all, she did slap him and ask him if her marriage being interrupted made him happy in the previous episodes. I can’t believe that the chauffeur [Mr. Kim] is starting to appear every time now… this makes him an important character. All of his interactions with Soo Ah Jung so far… can I just ship them already? Even if I don’t really approve of how she manhandles him… I guess it’s what makes her charm? Or perhaps she’s not as bratty when she’s with him?

What if, deep inside, Soo Ah Jung knew that Goo Hae Young would refuse her presence and was acting out only so that she could have Mr. Kim drive her safely back home?

Things that I learned from So Ah Jung which can cure whatever disease [right, it’s infertility? Oh, impotency…] she thinks Goo Hae Young has:

  1. Eel [which is why she reserved a table at an eel restaurant (now I would love to know what eel restaurant is like)]
  2. Raspberry [juice, but really? Raspberry?! REALLY?!]
  3. Black garlic [There’s black garlic?]
  4. Hospital have such technology that it’s practically curable.

What in the world made Goo Hae Young decide that he wouldn’t deny the fact that he was infertile, until it was too late and she’d already concocted the tale and believed it so much… It’s also true that he’s had a tiring day and he had to deal with his ex, now he has to deal with his annoying bride-to-be…

So Nam Sang Hyo, actually got the courage to TALK to Soo Ah Jung into entrusting her wedding plans to her once more?! However, as you well may have guessed, Soo Ah, such an inconceivable brat [trying to humiliate Manager Nam despite already apologizing for slapping her and saying that they’re even or something in the previous episodes… and then, even FLAUNTING her fortune in front of Nam Sang Hyo just to boost up her self-esteem because the night before, her fiancee refused to spend the night with her… and her current lover almost just ignores her advances, causing her to lash out in a child-like behaviour]! It is hardly a clean-cut apology if Soo Ah still had resentment in Nam Sang Hyo for failing as her wedding coordinator [might I remind you that you can’t simply blame a worker at a hotel for a sudden MURDER which she had no hand in?!] and once more demands for Nam Sang Hyo to KNEEL in order to apologize [not only that, but after having the young woman kneel, you actually go ahead and REFUSE her request? That’s just too much…].

It’s so unfair for Nam Sang Hyo since her arguments were well-prepared and her offers are actually really good [I’d have forgiven her already and given her the chance to do so… after all that she’s had to endure]!!

What will happen if So Ah Jung suddenly lost all of her money? I’d like that… for some reason… give her a nice, good dose of what poverty is and what it is like to have to bite your pride in order to make bratty rich kids happy! I feel like I have never resented a character more than I resented her at that moment [of course, the actress is incredible]. Deep down somewhere in my heart, I really wish to see her get some kind of redemption and/or personality development. Perhaps she can get an overdose of reality check before she marries off Mr. Kim because no one else can keep up with her brattiness [except maybe Goo Hae Young, who’s basically ignoring her all the time].

I am glad that Goo Hae Young appeared when he did to save his wife from further humiliating his ex-wife. He really raised his voice at Soo Ah, it really surprised me. He knows Nam Sang Hyo is pretty prideful and he knows that she wouldn’t have knelt down if she hadn’t been extremely serious about her proposal. I’m surprised that, after this, So Ah forgave Goo Hae Young for walking out on her with his ex-wife (though she doesn’t know Nam Sang Hyo is just that at this point). I guess this proves just how fickle she is, since she got impressed by Director Jo and decided to mask her decision with the fact that she’s only thinking about the Hotel’s employees’ survival if they choose not to have the wedding held at Secret Hotel. Child, flaunting your kindness is hardly kind!!

On another note, look at Mr. Kim, he’s so done with this. Or he’s really good at keeping his emotions in check. I mean, his bien-aimee has him [a loving chauffeur who puts up with her crap and worthless slaps], her fiance [who sort of ignores her a lot but is respectful (to a certain degree) and who sends her home before he can do anything inappropriate to her] and now, she even almost flirts with the Managing Director of a hotel where she’s going to get married [who’s very good looking and is a charmeur]… This woman he loves sure gets around… [poor guy]

Goo Hae Young and Paparazzi Woman
[oh right her name is Joo Jung Eun… it’s their fault for never revealing her name until it was too late and I baptized her as such for them]

At first, I wondered “Why in the world has he taken this long to contact her in order to complain about the article that she released to the public?

But then you’ve got to realize that this is the day right after he refused Nam Sang Hyo as a wedding planner and sent Soo Ah Jung home, so he really did do as fast as he could… although one could say that he could’ve contacted her and requested a meeting THE DAY OF the article release…

After all, since he called her by her name in this episode, it means that he’s known her for awhile…!!

