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Title: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Season: 2
Episode: 2 [HEAVY IS THE HEAD – Does it mean for the head of HYDRA is heavy? ]
Watched: October 1rst, 2014
Released: September 30th, 2014

October 7th, 2014 

Hey there!
How are you all doing? As I’m writing this, my midterms are still raging and I haven’t gotten out of my Midterm Slayer armor in awhile. I chose to put down the Slaying Shield and Swords in order to take a breather though and write a bit about the second episode of Agents of SHIELD (so I sort of got that going for me, I guess? Only one more to go!).

I hope that school life (or work life) has treated you well so far! As usual, please be careful for the abundant spoilers!

So there’s a fourth party appearing in Agents of SHIELD consists of Raina and Skye’s father [will they be joining forces with SHIELD or with HYDRA? I’m not even considering Talbot at this point]. But that means there are many people out there and it’s gonna be difficult to properly establish who’s with who in this battle royal-like situation between the different institutions [SHIELD vs HYDRA vs Talbot and the government vs. Skye’s father, who let me say this in case I forget, is freaking shady]

I love how Raina returned. I really can’t say that I’m surprised, since she hadn’t really died… As I mentioned before (or was going to mention before I had to stop reviewing the first season), in the comics, Raina was an alien scientist of some sort, so that sort of makes sense that she’s working with Skye’s Father if we consider that both her parents were aliens [which would make her an alien also?].

I also love how Raina‘s still pretty interested in the things that make alien objects tick. She’s a scientist, after all! Her interaction with Coulson on the phone is noteworthy (not just because she berates HYDRA for being so 1945), but because she mentions how he’s read her mind.

Now, please note that I’m aware this is an expression, but let’s just stop and think of the implications of this. I mean, what if Coulson could read minds due to the blue alien‘s blood? That would give them such an advantage for later use and for him to don the cape of a superhero [*cough* I remember a certain rumor that he might play the Vision one day *cough*] and leave his Director status to Nick Fury when the latter eventually comes out of retirement [’cause let’s be clear: Nick Fury’s still in the picture and he’s obviously not done yet!!]. And then, one has to wonder of the abilities that he could gain that are not just related to telepathy… what if he could do other things? Telekinesis, manipulate Psionic energies, etc. 

Since Skye’s father says that the Obelisk chose to let Raina live, does that mean that it’s a sentient being? Of course it does, but is it related to any of the Infinity Stones is the question! It also means that Hartley died for real, right [well technically she died OF the car crash, so it wasn’t really the obelisk]? That means, then that Hartley will definitely not appear again… despite hiring such an impressive actress for it, that’s just a shame…

When Raina started to talk about how Garrett had visions after he was injected with the blood of the alien, Coulson and May shared a look which wasn’t lost on Skye. I think she’s going to find out that Coulson’s been carving, just like Garrett [although she didn’t hear all of that conversation because Coulson stopped the speaker phone conversation]. I wonder if she will, too… although she IS alien, so there’s a possibility that she’s not going to have the same effects secondary effects as they do.

Lance Hunter is a really interesting character to me now, although I didn’t really like him at first, especially since he’s a mercenary and disrespects Coulson‘s orders and always talks back like he has to say something [I’ll note though that I don’t approve of him being so greedy (I mean I’m pretty greedy too, so I can’t talk… much)].

Learning that he was a decorated lieutenant will do that to you [We learn from Talbot that the reason why Lance Hunter is so good at what he does is because he used to be lieutenant. He did something three years ago in Sierra Leone, and even worked on a certain “Operation Panther’s Claw” in Basra in 2008 or something… And he even once escaped (not on his own though) a helicopter before (although whether or not that’s boasting is yet to be seen)! Will he be talking about this later on? Because I want to know more!! Also who’s the person who could have dissuaded him into pursuing his career as a lieutenant? Hartley? How long ago did they meet? That means that he’s only been in the merc business for about… perhaps three years, IF he quit right after the Sierra Leone operation…], of course. Especially also because Agent May, who is good at assessments of people I will probably never fail to repeat, took his side, saying that he was trying to save Hartley, which was the only reason why he disobeyed the orders in the first place.

