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Title: My Secret Hotel
Episode: 06
Watched: September 24th, 2014

October 13th, 2014

Hey there everyone!
How are you all doing? I betcha you thought I was gonna Empress Ki this series, huh? Well… I’ll admit it, the guilt was looming over me… but here I am… !!

First, lemme talk some news, if you haven’t heard already, I’m preparing myself for National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as we usually call it), so I’m pretty much going to be ‘absent’ during the month of November… I don’t think I’ll be able to do much… unless I schedule everything from now on onto the month of November… which might be what I end up doing… The month of November also calls for exams and assignments dues, so on top of NaNoWriMo, I really won’t be doing much for this blog (or my main one [not that it’s ever very… populated with posts]) for the month apart from scheduled posts [speaking of which, go check out my 30 Anime Day Challenge which I’m working on right now and scheduling for November].

Second news, I guess… is that I had already written a complete 5k word post about this episode… and that, sadly, no trace of it was saved anywhere… so my hard work (because despite what you think, it’s actually really hard work), was all for naught… However, I will attempt to piece all of my thoughts together and give you an even longer post, so prepare yourself mentally for the length and the spoilers.

Jo Sung Gyum and Nam Sang Hyo

Okay so, at the risk of repeating myself [at this point, I don’t even know if I am, since I did probably write about this in my deleted post], I’ll point out that while I find Director Jo‘s comparison to falling in love in 3 minutes to making ramen to be pretty cute, I felt a bit puzzled.

I can understand his point of view, even though I originally thought: “Are you saying that after all this time, it took her to make RAMEN to you in order for you to fall in love with her?” well, I guess that YES. Unlike other people in the hotel industry who respect him and regard him as a rich boy with a lot of responsibilities, in that one episode where Nam Sang Hyo invites him to ramen, she shows to him (more so than she usually does, I guess), that she sees him as more than just his title [so as this, she proved that she’s different than Manager Yeo]. She sees him as a normal man who might like normal ramen [which is sort of different than the very expensive food that he’s used to being treated to dinner to].

Even if I understand it, though, I feel like you’d need to know a person a lot more in order to begin to know that you love the person. Maybe I’m the only weird one like that, but I really thought that it was a bit much. Not only that, but to be bullying Nam Sang Hyo into giving him an answer in three minutes [is this because he’s not used to waiting for an answer? How immature…]… Jo Sung Gyum really lost points with me there.

Granted, of course, he elects to give her three days to answer, because, you know, three minutes is way too short to decide whether or not you want to date someone [from my biased point of view anyway]. I love how he says it in the cutest way possible and with a smile despite his wounded ego (yes, in here he won back the points he lost): “I’ll leave now because I’m embarrassed,” followed by an advice to lock her doors and to have a good night. He cares so much about her safety!!

I’ll also point out that I thought Nam Sang Hyo was a bit… too silent in this part. She was too obedient and should have at least told him something along the lines of: “It’s not fair for you to have been vague with me and Manager Yeo all this time, but to ask me to answer you within three minutes. Please allow me more time to consider.” It just feels a bit odd for her not to have spoken her mind in this way and instead be shocked into silence about the confession [although I’m not saying that it CAN’T happen (seeing as I’ve experienced that first hand)].

And then he goes and gains even more points in the most cliche way possible (but I’m still fine with it because it’s him) by saving Nam Sang Hyo from a totally uncalled for car crash [freaking Goo Hae Young, but more on that rant later].

Points which he promptly LOST right after when he confronted Nam Sang Hyo about his confession the next day, in the elevator where Manager Yeo could hear. I wonder if he wanted Manager Yeo to confront Nam Sang Hyo about it, so that perhaps Sang Hyo could give him a clearer answer. [And then he went through the process of gaining a few more points again by just hesitating on what he should text Nam Sang Hyo about that very evening, it was quite sweet, but not enough to redeem himself for bullying her around; although he does feel like perhaps he pressured her too much into admitting her dark past to him (more on that later)]

Perhaps he just wanted to tease her and see what the two young women he was sort of toying with (and being vague with) would do once they realized that he’d chosen one of them [let’s just admit that it was an obvious choice].

I was surprised to hear Manager Yeo say that she “loved” Director Jo. I wonder what Jo Sung Gyum may have done to earn this love of hers. Does she respect his title and access to money more than his person? I don’t think that she’ll abandon her pursuit, just like how I think that Paparazzi woman will likely not end hers any time soon either.