I’m glad that Paparazzi Woman chose to “forget” about him. I hope that she won’t be a problem anymore. Ever…!!! Mewtwo tried to explain to me how a man being sterile is a total turn-off for women. Why is that, exactly? Because most women want to have children? So then, following this line, Paparazzi woman doesn’t really truly love him if she can’t love him despite his supposed impotency, right? In this case… she’s worse than So Ah Jung (who chose to remain by his side (although I doubt that her motives were very noble either, considering that she can still get some action on the side with her chauffeur (I mean what))).

Ah man though… Shi Chan, why do you make fun of your friend like that, when you were so protective of him before, even telling everyone that you were his alibi? I guess Shi Chan is very inquisitive about his friend because he wondered why Goo Hae Young would leave him to pay for so much lately…?

I question the fact that Goo Hae Young didn’t lock his phone. Isn’t it something that everyone anywhere should do [especially when he has such nosy coworkers, AND especially when you’re going to leave it in the presence of a WELL-KNOWN PAPARAZZI]? Did you see how incredibly casually she reached out for his phone and read the messages?! That’s RUDE, woman!

The Investigations 

What we know about Assistant Manager Hwang Dong Bae so far…

  • He called someone in New York in order to threaten him and even threatened to speak to his son.
    • What if the New York person was actually Director Jo‘s father, who had faked his death [due to the competition in his workplace and the fact that people actually wanted him DEAD] and went to sleep with women in New York.
  • He gambles and may or may not have a lot of debt because, as I mentioned before, he’s a sore loser.
    • The gamblers whom he screwed with and robbed are one of the prime suspects, even as their private conversation was misleading enough [“I couldn’t stand to see him alive” and “You’d better behave if you don’t want to end up like that” (presumably, like Hwang Dong Bae)]!
      • The detective will probably find this trail to ultimately lead up to nothing, though… as I still believe that the murderer is definitely someone from the inside.
  • He’s also an adept pickpocket [something he may or may not have taught Assistant Manager Young Mi].
  • He does not have any family who would take care of his belongings.
  • He somehow obtained a trinket which may or may not be important but is now in the possession of Young Mi.
  • He may or may not have brought Young Mi to Hong Kong using his stolen money to let her have a good time and buy that designer’s handbag [but then the timelapse is severely wrong so perhaps Young Mi stole the money and/or the trinket (which she pawned for some money) in order to get herself a trip to Hong Kong].

Unless she’s a proficient liar, Assistant Manager Yang Kyung Hee is not the murderer. I really loved the way the Detective just invited her to go and drink coffee with him. [after all, in light of what she told him, why in the world would she attempt and murder a man who’s really good at hurting people with his ice pick?]

Assistant Yang is surprisingly honest…!! [I guess that, since the truth was uncovered, she believed that she didn’t really have anything to lose by telling the truth to the Detective (it’s probably pretty therapeutic, too, to be able to tell someone who’s not from her line of work, and who can somehow comfort her (and keep her secret until she feels it’s time to tell them))]. She worked hard for so long 20 years, and yet, she is only an assistant?!

I’m outraged! OUTRAGED! And I also feel bad for her, for all the things that she had to endure…!! Poor woman!! She was even in love… and yet…

After all of this, she’d learned [perhaps with being with Nam Sang Hyo?] to get along with people! I’m so glad for her, but then she announces that she has cancer!! I felt like the detective (crying, man, he’s just… TOO funny and hilarious). He’s old but… would it be wrong for me to ship them (or at least their friendship? She’ll give him back his orange (why orange, why orange?!) handkerchief and he’ll invite her to drink coffee more often, and their friendship will grow so that she’ll live happily the rest of that year [and even further on, because somehow, they’ll find a cure]?)?

What we know of Director Jo‘s father [Jo Min Tae].

A sushi (or fish cook) “cook” whom Director Jo met this episode is someone who used to work with his father!!! OMG!!! Ahhh, so Jo Min Tae had many enemies on the inside…

Perhaps it was a suicide [due to the pressure of always having a target on his back and/or pressure of having to stay as successful as he is already]? An accident [unlikely… but what if he was leaning in on a dangerous side of the rail]? A homicide [which is more likely, I mean that letter did mention that a killer was involved]…?

Ah, falling from a railing… just like how Assistant Hwang fell from the ceiling… As we’re led to believe, perhaps his father’s killer is somehow related to the one who killed Assistant Hwang.

