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Title: Barakamon
Episode: 06 [Yosonmon – Guys from Tokyo]
Watched: September 2nd, 2014

September 14th, 2014 

Hello, minna-san!
How are you all doing?!! I’m still attempting to catch up and I don’t even have a review for the 24th of this month ready yet… *phew* I gotta rush, but thank you for bearing so patiently with me!!

Kawafuji and Kyousuke [and Naru]

Considering the hilarity of our two “new” characters spending nights at camp sites until they eventually found Handa Sensei, I’m sort of really glad that SPENDING NIGHT AT CAMP SITES!!

Because we’d only ever briefly witnessed Kawafuji, I never really thought that he had tattoos (and would subsequently be taken as a YAKUZA for some of the villagers). Also, I didn’t think that he would be a ‘womanizer’, already saying that he’d only be interested in Naru when she’s 10 years older than she is (i.e. as a woman). I would question Handa’s taste in friends, but it’s shown throughout the episode [and through the previous episodes, too, actually!!] that Kawafuji actually cares about Handa a lot!

I wonder where they’re going with the character of Kyousuke, who seems an absolute fanatic of Handa Sensei, and yet, says and does things… that make me so mad… not liking kids but maintaining the appearance of so just for publicity’s sake… I really wonder just how deeply his admiration for Handa is… Nevertheless, I love seeing his reactions to things like bugs and snails and shells… it’s just too funny, the voice actor did well!!

I wonder what the village would be like without Naru. I wonder also where she got the idea of selling shells [from one of the girls, from her grandpa or perhaps even from her teacher, perhaps? or just from listening to some adults talk] and what she was going to do with the money. She’s adorable, and I loved how she wanted to compete with Kawafuji for the best tattoos.

Have you ever eaten snails? There are some that are un-edible, but some others, WOW, they’re really good. How do I know? I used to eat snails as a child, just like Naru does with the needle (of course we boil them, we don’t do as Naru. Don’t EVER do like Naru). “She can only sell it to someone wealthy, like an eye-tea company head or major leaguer“, she really cracks me up, and her reaction to the beautifully colored card, too!! Not to mention that strange obsession she has with the tattoos, I mean, did you notice her scratching it while Kawafuji was asleep?

I greatly enjoy the fact that the villagers form such a tightly knit community that they protect children very well from kidnappers (I wish it were more like that in bigger towns, but it’s more difficult… and requires a lot of energy… and I’m lazy…) and even drag strangers into village meetings (even if they somehow end up all drunk because it somehow turns into a drinking party).

I’m glad that Kawafuji expressed his concerns about Handa, even if he’s drunk… I mean… what’s it with guys in movies and in certain tv shows being unable to discuss their worries and concerns about real matters in front of each other?! Why do they have to be DRUNK in order to do such things?! WHY! Public Service Announcement timez: Men shouldn’t be seen as less manly just because they discuss about these things, all right? It’s like saying that “guys don’t cry”. You’ll just end up emotionally damaging the boys and making them un-able to express their emotions properly! I know this because STUDIES! End of Public Service Announcement timez transmission, thank you for tuning in.

I absolutely ADORED the Filthy Monster Ball incident, just because… doesn’t it remind you of POKEMON?! It totally is a reference to Pokemon! Pocket Monster… And they’re in a Pokeball… and even the color scheme of the container in which Naru placed it is super conveniently the same as a Pokeball!! I absolutely love the life hacks used to capture such bugs. I mean, I mean to use this one of these days… I’ll keep an empty bottle of whatever close just in case (then again though, we don’t have many shield bugs here and they don’t tend to go inside of my house…). I don’t think I would be able to catch a fly and I’d despise myself if I did that to a spider… Oh wells, this life hack will stay with me until I can use it!!! I’m very glad that

Hiroshi and Miwa [and Naru]

I love how Hiroshi just hangs at Handa’s house whenever his parents aren’t home. It’s very true that “it’s tastier than eating alone“. I like how it’s very coherent. Hiroshi mentions how his parents went to the community center for a Village Meeting of some sort, and Naru’s grandfather also went. And later, we find out that it’s actually because of Kawafuji [and of course, to a certain extent, Kyousuke and Naru herself] that there even was a Village Meeting.

Sensei’s gained weight since coming to the island (I hadn’t noticed, though, don’t worry, sensei!)!! I wonder… isn’t it a good thing if he gained weight? It means that he’s been eating, no? I heard somewhere that men actually want to gain weight… I wonder if this weight business will make some sort of comeback, seeing as they have been pretty good with maintaining consistency [Handa’s phone always being off due to its plunge into the ocean, Hiroshi always going to give Handa some lunch, the constant return of Konomon [which I really, really, really, almost desperately want to try by the way], to only name a few examples].