I wonder about the real nature of Nam Sang Hyo and Manager Yeo‘s friendship. Can Yeo really ask Sang Hyo to stop pursuing Manager Jo just because she loves him, despite knowing that Manager Jo has chosen Sang Hyo?

I’m glad that, after all this time (6 episodes, so it’s not bad), Nam Sang Hyo reveals to him that she’s been married [of course, I guess that after all that she went through in this episode (more on that), it would be normal for her to doubt her own worth]. The wait would have been too long and that secret shouldn’t be dragging on and on until we eventually grow tired of it. It was a good choice to have placed it in such context, too.

For my culture anyway, while a woman who has divorced is still marriageable, many in-laws and relatives will still see this as a bad sign in the woman’s second marriage and bad-mouth or gossip about it later. Maybe I have only seen very ‘late in terms of catching up with the 21rst century‘ families in my time. So if the society is a bit like this in Korea, I would understand why she’s stressed herself to that state when she confesses her ‘dark’ past to Jo Sung Gyum.

And what can I say about his sudden realization that he hadn’t realized the full extent of what Sang Hyo had kept hidden from him [and others, of course] and especially how long and how much she had suffered in silence? I loved it.

Manager Jo‘s ability to keep comforting her just amazes me and is probably why she would turn to HIM to cry to when she’s feeling depressed [arguably, she went to him to confess and ask him if she would still be girlfriend material if she was already married before, but you know it has happened before].

I also love how he doesn’t ask too much of her [not any request that I found personally outrageous to ask for (although of course, if I didn’t like him, I would have said that taking a kiss [A KISS!!!!] from her would be blasphemous, but I do like him, so you know)], knowing her past, he just wants her to smile for him the next day. It was also the way he worded this request, “so that at least he’ll know that [he] was a bit helpful”, and his smile as he sent her off, that emphasized that whatever past she had and whatever she had hidden from him, he still sees her as the same woman that he fell in love with, and that past doesn’t change how he feels (show your love through these simple gestures!).

Goo Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo

I promised you a rant, and here it comes. I really don’t like how Goo Hae Young just keeps losing points here and there for the most atrocious reasons. Why in the world would he be calling Nam Sang Hyo? What in the world did he need to tell her that night, that he ACTUALLY had to drive by (only to notice Jo Sung Gyum putting the moves on his EX-wife)? He shows off his impulsive behaviours (and perhaps even difficulties in anger management, might I point out) by driving by and almost crashing into the couple. While he expressed an almost apologetic expression, I don’t think that it was the greatest thing this guy has done.

Also, didn’t I tell you, Nam Sang Hyo, that it was super wrong to have let him drive you home? Now that creeper knows where you live [and by the way, while I realize that he totally has wedding jitters, spending many nights out staking the house of your ex-wife is NOT how a groom should behave (I mean, I’m not MARRIED or anything, but I know that much)]!!

Ah. So she fell ‘love‘ with Goo Hae Young after seeing him for a mere 3 seconds. All right. Well, please insert my previous rank to Jo Sung Gyum about falling in love. The flashback, while incredibly sweet (and BOY do I love to see Goo Hae Young smile [because he’s constantly grumpy and we don’t see him smile often enough]), showed more of a… physical attraction at first than anything. In my point of view anyway, you can’t simply FALL IN LOVE with a person when you’ve met them for 3 seconds. Of course, unless you’re able to analyze her personality from the briefest interaction AND allow yourself to believe that she’s “always” like this, then yeah, you might be able to think: “Wow, I love both her body and her personality, I’ve absolutely GOT to talk to this girl“.

I like the guts it took for Goo Hae Young to ask that though, but then again, it might just be his impulsive behaviour shining through and through. Perhaps that’s why he wished to speak to her for one hour or even just 30 minutes, so that he could better gauge her personality [and he’s probably a great judge in personality. Remember how he fiercely took Nam Sang Hyo’s side when he believed she was the suspect to Assistant Hwang‘s murder? And how he was upset that, despite all these years, Nam Sang Hyo still didn’t know him but he did know her (a very unfair balance between the two [see one of the previous episodes for the full rant])].

I wonder what prompted her choice to tell him when she finishes. There are still many episodes left, so I hope we sort of get to see that… I mean, she really took her time and hesitated out there…

Goo Hae Young, why do I keep thinking about you?” Do some soul-searching here, Nam Sang Hyo. You either hate the man, love him [maybe you still have some lingering feeling about him], or perhaps you feel guilt.