Nam Sang Hyo and the Secret Hotel staff

Nam Sang Hyo‘s persistence is nothing short of admirable. She pushed her pride aside (after all, Goo Hae Young does know that she’s prideful). At the beginning (before her talk with General Manager), she definitely didn’t want to go face to face with So Ah Jung, and was even considering handing in her letter of resignation because she’d failed to convince Goo Hae Young.

If it is that eventually, Nam Sang Hyo leaves the business, I hope that Assistant Yang is the next wedding planner, she’s better than either Gi Chul [who’s too mean to Young Mi and who is too suspicious, like he’s in cahoots with Manager Chan] or Young Mi [who’s way too self-centered]. Of course, in light of what she has revealed to the detective, perhaps Assistant Yang will not be able to fulfill this duty that I’m hoping for her…!

And FINALLY they talk about Young Mi being poor!! Or at least of her coming from a poorer background…!!

Perhaps she’s so sour all the time rightly so because everyone in the hotel speaks about her being of a poorer status than theirs and mocks her for even trying and pretending to be as well off as they are?

You can contrast Nam Sang Hyo with Young Mi… in the sense where – after the flashback that we see anyway – Nam Sang Hyo has to work hard in order to attain and maintain the status that she’s acquired, but Young Mi, no matter how hard she works at covering the fact that she’s poor, people will still belittle her for it [not that her attitude makes up for it, of course].

She’s gonna blackmail So Ah Jung isn’t she? If this happens, I’d really like for both of them to end up wearing each other out of the series. In the sense where perhaps So Ah Jung will get her dose of humility after she’s being bossed around by Young Mi, or perhaps finally Young Mi will disappear from the series because So Ah Jung doesn’t want to be at her beck and call any longer.

Did you get the sense that she’s only trying to impress Gi Chul? Do you think that she sort of likes him? Or just wants to impress him?

Whoa, Manager Yeo‘s outfit!! It’s so hugely awesome and the colors are really flashy!! I loved how she acknowledged that the two of them (despite being love rivals) have a love-hate relationship, which is sort of the same as saying that they’re frenemies, right? It reminds me slightly of Archie (that comic where Veronica and Betty compete for his affections but otherwise are best of friends because why let your failed attempts at seducing a guy who clearly wants a harem be a wedge between your and your bestie?). I expect to see more of this friendship, please [they did mention how they both went to drink at a certain bar very often (is it safe to presume that they went to drink together (to complain about work or their crush on Director Jo (although Sang Hyo doesn’t seem to indulge in that kind of talk))?)]!

Ew that lecherous dude. I can’t believe it…

Jo Sung Gyum 

As he progressed with his private investigation about his father (why does it need to be private? Is it because Director Jo believed since the beginning that his father’s murderer was someone from the inside?), Director Jo looked so helpless that it made me want to hug him. Poor guy! He doesn’t remember his father and now he’s tangled up with his murder.

I love how Nam Sang Hyo jumped when Director Jo surprised her. Did she bring a smile to his face or did he just… frown? In the Hotel, he doesn’t really know who he can trust, and as he was coming back from a disturbing interview with a co-worker of his father’s, he sees this young woman, conflicted about handing in her resignation letter because she’s failed to do the job that he entrusted in her. He calls her “Future of the Hotel” and “Beauty and Brains“, but can he really trust her, especially after he’s seen her conversing with his prime suspect for the murder of his father [I’m talking about General Manager of course]? So maybe he doesn’t seem so impressed in that gif. I think that he’ll still trust her, I mean, after all, she’s pretty transparent (except perhaps about the fact that she used to be married). Have you noticed how their suits sort of complement each other well?

After knowing what we know about Nam Sang Hyo and her parents, it’s sort of normal that she would feel like General Manager is like a fatherly figure to her. He has been trying to protect her from Hwang Dong Bae, perhaps [but by my remembering, he was warning Hwang Dong Bae not to mess with Nam Sang Hyo, so wasn’t he trying to protect Hwang from Nam Sang Hyo, rather]? He was also trying to cover for her at the Managers’ meeting [speaking of which, when are we going to see the people from the Security Department (plus Mr. Chan) do their PR stunt at whatever charity event that Manager Yeo had prepared for them?] to prevent her from handing in her resignation letter, after all! I like that we see him as a bad guy at first (through Director Jo‘s point of view) and then we see him as a good guy (from Nam Sang Hyo‘s point of view; after all, he sort of gave her a boost in self-confidence so that she can continue on her job). If he mentioned that it was fated that they’d meet, is it possible that this is foreshadowing that we’ll see how exactly they met?

