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Title: The Battle Cats
By: PONOS [Facebook]
Link: [Google Play]

October 21rst, 2014

Hey there everyone,
What are you up to? Today, unfortunately, you’re going to get a really small post ’cause I’m not touching any Hidden Object Games until I’m done with at least two of my five essays due this semester… Let’s get this started, haha…

Last week, I caught up with my friend Jirachi [shout out, Sister! Gee thanks for getting me addicted to YET another game!!!] and she showed me this one HELLA cute game called The Battle Cats [you’ll see the images below just how cute it is]!!! Since you can get it on Google Play, you can already guess: it’s an application you can get on your Android phone or tablet (mine is on my phone [Nessie], and sometimes, it lags and closes the application automatically, but not too often and arguably it’s because I’m obsessed with the game and play too often, and the most important thing is that my EXP gained is still there).

The game is basically sort of a very linear defense tower game (although none will beat it like Ninjas vs Pirates for me at this point). The Battle Cats [I suggest you read the opening sequence, it’s really quite funny and worth it because it starts off as really ominous] are trying to invade the world and they need your help!! You just need to get some money in order to ‘summon’ the cats/soldiers into the board [different boards, represented by different countries, will have different towers (except for yours)]… money which you earn every now and then…

There you go, can you just see how awesomely cute this game is?! Let me give you my invitation code!!!! [3ovl0] If you use it, you can totally get 10k experience (or something, I’m not sure anymore), which you can use, as Jirachi taught me, to upgrade your cat-soldiers or even your tower… or any abilities…

I’m really proud of my little army… I think that my favourite soldier-cat would be the Lizard Cat? It’s a range cat that breathes fire and throws it at its opponents. It’s one of the last ones to be hit by the enemy due to the fact that it’s outside of the melee. As for a melee type cat? I like the Titan cat, just because it’s so huge and it can inflict a lot of damage!! I can’t wait until I finish chapter 1 and see what I can do with the second chapter of the game…

I hope you’ll like the game if you do play it!
Take good care of yourself!!
ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ Ponyout!! ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