He is a really tough one [I mean the dude SURVIVED a car crash with wounds (yes) but he still ends up walking around with the cuts and bruises and dried blood, but nothing wrong otherwise (did they heal him? did they bandage him up or something? who knows?! I think they should’ve, unless it wasn’t even his blood…)]. I guess he’s the Skye of the team now [he’s a newbie who will probably try not to get attached (I hope we’ll get to see more on that later). I suspect he’ll be a good addition to the team; besides, Coulson knows how to choose them [and he has Agent May to back him up on that], so…].

It’s really funny and especially ironic that Hunter will accept being a part of SHIELD [albeit because he felt curious about it, and perhaps also because he wants to see how Agent Hartley was able to keep up with all of this and was still so loyal to SHIELD despite its dismantle by HYDRA (I ship this)] even though he told Skye that “SHIELD is just a job, a means to an end, not a life”. It will be interesting to see how well he integrates to the team (and how well the team will integrate him, too).

I wonder if we’ll learn about how guilty Hunter feels about how Hartley and Idaho died. He might think that it’s his fault that they perished (because he disobeyed orders). I wonder if, by capturing Creel, he’ll feel the sense of closure he needs. I was also really scared when Talbot mentioned Coulson sacrificing lives, I thought that maybe Hunter would feel that Coulson is responsible for Hartley’s death [but really, I think he knows that he’s the one who didn’t follow Coulson’s lead and he’s not at fault (neither is Coulson) for Hartley choosing to touch the artifact].

Mack is an interesting character. I was sort of wishing to see more bonding time between Fitz and Triplett, but Mack will have to do [actually, based on how this episode played out, it’s going to do awesomely well]. Also as I do mention later on, I think that it really hurts both Skye and Triplett to see their friend act so differently [and seem so… breakable], whereas Mack didn’t know the genius until after the accident (presumably), which means that he’s not particularly going to ‘baby’ Fitz around as much. I’m glad that he started off with trying to make Fitz see that he can try to relate to him before anything. This particular line “It’s tough to lose a good partner” made me wonder if he himself had a partner before that he respected and that he lost during some kind of accident [but he may also be saying this out of sympathy, because anyone can relate to losing a good partner].

And as Illusion-Simmons points out, it’s quite refreshing that someone treats Fitz normally [we see you checking him out, Simmons, there’s obviously a pattern somewhere here, if you see it…]. I don’t think that Mack will necessarily call Fitz out on talking to an imaginary Simmons, but I expect that gradually, Fitz will probably stop talking to Simmons and talk more to Mack [FRIENDSHIP FOR THE WIN!! Although when Simmons comes back, I hope that there will still be sweet and awesome moments between the two of them].

I know that Fitz will have a lot of catching up to do and some growing up perhaps? I shed a very manly tear when he started to repeat the same sentence: “I didn’t solve this today” in hopes that someone would catch his drift, but none of the minor character scientists even understood what he was talking about. His expression when he started to panic and realize that perhaps this would make them think of him as even crazier than they already thought was just too strong. And then, I was applauding and smiling widely when, out of all the people, Mack succeeded in understanding him and even found the model that they were looking for, Fitz’s face just lit up like: “Oh my goodness, Simmons isn’t the only one who can understand me, this guy can too!“.