Perhaps [and I like to think that this is true] you are thinking about the relationship that you had with him because it had ended so badly, and on the start of this “new” relationship with Jo Sung Gyum, you are wondering where the mistakes were with that relationship (with Goo Hae Young) in order not to do the same with this new one. It’s a perfectly normal reaction to have.

I like to think it as the true reason why she’s thinking about him not only because I like Jo Sung Gyum and her together, but because she did ask General Manager a question in order to see “if the memory of love fades with one’s own effort”. Can I consider this as her trying to move on from Goo Hae Young?

Do you have feelings for me?” I don’t like the fact that he asked this, and I don’t like the fact that she felt the need to answer his questions about her relationship with Jo Sung Gyum. As far as I know, exes don’t really have to ask probing questions and they sure as hell don’t have the right to do so after they’ve made their ex-spouse cry and leave the way he did. 

Almost as if he wanted to get revenge at her for making him feel rejected for not loving him, he goes and ignores Nam Sang Hyo for almost the remainder of Manager Yang‘s stay among them [thus making her job even MORE difficult, seeing as Soo Ah Jung is not there]. Then, when the Assistant finally leaves, Goo Hae Young reminds Nam Sang Hyo of the wedding that they once had, implying that he wants to recreates that wedding with Soo Ah Jung. This brings her to tears. Is that what he wanted? To bring a reaction out of her? For her to remember of something happy that happened right before something sad (their breakup)? That’s a cruel, cruel stunt [that obviously I am NOT appreciating] that you’re pulling there, Goo Hae Young.

If I liked Goo Hae Young, then I would probably find this gesture… I don’t know how I would find it, but I don’t find it very romantic. The guy is engaged to another woman, whom he doesn’t even love and he’s going to go and try to spark some affection memories (of the time she loved him) from the wedding planner who conveniently used to be his ex. I could go and say that this guy has a complex and wants to feel important. You could go ahead and say something like: “He really loves her and wants her to remember that she once loved him” but what is the goal in the long-term? So that she can be the woman he sees on the side once he’s FREAKING MARRIED?! In any other context, I think that I would accept such a stunt, but in this context, when he’s about to be married… I know that I can only deem this as outrageous and I can’t believe he thought waiting for her would make her come to him.

The motif of waiting for each other comes back in this episode as it did in the previous ones, though, that’s a nice touch [remember when she mentioned that she waited for so long 7 years ago and how he believed that she didn’t wait for him back when they were married and moved on?]. I wonder if that quiproquo will FINALLY be resolved soon, because they can’t keep going on avoiding that subject…

Oh yeah, there’s a murderer still lurking around

So the hunt for the dudes who played Poker with Assistant Manager Hwang was somehow successful. I’m glad it didn’t take too long, and, just as I’d predicted, the trio had nothing to do with the murder, as they’d arrived in the wedding hall just as the ceiling crashed. That’s their testimony though. I wonder what will happen to them next…

I absolutely loved how the man – or their leader anyway – got his rights read to him by the Detective in his own personalized way, I’m just really sorry that I can’t find more gifs about this guy. I wonder if he was waiting in that alley purposefully, thinking: “well we’re gonna seal all the exits and he’s PROBABLY gonna turn here, so I’ll wait for him”. That’s just brilliant.

During this episode, I was actually surprised to hear the Detective SCREAMING, because of the guy being really disrespectful and speaking in an informal tone while answering his questions [the way that he handled that disrespect shows once again that despite his quirks, he’s a really good figure of authority].

When he went to the hotel to question them further, I was really happy that he was there to “have Nam Sang Hyo‘s back” as she attempted to run away from Manager Yeo, of course, he could only delay the heartbroken and crazy woman for a certain and limited amount of time. I was sort of hoping that he’d bump into Manager Yang [who suspiciously during the episode as well as even later in that scene, has been pretty absent-minded… I really hope she doesn’t end up crying…] and see that she’s unwell so he’d lend her a hand, and then they’d become closer friends… but that will happen in another episode (I hope).

The detective then discovered, with Manager Cha, that the CCTV tapes had been tampered with [It becomes more and more obvious that the whole security team is on this, planting evidence here and there, AND it seems like General Manager is totally behind everything, but I wonder just how involved he was…]. Because of the evidence, he proceeded then to arrest Vice General Manager who was seen exiting the CCTV archives on the day of the wedding, following (or during) the moment Hwang Dong Bae‘s body was found.

Now I have several questions about this obvious framing attempt. Did the episode in which Nam Sang Hyo bust the lecherous Vice General Manager come before or after the wedding? It seemed to me somehow that Nam Sang Hyo had really only busted the dude after the wedding, but I may be mistaken.