I guess perhaps they met after she “divorced” Goo Hae Young, in tears and perhaps she told him a version of the story (or she was just too overwhelmed), and he took her under his wing, flew her to Korea where he gave her a job? Would he do this so that she’d make Director Jo fall in love with her and – as her fatherly figure – he could control her into controlling Director Jo? Wow, that’s too twisted… and that’s just a really bad and cliche plan… Man, what a nice thing it would be if in the end, General Director was not a bad guy after all? My feelings about this character can now be considered as conflicted.

The moment you saw Manager Yeo inside of Director Jo‘s office, you probably thought, like me, that something was fishy, huh?

Her proposal was SO ADVANCED OF HER [she doesn’t even propose to him outright, she proposes that they save the hotel’s reputation by marrying each other, that’s just GOLD]!!! Had So Ah Jung not come to sign the paperwork, would Director Jo have suggested he marry Nam Sang Hyo in order to save the hotel? I love how tactful he is about refusing her advances, and actually stalling to see if he’d hear anything from Nam Sang Hyo.

You’re supposed to marry someone you love. No goals or benefits can replace that. x

Despite the fact that they spent very brief time together in this episode, my heart went ‘doki doki’ whenever both Manager Nam and Managing Director were seen together. Just look at how ecstatic Nam Sang Hyo is as she runs through the hotel into Managing Director Jo‘s office, how eager she is to thank him for facilitating her job (at convincing them to make her the wedding planner once more) [although it’s a shame she’ll never really know that Goo Hae Young also sort of had a hand in this decision] and to report to him that So Ah Jung has finally accepted their proposal to host the wedding at the Secret Hotel (for a second time).

Man, there’s no trace of the girl who was crestfallen at her stolen pride the day before [I guess crying for a whole afternoon and then having her ex-husband confirm the lingering suspicion that he still doesn’t respect her job very much might do that to a girl’s psyche? Of course, you’ve gotta give her a break; her woes of the previous day were all solved thanks to someone who actually takes her job seriously (because he sort of has the same job?) and who’s really handsome, too!]. I loved how Nam Sang Hyo managed to faze him by asking him whether or not he was helping her out all the time not only because it was professional, but because he (perhaps) liked her [is this what mine eyes can consider as flirting?]. His expression is simply priceless!! Perhaps asking him the same question on the same day twice may have been an overkill on your part though, Nam Sang Hyo!

It was extremely funny to see how oblivious Nam Sang Hyo was at Jo‘s subtle hints that he wanted to eat Ramyun [the fact that he was gently teasing her with the resignation letter might have been a retaliation at the fact that she made him lose his smile? I love how he made her chase him all throughout the floor, guessing exactly what he wanted to eat for dinner; he really wanted her to guess right, too, because he stopped many times before reaching the first floor, upon realizing that “she doesn’t have any sense”]. She recovered EXTREMELY well though, if I do say so myself…! I mean look at her eyes and the way her voice went as she asked him if he wanted to go and get instant noodles (a fairly cheap meal, too) with her. Do you notice how he almost subconsciously imitated her hand gesture towards his hair as he answered her? He likes her [or perhaps he decided to go out with her officially to gain information about her fatherly figure (General Manager)?]! And then, what’s she going to answer to this? I mean, it’s romantic and all, and he’s certainly a step up from the kind of guy she used to be married with, but will she accept? Will she decline because, you know, dating in the work place isn’t necessarily always conducive to the business… If she mentioned earlier in this episode that she no longer had any feelings for Goo Hae Young, doesn’t this mean then that she’s free to love Jo? Or is she still wavering and what she’d told Hae Young was all a lie to get him to accept her as his wedding planner? Let’s also never forget that Nam Sang Hyo has a history, and that she might not want to… be in a serious relationship, perhaps [although she has almost outwardly expressed her competitiveness with Manager Yeo very explicitly throughout the episodes]?

I simply can’t leave this section without mentioning Simon’s small scene. Will he have something with Manager Yeo? Will he finally be more useful and have more lines to say? WHO KNOWS?! But I need you to know, Simon, that there’s nothing wrong with your name, she was just… frustrated, you know!

Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young (2)

This episode was really Goo Hae Young x Nam Sang Hyo centric… I wonder if there’ll be a LITTLE bit more of the other couple [Jo Sung Gyeum x Nam Sang Hyo]… next episode, perhaps?!

Goo Hae Young gets really upset when she has to kneel [anywhere] in front of people. This brought back to him the flashback about their… perhaps their first serious fight as an (unlicensed) married couple?