And then that little scene between the two of them by the end, where Fitz tries to summarize what’s happened with the tech that he designed and Creel to Mack [sort of the same way that he does it all the time with Simmons], and kept repeatedly tapping Mack’s shoulder to get him to complete his sentence [because he expects Mack to be able to read his thoughts now that he’s succeeded in doing so plenty of times]… it was just too cute not to find a gif for it. I have to hand it to the actors as well as the writers, they sold me this bromance during this episode. FOR SURE. Now please don’t go and abandon my baby Fitz, Mack. I trust you. [especially because even in this scene, Mack didn’t baby him [and try to find the scientific term that he’s looking for, perhaps?], he gave him an honest answer: He doesn’t know what happened exactly unless he has the blueprints and the notes to read…]. I ship this bromance. I want to see Fitz tap Mack’s shoulder more, if that’s possible! I expect that after this episode, mack and Fitz will have more interactions together… and slowly, thanks to Mack, Fitz will open up to the others as well! YES. MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE!

Have you noticed that, for the first time, since we’ve seen her, Simmons has been taking her steps slowly away from Fitz? When he was talking with Mack, she was studying what the other scientists were doing. She was leaving them alone for some bonding time. I wonder if this is symbolic, sort of a way to tell us that Fitz is on the road to recovery.

As I mentioned before during the episode premiere review, I thought that perhaps Coulson would have a bit of difficulties having to make the tough calls and sacrificing innocents as well as his own agents.

I would love to think that Coulson cares so much about May that he advises her not to engage Creel, although he says that the order is because he’d like to know just who gives Creel the orders and also that there are many civilians to protect [Do you know just how many of Coulson’s friends have died in the course of this series? Of course you do, I mentioned it earlier (but also I’ve been shipping May with Coulson since episode 1, so you know)]. I love how May knows Coulson enough that he is overly stressed and that he twists and turns staples (?) when he is stressed or guilt ridden or when he’s overdue for that strange carving session [of Alien-ish origins] of his… I’d like to see Coulson do that whenever he’s overly stressed now, for COHERENCE’s sake, you know…

As shown before, Coulson feels responsible for the lives of the people who died because of Absorbing Man (they never mention this nickname apart from Hartley in the first episode, but I’ll keep calling him that now I think), and he mentioned how worse he would have felt had he let Agent May step in and risk her life to subdue Carl Creel.

For someone as empathetic as Coulson, I feel like it’s a really heavy burden [I remember that one episode with the volunteer firefighters]. I really hope that this doesn’t change who he is and how he acts in the future episodes and movies (because I’m not losing hope; Coulson is coming back in the movies and will have a tearful reunion with Captain America). I’m glad that, so far anyway, he still has a good sense of humor and I hope he shows it more often during the season.

I should take mention that, as a director, though, using Nick Fury’s Toolbook, for a whole winter, Coulson has learned quite a bit about electronics and especially about technology, which is great for him, I mean, I didn’t really expect him to be able to do all of these things by this time… especially compared to the first season where, with Ward, they weren’t even able to make the holograms do as they wished [thus proving to us that they really did need both Simmons and Fitz and perhaps even Skye there with them]. I’ll put mention here if I haven’t already that they made a LOT of hype about Agent Carter, and while in my case, it worked, I wonder if the Agent Carter show will live up to my expectations now… We’ll see when it airs…!!

As mentioned before (dang I just keep repeating myself like an old lady), I’m pretty mighty sad that Skye and Coulson don’t get as much bonding time [as they did when they were still getting to know each other]. She does go directly to him to tell him about what she learned with the Obelisk and the fact that it had the same symbols [that Coulson CARVES (although she doesn’t know it, it seems, only May does #Phillinda)] on it. She probably feels like her fatherly figure is growing more and more distant and, as she mentions to May, she’s worried [OMG SKYE IS LIKE THE DAUGHTER, COULSON IS LIKE THE FATHER AND MAY IS LIKE THE MOTHER!]. After all, the moment that she discusses with him about sending her back in the field to help Melinda May, he sort of just snaps and tells her to go pack Hartley‘s things [presumably to… send to her relatives, perhaps?]. I really just hope that she’ll learn (or that she knows) that he doesn’t keep her in the base because he mistrusts her or because he doesn’t think that she can handle herself as a field agent, but because he worries about her safety (as much as he worries about May’s safety *SHOTS FIRED*) and he doesn’t want her to get hurt by Creel.