Vice General Manager does say that he went and deleted or replaced the video of the day that Nam Sang Hyo saw him in the elevator, but he doesn’t say that he deleted the video from the DAY of the wedding, right? Was the recording that was looped from the day of the wedding?

I wonder if the “Elite Detective Lee” [not our own quirky wink-distributor detective] will be showing us his girlfriend any time soon. It’s a weird coincidence that she has both eel (meat?) and raspberry juice available for him at such a timing.

Was the phone conversation meant for us to think that perhaps Soo Ah Jung was dating him before ultimately revealing to us in the SAME episode that she was interested in someone else?? If it is so, then the choice was wrong and they should have chosen something else.

Perhaps his girlfriend works with Goo Hae Young and he gave the supply So Ah Jung sent him to his coworkers… [although from the conversation that they have amongst themselves, it seems unlikely, since they believe that he’s doing the eel-raspberry therapy and that it isn’t working, thus explaining his foul mood (oh, you children, you know so little)]? There’s also the possibility that the girlfriend is related to Soo Ah Jung – maybe a relative or just a worker for their household. Or maybe it has nothing to do with it and it was really just a coincidence, but I question coincidences like this in a show like that.

So from the failed Poker lead, we go to the CCTV, which promptly (or rather VERY CONVENIENTLY) led to Vice General Manager, then it’s probably going to lead to an investigation of Manager Cha [who’s in cahoots with Gi Chul, so maybe to save General Manager, Cha will throw Gi Chul under the bus] and Director Jo [who might reveal that he’s doing his own investigation about who sent him a letter and who murdered his father] as well as General Manager [what is his relationship with Hwang Dong Bae and what role did he play in Jo Sung Gyum’s father’s murder]. I’m not saying in that order, but I’m thinking that’s how it’s going to turn out, since the Vice General Manager obviously didn’t really do it [as he later admits].

Secret Hotel

I hope that Manager Nam gets Vice General Manager fired for what he did, and I hope that the Detective can sort of vouch for her and tell Director Jo about how the lecherous man GROPED female employees and attempted to brainwash them into thinking that they should actually be grateful to him adoring their bodies by sexually harassing them. AND NO. That is NOT OK! I hope that crime doesn’t go unpunished.

I can’t believe that this man with such a feminine laughter (I feel too manly when comparing my laugh to this guy’scontinued his harassment of female workers despite Nam Sang Hyo‘s previous warnings. I found it pretty noteworthy that Nam Sang Hyo doesn’t necessarily forget her more humble beginnings as a waitress in Las Vegas and actually defends female coworkers against the things that she herself had to endure while being in America.

I’m glad that finally Nam Sang Hyo shows some kind of strength. We all know that she’s fully capable of taking care of herself, so why didn’t she stand up to Manager Jo and Manager Yeo during these episodes? [of course, the episode called for some hilarity, so perhaps that’s why, but I’m still glad that we didn’t forget that she’s a strong female character].

Poor General Manager, that question [“Well, General Manager… Did you, by chance… have a woman you loved?“] really came out of nowhere, for General Manager, but I wonder if this will spark some kind of flashback coming from him. I’m glad to see that he is really observant [he noticed that she was gloomy despite receiving congratulations ] when it comes to Nam Sang Hyo, maybe after all, he does consider her as a daughter… maybe he did have a woman he loved (maybe it was unrequited love or maybe it was a forbidden love, and that born from said love was NAM SANG HYO! *shots fired*

I wonder if that question will come back. Maybe he’ll give her an answer once he’s behind bars or as he’s being escorted out by the police. “I did have a woman I love. She was your mother” *SHOTS FIRED*

Young Mi mentions to So Ah Jung how she took the pictures when she went to Hong Kong the month prior, meaning that she went before Assistant Hwang died. Did he bring her there [for some odd, odd reason after the karaoke (but it feels like the karaoke was two weeks prior to the wedding, so Young Mi probably has gone there even before knowing that So Ah Jung would come to the hotel? Is there a discrepancy in time? Or perhaps did Young Mi just lie about the time frame?] or did she get the money from pickpocketing people at the hotel [I’m still maintaining my hypothesis that she’s the pickpocket]?

It really feels like Young Mi is baiting everyone into killing her with her goat-like expression [the actress is superb], I swear. I can understand that she comes from a poor background, and perhaps her family needs the money that she earns (but to have gone on a trip to Hong Kong and buy designer bags… wouldn’t that mean that she only has to provide enough for herself or does it mean that she doesn’t care about her family?). I’m just saying, Young Mi should not have asked for such a high price, no matter the person or people she blackmails… it’s going to get her in trouble.

