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Title: Barakamon
Season: 1
Episode: 07 [Hisan-Iwo – A high-grade fish]
Watched: September 22nd 2014

September 23rd, 2014 

Hey there!
How are you all doing?!! It’s almost half way through the month of October!! Are you glad? Or perhaps… you don’t want the month of October to be done, because, like me, you see the end soon: midterms, projects, assignments, and then finals…? Ahh I’m not ready. If I could stop time in order to watch more anime, finish writing my posts, finishing all the drawings and specifics for every Incompetent Lovers comic, I would. I really would [but then even if I schedule the posts, since time has stopped… I just… the day which the posts are scheduled would just never come, because I’m probably too lame to learn how to start time again… if I had that mutant ability]…

And imagine, I’m already starting to feel this now, while we’re still in SEPTEMBER!! It’s not been a full month since school has started for me and yet I feel this dread!! All right, well you know what can cure this dread? A good twenty-odd minutes of laughter. What better than to talk to you about Barakamon’s seventh episode?

First Half of the Episode 

Whoa, going fishing, this is going to be very fun!! I absolutely adored how just dumb all of those city boys are (even Kawafuji, despite not wanting to be lumped with them), and how, throughout this episode, we see them progress in terms of what they learn and how they interact with the equipment [especially the equipment].

I’m not sure how coherent this is, though, because Handa has been seen – albeit during the ‘after the credits’ extras – fishing before with the Village Teacher and Naru (and several other characters). Was Naru always helping him out and putting the baits for him, as is shown during the episode, or is it just that fishing at that particular location is simply different than at a pond?

Let me also add that their child-like reactions almost immediately after Miwa had shown them the basics of how to fish made me chuckle.

I mean it: look at them! They’re all adults (we consider 18 years old people to be young adults, don’t we?)!! And they’re all young city men who have never done fishing before, and at the prospect of getting free food that they would catch, they jump on the occasion like… bees to a flower? I also loved how they displayed competition for such a trivial thing [Handa wanting to catch more fish than Kawafuji, and Kyousuke attempting to prove that he has more skills than all of them combined].

Ah man, it was hilarious to see even more of Kawafuji’s quirky side, especially his hunger for money [I’m eternally sorry that I couldn’t find a good gif for this scene right here, this guy needs more love! If you find the gif, please link it in the comment section (or you can even email me) to me so I can link it here, it’s just too full of win, I’m personally surprised no one thought to make a gif out of it yet, as of the time that I’ve seen this episode and written its post]. This avarice had been touched upon before [coherence points] when he was speaking about Handa [who is, above all else (even above being his friend), his money tree (along with Kyousuke of course)] to Miwa and Hiroshi, but to bear witness to this extent of his greed was impressive…

Despite this almost terrifying scene, I was glad that Kawafuji was used to shed some light into what Kyousuke had told Handa in the previous episode [even going as far as to scold the young man for doing such a thing to his best friend and defend his friend’s style (saying it hasn’t gotten worse); I absolutely love it]. I guess I can understand why Kyousuke is so… adamant that Handa comes back into the city, so that Handa’s style in calligraphy doesn’t change [and Kyousuke’s still going to keep his model]. I hadn’t seen the fact that ever since Kyousuke had seen Handa’s new piece, that he’d have an artist’s block or a writer’s block!! That would also explain why Kawafuji brought the young calligraphist over to Handa…?

It was also almost horrendously fun to see just how obnoxious Kyousuke is. I mean, we sort of got the gist of it, and Kawafuji does mention to us (via Handa) about it… I mean, of course, some of us probably think the same way he does, but to be able to say those thoughts aloud, with such convictions, provided with such ambiance… truly a remarkable character to have created right there! Being someone who abhors being in the outdoors like I do, I am reluctant to admit that, through some of these scenes with Kyousuke, I really felt like I could connect to the character [that’s scary to say]. I also don’t like the outdoors, I would spend all of my vacations indoors if I could… [it’s the mosquitoes and the tanning, whereas I guess Kyousuke just prefers studying calligraphy?] I’m also clumsy, but it never leads to me bumping into people and making them lose their glasses into the water [although to be truthful I’ve never been given the opportunity to as of yet (I mean what?)]. Kyousuke is also extremely passionate about what he does and especially about his idol. I can understand that passion, because so many of the people in my entourage question my ambitions because they cannot even begin to comprehend it. Am I the only one who can relate to him?

The little interactions between Hina and Naru were also quite something to look unfold. The difference between Naru’s adventurous, wild-ish and even bold side is emphasized with Hina’s softer, quieter and timid personality. It was funny to see what Naru would be doing and it was great to see a reference to many video games that we play nowadays in this scene where she picks up a branch [reference to: Pokemon? Legend of Zelda? Even, perhaps Jak and Daxter? Those are the ones I can instantaneously think of that gives you such a speech when you pick up an item, anyway].
I was a bit surprised that Naru would… I wouldn’t go as far as to call it bullying, but ah… let’s call it… um… friendly suggests Hina to pick up the roach that Naru had caught. Was it done on purpose because Naru likes to troll? Was it done because Naru wants Hina to become stronger? Or was it simply to tease her? Or to incorporate her into the stories that Naru was telling herself as she played with the stick and insects? **Those bite, kids, don’t touch them without strict and reliable adult supervision**.