I also quite appreciate Coulson‘s relationship with Talbot, not that there’s anything really fishy going on, I just enjoy the fact that he’s really trying to push the military man into accepting SHIELD’s friendship. I think that eventually, Talbot might see that SHIELD is worth more to him not being captured, so I think that he’ll keep “TRYING” but “FAILING” to catch them, so as to maintain his cover – or something. Coulson really makes a funny “Director of SHIELD”, it’s a really different take on the job than Maria Hill would do it and, of course, a different take than Nick Fury‘s.

I like the time that Skye and Agent Triplett spend a lot of time together. He’s really such a great character [can I just… the kung pao chicken…]. She mentioned how he often speaks about his grandmother and her sayings. I hope that this repetition about his grandmother comes back in later episodes [for the same of coherence of course]! He may pin these things on his grandmother and on her sayings or even on some fortune cookie, but Trip is one wise (and chill) dude [sort of like those enlightened zen masters (with a really good sense of humor to boot)]. They both have such a complementary sense of humor, I’m glad [but get your butt to helping Fitz be more integrated into the missions, Trip! or even Skye!!].

I wonder if Skye resents Simmons for leaving the team the way she did (whatever way she did, actually). Although it’s true that there’s a component of… practicality to this too. The fact that Simmons left means that a lot more scientists are going to be needed in order to replace her… because that’s how valuable she was to the team. From the moment that she corrected Trip for saying that she abandoned Fitz [she mentions how Simmons abandoned ALL of them], I wondered if she would forgive Simmons if the latter ever came back to the team (presumably following Fitz’s recovery).

I know that Trip is cool and stuff [go back one episode review and see all of the yummy links I’ve left there], but I wonder if he felt anything when Simmons left (I mean he did imply that he sort of liked her earlier? About how, even if he’d just met her, he couldn’t really fathom being apart from her?). He’s a fairly understanding and open-minded fellow, so I guess he may have come to accept it, but I don’t know, considering everything that they’ve been through together, it may have been something he had to take awhile to get over…? I’m really not sure…

No matter how cool and awesome and chill Trip is though, is he gonna be okay with Hunter icing him? (for that matter, won’t May really hate it when she wakes up? She IS pretty vengeful, after all… Skye… I think Skye will get over it pretty quickly for some odd reason). Then if Skye gets over it… I guess Trip would too… although his reaction was pretty funny…!!

Considering that Coulson told Mack at the beginning of the episode or the end of last one, anyway, that Simmons had left for a good reason; that she believed that Fitz would recover faster when she’s gone. I wonder if Skye and Triplett know about this, or if Simmons simply left without telling anyone other than Coulson (and presumably perhaps May)… I believe that Simmons wouldn’t have just up and vanished with no reason and I think that she would have explained it to her friends, especially so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding, but I’m not sure myself.

I feel like perhaps the reason why the duo [but also perhaps May and Coulson (although to be fair, Coulson sort of has a lot on his plate, being the Director and all that)] is letting Fitz isolate himself more and more is because it hurts them both to see him stay in that state [and perhaps Skye blames Simmons for leaving him on his own, for his recovery]. Nevertheless, I think that they’re all reallyreally nice and patient with Fitz, and it’s really nice of them (although it probably pressures him and in turn makes him isolate himself).

Doesn’t it seem to you like Carl Creel is being hypnotized or was hypnotized? Perhaps “Calm Down, Mr. Creel. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Remember your training. Remember: compliance will be rewarded” is sort of a sentence… that sort of looks very much like hypnotism.

I wonder if Talbot will indeed lay low from now on and stop chasing after SHIELD and perhaps maybe even form a friendship with Coulson.

Here’s Emergency Awesome‘s video about this episode! There is even a Q&A which I’ll leave a link of right here. Here’s an amazing interview with the cute Clark Gregg.

And now I’ll let you go!

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