He has pride for her [as his unlicensed wife, I guess]. She believed (and still believes) that her chosen line of work was always a joke to him, that he thinks that he can just buy whatever position that she wants to obtain. [I think this contrast between the two lines of thought (the one who wishes to work hard in order to obtain what he/she wants (Nam Sang Hyo) and the one who wishes to pay anything in order to obtain it (Goo Hae Young)) is explored in many dramas, so this might actually count as a cliche. It always comes down to how you present it, I guess… and I think this was pretty well presented, no? I think it’s safe to believe that this is eventually what broke them up, although one can’t really say for sure, since they did mention earlier that they didn’t wait for each other 7 years ago, leading us to believe that they’d made some kind of promise to each other and they believed that they didn’t keep it (when are they gonna dig this one up by the way?).

Normally I’d call out on him being so violent with the furniture and call this a red flag because if he can’t constrain himself to violence, what’s to say that he won’t beat her in the future like he did with the picture board? [I know, I think ahead and in a practical manner, but yeah]. I feel bad for not being coherent, but I sort of can understand his frustration. He desperately wants to help her out of a situation he sees as unfair (being verbally insulted that way by a foreign drunken customer with no respect and clearly out of line), but she considers it her dream to be a hotelier and doesn’t want to quit [I can understand her point of view too, though. What’s money compared to doing a job that you want to do?]. It must irk him a lot… They’re both so stubborn and impulsive… which is why they got promptly married and divorced so quickly…

Look at the concern in his eyes, I can’t even

Goo hae Young knows that she needs to let off some steam.

Is this because she hates crying in front of him, huh? I’m not sure but I think that’s another red flag for an unhealthy relationship? If you can’t cry in front of someone, you don’t trust that person? Or is it because you don’t want that person to think little of you because tears are often considered as signs of weakness [which, my readers, they are NOT (by the way, why are you still reading!? GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK or WORK if you have any)]? Perhaps he hates to see her cry, too, that’s why he compromises by letting her cry in the car? Isn’t that a bit… immature? Or…

Hmm… After re-watching this particular scene a couple of times though, I realized that perhaps he’s not showing how inexperienced he is at consoling a crying person, but that he’s also pretty upset that he can’t be the one consoling her while she’s like this. Not only because she won’t let him see her tears, but because he’s lost the right to do so (after presumably abandoning her 7 years prior to this story), and also because he’s technically taken already by someone else [who’s a total b*tch, he knows he shouldn’t have chosen to marry her but he probably didn’t have any choice from his architecture genius father or mother and who is the one who MADE his ex-wife cry in the first place].

Mewtwo mentioned how this scene is “what did her in“, what essentially made her ship the two of them together more than ever. I don’t know if I can do that as of yet. To be truthful, my heart is still wavering, I wouldn’t be able to choose with just these past five episodes…

I wonder if the fact that Mewtwo roots for Goo Hae Young after this scene whereas I’d rather have Director Jo sort of comfort me the way he did when Nam Sang Hyo was crying might show just the difference between our personal preference.

He’ll drive her home because he wants to know where she lives, or does he expect that she’ll tell him where she lives now (it’s only fair, I mean, she knows where he lives)?!

This might be unrelated but we’ve seen how hard she works in order to become a hotelier, but I wonder if (and I know that, as I’m writing this, episode 9 is airing, so we’re past half way done with the show already) it will be explained why she has this dream? What inspired her?

I don’t think that I’ve ever mentioned to you just how thankful I am that TalTal (wait what’s his real name? Ah… Jin Yi-Han) is appearing so often… especially seeing as I haven’t seen him enough in Empress Ki (not having actually finished it will do that to me, I guess), and in A New Leaf (just because he was a side character who deserved more screen time).

You know, if you go and over-analyze the scene like I have just because it gives me goosebumps and I squeal helplessly when I watch it, this scene COULD potentially say a lot about how the guys would support Nam Sang HyoDirector Jo would shield her and take the hit, but Goo Hae Young would be stopping through as many means as possible whatever ails her.

I think it says a lot about their characters as suitors [Director Jo would support her, as shown when he encourages her and is there when she cries), but Goo Hae Young would try and make whatever drives her uncomfortable stop (Soo Ah Jung, Assistant Hwang, that drunken American dude, etc.)].

Of course, I guess you could say that it’s not consistent. Director Jo can make a fine line between his professional life and his relationship status [pushing Nam Sang Hyo to do her best in her career path as a professional but supporting her gently as a suitor]… Goo Hae Young struggles to keep his cool around Nam Sang Hyo and acts very rashly and sometimes is still shown to be immature (although have you noticed him play any games on his phone recently?).

Okay this review is getting way too long, I’m gonna leave you with that…!!
See you around!!

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