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Title: Barakamon
Episode: 09 [Okega Makucchi Shita – Almost Got Badly Hurt]
Watched: September 24th, 2014

Hey there minna-san!
How’s everyone’s lives coming along? I trust that you’re all ready for Halloween (in any way that you celebrate it – I personally wait for the DAY AFTER Halloween to buy a lot of candies and then eat it (that’s MY Halloween, I hear that some people even go and have costumed parties, or if you still go trick or treating (I swear, if I didn’t have these wrinkles, I’d totally be out there with the children, trick or treating and earning the candies as if I’m not 23 years old)).

All right, so you’re here for the Barakamon post of the week, yes? Let us get started [I can’t believe I watched three episodes today…]! SPOILERS!

He needs to be ready for the Naruka Exhibition!! This is a great callback to so many episodes ago. Many moments during the previous episodes were also spent on Handa staring at the calendar, too! The Naruka Exhibition really makes the story move along… after all, there is a deadline to think about…

Handa‘s gonna take a bath! OMG I love to see how it’s prepared (the bath, I mean). It’s really different from here in Canada. Poor Sensei! In the previous episode, he couldn’t write because it was Naru’s birthday, then, he got wound up in the Obon Season and following the Onde around… and had to keep an eye on Naru’s grandmother’s grave, learning more about just how in need of company Naru is because of the fact that she doesn’t have her parents around and only has her grandpa, who’s always working. And in this episode, just as he’s about to work and decides to take a bath in order to get the inspiration… the bath doesn’t light up… poor guy!

Wood heated bath are awesome, it seems, Handa mentioned how different it is from the electric-run baths… This makes me wonder what he means and it makes me really want to try it out!!

Gung-ho mode! I wonder what that is… Village Chief got INSECTS ON HIM [I have already said just how much I love Handa and his insectophobia and he’s shown reasonably a lot of growth when he was able to hold a rhinoceros beetle (thanks to Kenta) in the previous episode, but the fact that he still shows this kind of clumsiness is just priceless… (I’m sorry Village Chief)]!
On the island, it feels like the Village Chief is sort of his fatherly figure… To go as far as to suggest that Handa would probably need a wife to manage a fire and that he should start thinking about it since he’s 23 years old. Handa’s aware that he’s the “type who ends up dying alone” and the Chief doesn’t even deny it, implying that he already knows that Handa’s quirkiness will probably never land him a decent girl [don’t worry Handa, I’m sure that you’re pretty popular and if there’s anything, you can always ask Naru to do the bath temperature for you instead, she’s your communer wife, after all!].

adore how everyone knows that Handa‘s such a bad cook [or just super clumsy] that they just assume that the smoke coming out of his house means that it’s on fire. I’m glad that Naru was the first to come in to offer her help. Somehow, they even managed to place in some fanservice… Now I really doubt that Sensei has trouble finding a girlfriend… although maybe they would get annoyed by the high maintenance level that is required of being with him [as is shown when Kawafuji explains how much trouble it is to take care of Handa to Hiroshi and Miwa in the previous episodes]?
Honestly, he’s always being bullied by the girls… I mean… they’re middle-schoolers, the thought of seeing a man naked is… or rather… shouldn’t it be appearing at a much older stage in their development? Is that behaviour characteristic only for Miwa (what’s her excuse? Is that a bad thing to let Naru tend to the fire while he has a nice bath? I mean… doesn’t Naru’s grandpa have the same treatment as well?) and Tama (at least she says she wants references for her manga)? I also don’t get their logic, Handa, I don’t… I promise!

Ahhh! Handa’s expression to being seen half naked by Hiroshi (as compared to his reaction to being seen by Tama and Miwa) is so funny and cute! I can see the shippers go crazy over a scene such as this one. It’s so funny that it’s the typical reaction a girl would get when she’s seen by a guy… Does that mean that he’s never gone swimming? It’s true that he didn’t really swim in the episode where they went to enjoy the beach, so that’s important… Maybe… does he know how to swim? I forgot if he said that already…

Cooking with Hiroshi has to be one of the highlights of this episode (but there are so many that I can’t even…). I guess that the manga moment that I showed you from the previous episode would apply here, rather?
The steps that Hiroshi gave Handa in order to make the plate seemed so simple… I feel like I could do it too, but then… something would end up being wrong… and it’d probably also look like Handa’s plate…
I love how they eat each other’s food [I mean… the plate that Hiroshi prepared was eaten by Handa, while the plate that Handa prepared was eaten by Hiroshi… we don’t do that in my family (Leafeon makes the food for me because she knows that I over-burn it otherwise, all the Eeveelutions know that they can’t trust me behind the kitchen (except to make rice))]!!

Handa also shows his competitiveness [which we’d already been introduced to in previous episodes] along with his Entomophobia in this episode. Handa’s so stubborn, immature and cute!! The fact that he got upset that Hiroshi‘s meal was better prepared than his is just… too much for my poor heart!

Remember when I praised Handa and said that he had really grown – to be able to get the children to listen to him? Well basically, now I think that while he’s sure progressed, he’s still got a long way to go, hahaha [especially questioning Hiroshi who’s used to taking care of Hina and the other children, that shows the depth of his competitiveness, I guess?]!! I’ll admit that I’ve never thought that Naru could ever be picked on by grade schoolers in the other village!!!

I’m not sure if using Naru as jump rope sounds like fun… Is this a guy thing, since even Hiroshi thought the same…? It was a way to disable the tension, I guess… since they’d built this mature-immature competition around them… and suddenly, Hina comes to announce that the other village’s kids are bullying Naru, I guess they thought (Handa especially) that the bullying was really something dangerous [like stomping on her or hitting her, since I know that people sometimes inflict physical pain while bullying (but verbally abusing people is also equally as bad, folks!)].

