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Title: Funeral of Hearts
Author: Misteen [DeviantArt, Tumblr, Blog, YouTube]
Link: Smackjeeves

July 23rd, 2014 

Hello minna-san!
How are you all doing on this Webcomic Recommendation Day? I hope you’re doing well! I’m writing this right after I wrote 1,2,3 Step! so yeah, I’m a bit sad that I just realized this one has been inactive for 6 months (as I write this anyway).

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and if you like the webcomic Mokepon (I should probably do a WebComic Recs post about that one too huh?), then Funeral of Hearts is for you! Whereas Mokepon takes a different twist on Pokemon, Funeral of Hearts takes a totally different concept and goes along with the definition of “gijinka” [definition: Humanoid personification of something, in this case, humanization of POKEMON for more examples, click here].

The concept, you ask? It’s written in the first few pages of the first chapter, but here’s the gist of it, to get you started: Due to some unfortunate experiments in the world of Pokemon, people can now ‘fuse’ with Pokemon! Contrarily to the regular trainers who catch Pokemon and train them with love, through the Pokemon battles we’ve learned to watch and play through, the humans who don’t train Pokemon are called Sorrows.

Sorrows are a slight problem in the society of Pokemon nowadays, mostly because they can actually infect other people into becoming Sorrows. To solve this problem, our characters gained the ability to (without being ‘infected’) temporarily fuse with their own Pokemon. They thus gain the abilities to fight Sorrows on common grounds.
For more information about the Sorrows, click here.

If the concept isn’t enough to hook you in, then consider that Misteen has perfected an incredible way of drawing Pokemon that amazed me highly. Not only that but her characters are quite something to look at, too, in her very manga drawing style! Indeed, I love her artstyle.

 Not only that, but Misteen actually takes the time to make a Pokedex [click here] filled with Sorrows that we meet, as well as a page for her Characters (which is very reminiscent of Trainer Cards and Pokemon stats), which she updates it as chapters go on, too!

All right, well I’ve tried to convince you to try it out! Tell me if you enjoy it!
See you next time!

Ponyta’s reading right now.