I wondered why Hiroshi mentions how he’s surprised because Handa Sensei has a friend. Is it because he knows that Handa has a weird personality (as everyone on the island seems to mention at least once) or perhaps is it because Handa, in one of the previous episodes, did mention how he’d never had to worry about anyone but himself before, and yet, expressed major concern over Naru, Miwa and Hiroshi jumping off into the water and they did hug him. Thus, Hiroshi would think that since Handa never had to care about anyone else, that it meant he never had any friends to begin with? Nevertheless, I’m glad that they’re good friends enough that they can joke about these things…

I absolutely love how the two of them – Miwa and Hiroshi – take up the task of protecting Handa sensei from finding out who Kyousuke was exactly. It shows not only how much they care about their friend but also how well they know him (sort of, since they know that he’d be majorly upset over it). They even have a NAME for the event in which Handa totally lost it and had to go through the Mochi Gathering to feel better: The Second-Place Calligraphy Incident. That’s just brilliant.

I’ve only now started to notice, but… don’t Miwa and Hiroshi spend a lot of time together? May I perhaps start shipping them? I know that people ship Hiroshi with Handa though… I love how she just mistreats Hiroshi whenever Handa’s close to finding out who Kyousuke is.

Of course they are both surprised when Handa mentions that he’s not totally unbothered by the fact that his best friend brought over the one who stole the first prize from him, but he’s taken the news very calmly in comparison to the Second-Place Calligraphy Incident. He honestly mentions how he envied Kyousuke but felt somehow at ease (perhaps because Kyousuke doesn’t handle the urban life as much as Handa can)? He’s really changed for the better, to be honest.

During the part where they show Kawafuji with a hangover, is it possible that he’s forgotten his tattoos? It’s also interesting to see what the camping sites look like in Japan, compared to what I know they look like in Canada (and compare that with what I know it looks like when my PARENTS tell me we’re going camping *shudders* never).

Ooohhh, Kyousuke… DRINKING TEA IN THIS HEAT, OF COURSE YOU DO! Even I do it and I live in Canada, CHILD (although arguably, our “heat” is probably not the same, but it’s still pretty much unbearable to me, all right?!)!!! Oh gods, I didn’t want to learn that Handa’s father was also a calligraphy expert genius, like that, from Kyousuke, of all the people… However, what makes me crack up was this specific scene. There are so many magazine articles about Handa that it’s… it’s just… THERE’S EVEN A FREAKING PIN-UP And the comments that he gives in these articles are the same overly dramatic ones that he sometimes sprouts on the phone with Kawafuji! This is coherence at its BEST! It’s even funnier because this inspires Kyousuke a lot; even so much that the young calligrapher would actually want to record Handa!! Ahh man, I really couldn’t stop laughing at this…

I also love Handa Sensei’s reaction to someone reading his quotes out loud. He’s so embarrassed. I wonder if he realizes that they’re really cheesy lines (from Tama’s brother’s reaction) and/or it’s just that he hadn’t thought that someone would actually go and bring magazines of him in such a small village where everyone knows him. Thanks to Naru and Hina sending paper planes, though, everyone wants his autograph… will this be enough to make him leave the countryside and go back to the city, I wonder?

I honestly got upset at the calligrapher when he mentions that Handa’s not doing calligraphy seriously…!!! I thought: “Whoa, Kyousuke’s so mean, saying these things to convince him to go back to Tokyo.” Though I do admire Kyousuke for not only having won but for bringing Handa another light onto his calligraphy (other than the old geezer whom Handa punched in the first episode). Kyousuke adds that by putting too much individuality into his calligraphy, it loses something, whereas the elderly man actually said that Handa was not original enough. Poor Handa… who will he listen to and will he be able to find that perfect balance between the two?

Does Kawafuji know that Kyousuke’s attempting to bring Handa back?  Does Handa even want to go back? I was actually thinking about this before… I don’t want him to go back, and I’m sure that he’s having so much fun where he is right now, with the villagers, that maybe he won’t leave!!

I absolutely adored how Hiroshi and Miwa are looking out for Handa this episode, and I love how, as his best friend, Kawafuji knows how difficult it is to look out for his own friend. Whoa, they’ve been friends since middle school, huh, whoa! He gets depressed easily and wall himself off. I UNDERSTAND YOU SO WELL HANDA!!

Ah, so that’s what Kawafuji is… an art dealer… that might explain his over-flashy card… Whoa, so he even thought through about bringing Kyousuke to his best friend… bringing over a rival does positive things to some people sometimes, but not all the time… I guess he’s really thought it through and he knows his friend better than anyone… so we’ve gotta trust his instincts, right?

He’s even the one who thought that, since the countryside is a “place where associating with others is important”, he sent Handa there. And from my previous posts, you all know that I found Handa to have changed (for the better, as I often add). Kawafuji, you did good!

Near the end of the episode, Handa mentions that his father instructed him to write a certain way [tame calligraphy], which isn’t the way he wants to write… I like that he’s changing, it’s pretty nice and it works well with the way that he’s maturing. Not only that but Naru and Hina have been listening to his orders more (when he says it’s dangerous and they should go down from the roof. I like this coherence, since they did promise to him that they would listen to him more (so that he doesn’t have to worry)).

Stay until the ending of the credit scene!! You’ll see a beautiful deleted scene involving Tama, hahaha!! It’s just too funny to miss!! Is she going to ship Kawafuji and Kyousuke together? Or perhaps just ship Handa with a harem? WHO KNOWS?! Perhaps it’ll be mentioned in the next episode…

…all right, time for me to take my leave discreetly and start watching episode 7!!

 Ponyta’s out!