I was also very content for Sensei‘s slight interaction with Hina, where she initiates contact and offers him a hook that she prepared herself (with, of course, the help of Miwa, who instructed her on how to do it). By this, I guess you could say that Hina is very “by the book” kind of sweet girl, since she only has one hook and a simple line to link it with, whereas Naru is definitely more a rowdy type. She would put more hooks on the line because, in her imagination, the more hooks you get, the more easily it should be to catch a fish, right?

I loved how she just went and took out a revenge on the city boys who laughed at her creation [even Handa Sensei, whom she respects the most, probably]. That scene made me wonder though; if she says that she’ll let them off the hook easily just by doing that, and considering that she offered a ball full of shield bugs who were able to stink up Handa’s house, by giving it as a token of friendship to a person… what evil things could she possibly come up with?! At any rate, I’ve decided that, if I were them in the future, I wouldn’t ever mess with Naru.

The result of that day’s catch, even if it was only horse mackerels [I think it was?], really doesn’t look as bad as they made it out to be in the beginning!! However, I wonder if it really looks like that and I wonder if they eat with the scales? [I personally don’t eat fish with the scales, I find it difficult (just because I’m not used to it, actually)], but it really does look pretty good!! I was also surprised that, after all that they’ve been through, Handa still accepts to sit next to Kyousuke to eat [and even let him attend to a calligraphy session, too, as we’ve seen prior to this scene over here, I wonder if, because they both felt the need to do calligraphy (I mean that they were both moved and inspired to do calligraphy by simple moments like these), perhaps their relationship (or perhaps Handa just feels bad that Kyousuke is in a ‘slump’ and can’t write?) has grown to more than just merely rivalry or even admiration?].

Second Half of the Episode 

I myself don’t go to the airport to check out the goodies of souvenirs they have to sell, however, I can understand why Hiroshi, Miwa, Naru, Hina and Handa chose to accompany Kyousuke and Kawafuji so far… it’s goodies that they can’t get from the village shop, after all!!

I’m also happy that we got to see what a Barakamon is. It’s the mascot of the island, right?!! And it’s so cute, too!! I’m glad that Hiroshi decided to buy another a phone strap as well, so that Kyousuke isn’t the only one with such strap and doesn’t feel as… friendless. Even if he doesn’t have any friends, he could still buy souvenirs for himself and for his parents and family members, I say!

I’m glad that Hiroshi’s father got to make another appearance, and I love his humor (offering Kawafuji to bring either Hina or Naru with him ‘abroad’ so he wouldn’t have to take care of them). As the Village Chief, I guess it’s his job to take care of all of the new comers and the visitors, after all!!

Even though the Village Chief mentions how the village children usually don’t interact with new comers and/or strangers, I feel slightly skeptical at this, just because of how easily Naru integrated Handa into her activities and into her group of friends [Hiroshi, Miwa, Tama, Hina, etc.]. I guess that Handa’s a special case though, mostly because everyone says how weird he is [because he says cheesy things, and because he does not know certain things that has become common knowledge to them (such as how to use a rotary phone, I’m still surprised at this)].

I absolutely loved how Miwa and Hiroshi only really wanted to see the metal detector alarms at the airport ring. I’m not sure whether or not it rings for nothing or if it’s so absolutely precise that it beeps even for glasses and small hooks?

I’m glad to see more of Kawafuji and Handa‘s friendship. Kawafuji knows that Handa has a rebel side to him that doesn’t acknowledge his father’s love for him, etc. He knows how insensitive Handa can be and doesn’t mind [which makes them great friends, to be honest, but I’m glad that Handa does show that he cares in his own quirky way]. Handa proves that he’s grown in this encounter, but also in his goodbye to Kyousuke, assuring him that they will meet again.

Miwa and Hiroshi‘s conversation about Hiroshi having to leave the island soon since it’s his last year in high school makes you wonder if this is sort of a parallel to Handa sensei also having to leave the island soon [will they be spending time together outside of the island?]. Ah, I totally should read the manga in order to answer these questions, I know, I know! If Village Chief stranded Hiroshi and Miwa together, leaving them to walk [or run] back to the village, does he ship them, you think? The fact that this conversation got totally interrupted by Naru’s clumsiness makes me wonder if this is also parallel to Handa’s leaving. Will Naru be able to somehow stop Handa from leaving the island for good [I’m betting that yes, but I’d be so sad]?

I love how Kyousuke just elects to come back to the island (so he’s been having fun, after all!!) – only, alone, since Kawafuji is the one who got them lost, who got mistaken for someone who would kidnap a child and got drunk at the village meeting… Despite having denied liking such things, I’m glad that Kawafuji still decided to use Naru and Handa‘s gift to him. It’s hilarious because I didn’t think that it would be a moving mask.


All right, let me take my leave!

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I’ll see you all next week!
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