Goo Hae Young

So, I thought it would be more obvious that Paparazzi woman will not forget him as easily, since it’d been what? seven or eight years since she’s been infatuated with him. So when she actually came to his office in a provocative dress (which looked taped up since she ripped it off easily) and tried to cure (or seduce) him. When it didn’t work, she looked so hurt… but it didn’t make me feel sorry for her, after what she’d done to Secret Hotel. I love how Joo Jung Eun (that’s her name) told him to “be sure to see a doctor”.

Shi Chan is such a bad friend… in my opinion anyway.

While I’m aware that friends can give bad advice, from giving bad advice here and there anyway, I don’t think it’s all right for him to just leave Goo Hae Young or rather let Goo Hae Young leave his presence [right after Goo Hae Young told him that he might go and see his ex-wife if Shi Chan didn’t stay with him]… This act from him made me believe that definitely Shi Chan doesn’t take his friend serious [and if that’s the nature of their friendship, then can we really say that they’re good friends?].

I wonder also if he reacted to Paparazzi woman’s provocative poses and if I should begin shipping them together…

At least at that point we’re introduced to the fact that his father is ill and doesn’t want to get the surgery unless his only son marries… a very typical procedure that parents can go through to guilt you into doing things [I hope my parents never hear of this technique]…

I really question Goo Hae Young‘s intelligence. Is he not paranoid smart enough to think and link together the hints that his coworkers have been sending him subconsciously.

  • Laughing about something and suddenly drifting off when he came to ask them what was up [or what was so funny];
  • Right after that, Joo Jung Eun gives him his phone;
  • She tells him that she’ll forget him and leaves;
  • He reads the weird texts that Soo Ah Jung had sent him;
  • Afterwards, his coworkers keep talking behind his back and he KNOWS that they’re talking about him;
  • Almost immediately after that, Joo Jung Eun comes back with a provocative dress and matching poses to make him react;
  • After he doesn’t react, she looks at his cr*tch and says that he should go see a doctor;
  • When she leaves, Shi Chan shouts at him and says that he shouldn’t have NOT reacted (because it’s abnormal).

I’m just saying, the guy has all of the HINTS pointing towards: “Oh, they think that I’m impotent”, has a degree in… Harvard, right? Is supposedly a genius in architecture even though we don’t see that happening a lot these past episodes, but can’t figure it out!? It’s frustrating as a member of the audience, man!

Soo Ah Jung

Oh hey, Soo Ah Jung, since when do you care about money anyway? Does that dress cost more than all of the shoes, bags and crap you bought earlier in that one episode when you almost bought the whole STORE because you wanted to humiliate Nam Sang Hyo so bad??

It’s true though that at least with the purchases, Soo Ah Jung can show the items she bought to her parents if they ask for the bill. However, can she tell her parents about how she wasted an incredible amount of money [the price of her wedding dress, SEVERAL times, since it’s many pictures that Young Mi has taken!!!].

This upset Soo Ah Jung to the point where she let Mr. Kim -the Chauffeur [who it’s FINALLY revealed is her lover] stop her pathetic slaps (I mean what, I didn’t mean that) [it’s nice to FINALLY see some initiative, boy] and ask her what’s wrong. Will she tell him about the blackmail? Will he take it upon himself to make her happy and kill Young Mi? Will there be something bad later on between the two of them? Will Soo Ah Jung go and elope with this dude [what would Goo Hae Young do then, poor guy?]?

Soo Ah Jung also reveals to us that Chauffeur-dude is “scared” (or perhaps just intimidated) of her dad, so he won’t go against his will and that’s why she will be faithful to Goo Hae Young once she marries him. It’s also pretty clear that it’s not the first time that the two of them (Chauffeur and Soo Ah Jung) fly to places together and pretend to be married and have fun. They shouldn’t have gone to Hong Kong, which is too close and many other Korean people may go on vacation there. With your money, girl, you could’ve afforded to go a bit further to carry on with your little indiscretion.

Let me end on the note that, while I love the actor of TalTal and show a bit of dislike towards his character in this show (so far anyway, but Mewtwo did notice it), I really love the actor who plays Jo Sung Gyum. So… wow! I have found a new actor that I’ll follow like a paparazzi [x, x].

All right, I’m ending this post! Take good care of yourselves!

image Ponyta’s out