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that kid just called Handa a fox-faced jerk. In what way does he resemble a fox? Have other characters thought the same? I love how he’s aware that he has a mean look (which I guess is associated with the fox?) but how he’s so delusional that he believes it’s only sometimes that he displays such a look [to be fair to Handa, though, we’ve seen a wide array of emotions on his face (especially that of shock and clumsiness, even if that’s not an emotion I’ll say it anyway because I’m awesome and I can…)].

I also like it that Hiroshi, taking the more… diplomatic approach despite the fact that, as he says, their village and the kids’ village weren’t on very good terms, was trying to reason nicely with them [I mean, after all, they’re just kids] but eventually lost his cool when the children were too cocky, choosing instead to give them a taste of the harsh society they live in [notice how he’s still trying to hit Hiroshi with the yellow baseball bat but it didn’t work as much as it did with Handa, this is even more hilarious].

I love how very seriously Sensei takes most things. I’m sure that it’s a part of his personality that a lot of people appreciate (Kenta even mentioned in in the episode about Naru’s birthday), I know that I do. He shows it in this episode when he would go and put on his shoulder the pressure of the children’s trust in him [to show some dignity, as he says, by using adult tactics (calling the police)]. In this gif, he really reminded me of Kyousuke. That tactic is pretty ruined – because things can never go easily for Handa Sensei – when the child dumps the (already non-working phone (we know this since he can’t call or text Kawafuji), which he’d been using only for the clock application – which was still working) into poop, which completely rendered it useless to him now. This makes Hiroshi and Handa return to their Adorable bickering/competition [I love how they fail at protecting the playground]. What really broke me was when the kid just punched Naru to the ground. Physical violence (kids over other kids) make me sad.

I love how the two ‘adults’ eventually attempt to resolve this issue by playing dodgeball in order to chase them away [without making it seem like it’s child abuse]. I was surprised when Handa and Hiroshi arrived at the same solution without saying it in direct words. Playing seriously against kids is something only an adult like Handa would do… but at least it worked, right [until his nerve broke because the kid would actually hit back]?!

I was glad [and impressed] to see how popular Akki is despite being a pro-gamer… so different from here… where people see us gamers (I’m just a casual gamer though) as dorks (negative connotation here). He’s incredibly mature, after all [perhaps because of his sister?]…

By the second part of the episode, I wondered where Hiroshi was at. I mean… I guess he had other things to do than just taking care of Handa and the kids. He did mention that he had to prepare for school, right? Also… I guess they don’t need to add him in this part since the Tarzan probably would be ruined with him around? This makes me wonder if he’d be in accord with Handa when the latter says that it’s dangerous – or he’d be totally boosting up Handa’s competitive side by doing the Tarzan better than him…?

Handa‘s attempt at protecting the children by ripping off the vine was well thought. I would have probably done the same if I was as heavy as a regular North American adult. The children tried to foil it but ultimately, it was Hina who resulted in their downfall [simply because she didn’t want them to fight (such a sweet child)].

I adore just how Naru cares about Handa that she would go into panic when she realized that Handa took the blunt of their fall (his weight? or because he wanted to protect the children?) and she tried to cure his (superficial) injury [with mugwort]. I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. Did she learn such a healing technique from her grandmother? Or her grandfather? Or perhaps did she just make it all up, I wonder… But she worries so much about him when she found out that he hadn’t come back yet.

Another unproductive day!! After a hard day of work at the God of Calligraphy!! I love how Handa rushes home in order to write but then he dies totally falls over without the children worrying about him. “GANBATTE, SEISHUU, GANBATTE SEISHUU!!!” I love how he’s cheering for himself, and almost even succeeded (if it weren’t for his insectophobia…). I also love how he used a “pose to reduce surface area in contact with ground” in order to not be bitten by insects, I guess? I’m glad that he was able to piece together the puzzles of where he is and how he found the fifth key (which means that there is no one who’s going to come into his house to rob him, although I can’t find in my mind anyone who would do such a thing).

It’s been awhile since I talked about the art style of these episodes, but really, this episode showed the greatness of the countryside in the form of how the stars were shown. The stars are beautiful!! I have to take a moment and ponder about Handa’s priorities… “Fix my bath!” I mean, is that really his only wish?! “Let me get home soon [and write calligraphy]”?! Why?! Why?! Does he mean that he wants to go home to Tokyo? Or does he mean that he wants to go home to Naru and Tama and Miwa?! Awwww Naru’s so cute!! Is Sensei crying? It’s just so beautiful!

As he thought, inspiration is very important. I love how much fun he has when he writes… but I wonder if he’s going to be okay, didn’t he sprain his ankle or something? I wonder if he’ll win the competition with that art work, it’s truly amazing! It’s definitely a great piece of art – even for someone who’s as clueless as I am about calligraphy!! I hope that he chooses to submit this (that’s why he put his signature and his stamp at the end, right?).

Man I hope he gets first place!! TAKE THAT, KYOUSUKE!!

This conversation on the phone (with Kawafuji, perhaps?) really worried me, because he mentions that he’ll “come back Home“. Obviously, when he says this, he means that he’s planning to come back home to Tokyo and leave the countryside [is this the work of the shooting star?!]… D-d-does that mean that he’s leaving soon? Will he be able to explain this departure to the others? Will the grandma say something to them? Or will he actually stall? AH! This is worrisome! Can I just… watch another episode?! Lemme link you to someone else’s thoughts about this episode before going!

All right, I’ll see you later,
No time to waste!
Gotta watch more!

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