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Title: Order of the Rose
Started: October 2nd, 2013
Finished: October 11th, 2013
Rating: 8/10
Leafeon‘s Rating: 7.5/10
By: Big Fish Games [GestaltGames or rather, this list – even though this game is not included]

October 11th, 2013

Hey guys!
How are you all?

So, Leafeon and I have started playing a game before her midterms (in Fall 2013) started, and we’ve been procrastinating playing it [because, for me, it was pretty scary to play all by myself] but today, since her midterms are over and that mine are starting soon (in a few days), we’ve decided to take one final go and finish it. I’m also glad because it’s the second game that I finished today.

The storyline was not particularly striking in any way. I liked that we took on the role of a police detective – I’ll probably never get over the fact that I’m NOT a detective in real life (because I have no real-life detective skills). So I make do with being a temporary detective in a game. I liked how there were characters that talked to us during the gameplay – informing us of some clue that they’d find, etc. It made me feel less alone, just like in the 13th Skull game. So the element of fear was less present. HOWEVER, as we progress, the police officers that are supposed to back us up disappear slowly until we’re all alone with the murderer… and THAT, THAT is scary!

Leafeon was less affected, perhaps, than I was, by the whole ambiance that Big Fish Games created with this game. The music was entrancing [it gave me goosebumps, and I love and hate getting goosebumps, people!], the landscape was breathtaking (seriously, the attention to DETAIL that these people put into their stuff!).

Minor detail: One of the rare occasions we had to use our hint button, there was a slight glitch in the sense where we didn’t know what twine was and we had to search on Google before finally finding out what it is. Yes, I fail on so many levels, also I am hungry and tired. That also counts for something, probably. Also, today’s the day that Sealia came into my family. She’s been mingling with Hiba and WaDe, so I’m thinking that maybe that’s why Hiba‘s not running the games as well.

The ART!! Oh, what can I say about the ART, except that I honestly thought some visual effects were just plain hard scary.
There were some bouts where, combined with the music, the art made me jump out of my skin and float about in the air, wondering if I over-react because it’s not as scary (that’s what Leafeon likes to say, but for real guys, some of those scenes were scary, especially since you can turn on the light and turn it off sometimes). Another aspect that makes it scary is that it’s basically a serial murder investigation, which means that there WILL be corpses here and there… which makes it very scary for me, all right? Especially with all the gore. There, I’ve said it. There’s gore in it!

The puzzles were well done and they made Leafeon and I think that the murderer REALLY had to go through a LOT and wasted a lot of brain power just to leave us these clues all over the place! (but this is a game, Ponyta, stop over-thinking this).
Meanwhile, the Hidden Object Boards were medium in their difficulty, not as splendid as the puzzles were, in my opinion, which may be why I didn’t give it full marks.

Another reason why was the ending. The whole idea that the murderer knew the detective that we impersonate (*cough*) and the whole ending of the story made me believe that there would be a sequel or that there was a prequel available – however, I have yet to find something like that in any of the archives that I’ve looked through. I was not satisfied, hahaha.

Anyways, you like creepy detective work and creepy criminals who are obsessed with your being a detective? You’re not scared of gore, and even relish in it? Then there’s a possibility that this game IS for you! *cough* I’d make such a horrible sales person *cough*.

I’m going to get going now.
|ʘ‿ʘ)╯ Ponyta says ‘bye’ creepily |ʘ‿ʘ)╯